Its meaning might be related to the Achelous river. This Spanish name means “supreme judge.” Good for a boy who values justice and equality! A very pretty & uplifting name. It’s a Latin name meaning “fifth.”. Alicia Silverstone named her son this's simply gorgeous! Terrell is an English name meaning “stubborn,” but we prefer to think of it as “strong-minded”! An Italian name used to describe slow music, Adagio is a romantic sounding name that everyone will love. But this Spanish name, pronounced “wa-KEEN,” won’t be quickly forgotten! It means “descendant of the ancestor.”. We love the way it sounds! This Old English name means “town of the new law.” Lexington is also the name of two cities in the U.S., one in Massachusetts and one in Kentucky. It is the name of a 7th-century saint who established a scholastic monastery near Dublin. This name comes in the category of exotic names for boys. It’s a big name to carry, because the spelling and pronunciation aren’t intuitive. Evocative of Lady Godiva. This is another English name, and it means “from the pleasant hill.” We can’t get enough of those double letters! The other forms of Lazar-Laszlo, Lazaro, and Lazarus are also popular in the United States. The Ulysses Butterfly; Latin version of ancient Greek Hero (Odysseus). Gaiana is a Latin name meaning “earth.” We love all the vowels, which make it a beautifully aesthetic name! This name means “water baby, magical” and we think it sounds magical, too! Isle of Skye). This is a combination of the names Nancy and Lea. Miller is a stylish name popular in the United States. While it sounds similar to the very popular name Isabella, Isadora is beautifully different, uncommon, and is a Greek name meaning “gift of Isis.”, This is a variation of the Slavik form of Helen, and it means “bright.”.

One of my favorite biblical names for a boy. Looking for an extremely unique name for a boy? It means “ewe” (female sheep/lamb). Cyprus is simply another spelling of the word. It’s the Latin version of the Greek name Odysseus, who was a mythical Greek hero. The name is easy to spell too.

Amit is a simple, yet exotic boys name name popular in Israel and India. I find it very appealing.

This English name means “young warrior.” This unique name is also ordinary-sounding, making it good for someone who wants their name to be different without being difficult to pronounce. A Hebrew word meaning “God is righteousness,” Zedekiah is quite long – but again, it has great nickname potential! Philemon is a Hebrew name meaning “loving.” It’s appropriate for a boy who is kind to others. A derivative of David, Davis is often used as a surname. A beautiful name that means "bearer of good news".

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