Johnstone Supply catalog shows those at 90 bucks a piece? 0000003074 00000 n If the moisture begins to collect in the drainage line, a small ball valve, within the safety switch, will begin to float thus transmitting a signal to the compressor unit to turn off. Please send $90.99 to Sir Preston Aire, Internet Float Switch Diagnostic Solutions, Houston Texas, I … There are many types of float switches, some come with audible alarms, some come with visual alarms, but most just turn the AC system off (which is usually enough of an alarm for most Houstonians). And, if you remember that you have a float switch, you can easily go into the attic and examine the AC systems drains. It almost feels like I’m family.”. As always when dealing with electricity - Turn off the power and follow the manufacturers instructions! If your drain line ever does clog, it's best to cut the drain line in half and examine the inside of the drain pipe itself. %PDF-1.6 %���� 4. If it looks like water is going to have trouble flowing through the pipe, it's best to change out the entire drain line, because at this point you can bet it the drain line clogging again, and nobody wants that! What is a float switch and how does it work? When this happens, the switch will then send a message to the AC unit, and it will shut off, stopping the phase conversion and creation of condensation. Air conditioners were built to remove heat from air within an indoor space. You finally arrive at your house and pull into your driveway, park your vehicle, start unloading the groceries and heading towards the front door. Proudly providing the best air conditioning and heating repair services in. 0000083838 00000 n Float switches can be purchased online or from various hardware stores or AC supply houses and shouldn't take you more than an hour to install. 0000069235 00000 n If you need an installation, repair or routine maintenance, contact us via our online form. We’ll briefly describe each of these functions below: Air conditioners remove heat from the indoor air by making use of a remarkable law in physics. How can I confirm which wire is the thermostat power wire? Test switch sensitivity: Plug drain downstream from installation . 0000001207 00000 n Float switches can be purchased online or from various hardware stores or AC supply houses and shouldn't take you more than an hour to install. A bilge or sump pump has a normally open float switch, which turns on the pump when the water level rises above a set point. What can I do to keep this from ever happening? Horizontal units typically have a secondary drip pan, which is found under the unit to prevent excess condensation from doing damage. They're pretty simple to install if you feel like giving it a go and if your familiar with installing a light switch then installing a float switch is very similar. endstream endobj 12 0 obj<. <]>> The plug on the float switch will plug-in to a power outlet, and then the pump will plug into the piggy-back outlet on the back of the float. The wet switch, upon detecting this moisture, will turn off the unit to prevent water damage. 10. The switch is activated when the level of the water in the pan comes above a certain point, causing the switch mechanism to trip/float to rise. Flip the breaker supplying power to the air conditioning unit to the "Off" position to disconnect power … 0000001581 00000 n 11 0 obj <> endobj Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us for AC maintenance, replacement or repair. You get off the freeway, run into the grocery store, pick up a few things, wait in line and check out. Max Mechanical Serves the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area including: Copyright © 2020 Max Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating | All Right Reserved |, 5 Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill, 4 Things You Never Knew About Your Air Conditioner, 3 Must-Know HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners, How To Tell Whether to Repair or Replace Your AC Unit. Each unit sits in an overflow pan with drain. Most air conditioners serve two primary functions — Removing heat for the air and dehumidifying that air. Is Your A/C Unit Is The Wrong Size For Your Home. Disconnect power to unit at main panel. 0000067818 00000 n Not to mention, what if I go out on vacation, or to work, or have an emergency and my drain clogs? If there is an overflow in the primary pan, it will flow over into the second one. Imagine this scenario: After a long and exhausting day at work you set out on your way home. 0000096691 00000 n Maintenance services let professional technicians examine your system and locate any potential problem areas before they cause emergencies. Service members get priority service and enjoy a discount on repair services. An HVAC wet switch/float switch, also known as a condensate overflow switch, serves to prevent this pan from overflowing if the AC drain stops working properly. Costs can be even higher depending on how much water is involved and how extensive the damage is. It shuts my AC system off? Staining as a result of particles or minerals found in the water that seeps into wood, stone and other porous materials. What the @*$^? While these useful appliances don’t usually give us any trouble, they are also known to leak, which can cause extensive water damage to your home. Clip switch bracket onto side of pan at low end and press firmly into place ensuring switch wires are positioned up. This creates much healthier indoor air environment. As this air cools, moisture from the air will condense on the outside of the evaporator coils.To get rid of this moisture, air conditioning equipment contains drain pipes that allows the collected water inside the unit to drain. But what exactly happened here? Then suddenly you realize - Directly above the ceiling where the water is coming from is exactly where your air conditioning system is located in the attic. %%EOF To collect and dispose of this moisture, a drain pan is available on all air conditioning units. If there is no switch, water can eventually leak into a ceiling or down the side of the building. 