She pronounces folksy locutions with upper-class British vowels, sultry Portuguese s’s, and pizzicato t’s. “I felt sympathy for this girl from Lourenço Marques,” David Garth said. David Garth and others, including Arlen Specter, the senior senator from Pennsylvania and, like Heinz, a Republican who was willing, on occasion, to cross the aisle, urged her to run for her husband’s seat, which is now filled by Rick Santorum—an outspokenly conservative politician whom Heinz Kerry once called “a Forrest Gump with attitude.” Heinz Kerry was a registered Republican of the Rockefeller school until 2002, and she hasn’t altered her views in any essential way. Heinz managed the Heinz Family Foundation and still plays an influential role to this day. The students at Bethune-Cookman College, in Daytona Beach, half of them male and most of them under twenty-one, listened politely but with glazed expressions to a digression about hormonereplacement therapy for the symptoms of menopause. According to Janet Sarbaugh, who directs the arts and culture programs at the Heinz Endowments, the formidable father-in-law of “Mrs. The legislation passed that June, nine months before the Sharpeville massacre. It was a hot morning, and on the opposite bank workmen building a new mansion had taken their shirts off, and were gawking and gesturing, none too politely, at the ladies milling on the terrace and in the garden. His father represented Pennsylvania in the Senate from 1977 until his death in 1991. Infant mortality was then about thirty per cent, though it often took the mothers two years, she says, to overcome their fears and bring their children for treatment. When a reporter in Baltimore asked her what that cause might be, she answered coolly, “I don’t think of my work as causes—I think of it as work.”, Though Heinz Kerry likes to attribute what critics see as impolitic behavior to her experience of tyranny, she lived with an ambitious politician of lordly ways longer than she ever lived under a dictatorship. She became a naturalized American citizen in 1971. She and Kerry began dating in 1993 and tied the knot on May 26, 1995, in Nantucket, Massachusetts. But at five o’clock on Saturday mornings her father went to work in an informal clinic under the pergola in their garden. “No war is worth fighting if the people in our country aren’t defended by good schools, jobs, and health care,” she told the audience. Her future with Heinz hinged on the decision. “It’s been quite amazing. Mother of his children. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Her father … It should be said that Heinz Kerry is routinely cornier and more cordial than she is high-handed or inflammatory. Heinz Kerry’s stint at the United Nations gave her her first taste of political disillusionment. “It’s sadder still that people like it.” Her voice on the phone sounded serene—neither embattled nor tinny with false optimism.

Teresa continued to refer to Heinz as her spouse even after marrying John Kerry in 1995. Her staff tries to keep her to a tight schedule, but she says that she’s “too old to be bossed around.” As a speaker, she often gives more of herself than she is asked for, lingering in reception lines and becoming absorbed in an anecdote or the answer to a question. But she’s very spoiled, and it’s not clear to her that in politics the attention—which she likes—comes with heat.”. She defines her role in the campaign, or the one she feels best equipped to play, as “helping people to connect the dots—that’s what I like to do,” she says. Kerry instead mortgaged his Boston home and donated his own money to the campaign. He also doesn’t manipulate. She left for Europe after she graduated, and enrolled at the Interpreters’ School at the University of Geneva. Teresa helped him make rounds—an experience that she recounts regularly to voters. On camera, her tinted reading glasses make her look aloof. He was the heir to a considerable fortune: the H.J. Kerry himself admires his wife’s intellect and independence, he told me, and he seems to accept stoically, if not with relish, that she is “saucy.” Even if he doesn’t, “he wasn’t blind,” she says. An envoy is a stand-in, however, and Heinz Kerry seems to prefer her own ground. He graduated from business school three years ago and worked briefly in private banking before quitting his job to campaign for Kerry, whose steadiness, he said, supplies ballast to an “emotional family.” His oldest brother, John, sanctions no intrusions into his privacy. In the year before she stepped down, the foundation donated more than $70 million to various causes. Perhaps one of the most eloquent messages that Heinz Kerry delivers to voters on her husband’s behalf is that he was fearless enough to take her on. “John and I were a couple of bachelor jerks,” he said. The Endowments’ strategically targeted grants are accompanied by tight fiscal oversight, and recipients lose their support, as the Pittsburgh public-school system did, if they don’t meet high expectations of performance. And it so happened that the W.T.O. A consultant versed in the semiotics of campaign style may have suggested the bright-red ensemble that she wore to the Democratic Convention (red is said to telegraph sentimental warmth to women voters), but throughout the spring she travelled in the same three or four black, taupe, or beige designer suits. The family returned to Europe for a few years so that she could regain her health and her husband could study a second specialty—radiology.

“A fourth limb to make a person a hero?”. Examples of some of her work include founding the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement in 1996; co-founding the alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning in 1990; and establishing the Heinz Center, a non-profit organization focused on environmental policy. Close friends attribute her lapses of discretion to “naïveté.” Heinz Kerry says that they are a form of resistance to enforced conformity. She was very independent.

The couple met while she was attending school at … That is what a globalized world really does.

Teresa Heinz managed John Heinz’s estate after his death in 1991. Heinz Kerry describes herself as shy, and in the early months of the campaign she often hid in the corner of a stage, blushed at an introduction, covered her face, or did an awkward little pirouette of embarrassment before grabbing a mike with both hands and ad-libbing for an hour.

Ad Choices. Heinz used the attention to urge other women to get regular mammograms.

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