0000069593 00000 n 0000089486 00000 n You drop the groceries and start searching around your home for the source of this catastrophe. For what? What happens then? Summers & Zim’s supports Folds of Honor, providing educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members. And if you ever need a professional to come install one correctly, we are always more than happy to assist at Adams Air. The result is some amount of moisture that is left behind in the unit. Regardless of the location of your AC, it is critical to have a wet switch/float switch, or, depending on the type of unit, a condensate pump. They're pretty simple to install if you feel like giving it a go and if your familiar with installing a light switch then installing a float switch is very similar. Air conditioning units are equipped with fans that bring in the relatively warm air from the surrounding environment and move it over these coils filled with cold refrigerant, which are known as evaporator coils. If you purchase a float switch with a piggy-back plug the installation is very simple. However, our excellent equipment service isn’t the only reason we’ve been in business so long – we also offer superior customer service by following our 5-Point HVAC Guarantee, which includes the following promises: Regardless of what service we perform, you can rest assured that we will always abide by this 5-Point HVAC Guarantee. For inline installation, glue ¾fl outlet of Tee onto drain line. Since Houston has such a humid climate, air conditioning systems remove 20-30 gallons of water a day from the air within your home and all this water has to drain somewhere, so your AC system collects this water and attempts to drain it into your homes plumbing (typically a bathroom sink). 0000103936 00000 n Thanks again, and as always, stay cool my friends! Air conditioners convert liquid to gas, and they use the gas to cool buildings. In the phase conversion process, one substance changes into another substance. 0000092687 00000 n While a leak may seem like just an inconvenience, a leak can severely damage a home if not dealt with quickly. Test switch by lifting float while unit is on. What is going on? Since 1994, Max Mechanical has been servicing the Dallas / Fort Worth area by fulfilling all of our customer’s air conditioning service needs. What is the Purpose of an HVAC Safety Float Switch Installation? 0000001787 00000 n © Copyright 2020, Summers & Zim's. Air conditioners are machines that use the phase conversion process to operate. For assistance installing a safety float switch on air conditioner systems, contact Max Mechanical today! I usually break the red wire to the thermostat with the float switch. An air conditioner includes a normally closed float switch, which turns off the system if the condensate drain clogs and water overfills the drip pan. The location of the wet switch/float switch depends on the orientation of your HVAC equipment. 9. However, for those who have existing units, it is always advised to have them installed to save time, damage, money and most importantly, the health of those who are breathing in the air around the home. Unfortunately, if there is too much of an overflow or a drain line backs up, water will spill out and collect creating microbial growth which can result in mold. These switches come in many styles, some clip to the drain pan, some are actually installed in-line with the system's drain line, it just depends on the application to determine which type of switch is best, I've even seen some people install both of these types of switches on a single system. If you’re a homeowner in Lancaster, Chester or Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania, you can come to Summers and Zim’s for any of your cooling, heating or plumbing needs. Another benefit of the device is that it is an extremely low-cost feature to purchase and install. Some HVAC equipment have a condensate pump installed with it, which the condensation drains into from the AC equipment and is pumped out rather than letting gravity drain it. Float switches can be purchased online or from various hardware stores or AC supply houses and shouldn't take you more than an hour to install. When a liquid turns into a gas — a process known as phase conversion — it absorbs heat. Once the moisture is removed from the air, water collects as condensation and returns back to a gaseous state. I hope you've learned a little about your how an HVAC system drains and also what you can do to help protect your home. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What is the Purpose of an HVAC Safety Float Switch Installation? An AC wet switch/float switch provides the following benefits: To give you a better idea of how destructive water damage can be, keep in mind that the average cost for drying your property out from a water leak that is “clean,” which means no other damage occurred, is $2,700. Awesome! When the ball reaches the top, the air conditioner automatically shuts off thus eliminating additional condensation. There are numerous benefits of installing a safety float switch into your air conditioning unit including: One of the greatest advantages of the safety float switch is that it eliminates the opportunity for overflow which could result in water damage to the surround room and floors below.

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