On April 25, 2011, whistleblower organization WikiLeaks published formerly secret assessments drafted by Joint Task Force Guantanamo analysts. During training I learn how to make Keywords, Writing content, Title, Descriptions and other things in the end of training now I Proudly can say myself a complete Search Engine Optimizer and finely my goal is clear now I forget about finding internet jobs I decide to start my own Business. In August 2004, Iqbal, Ahmed and Rasul released a lengthy report on the physical and mental abuses suffered while in US custody, which included sexual and religious humiliation.

He is one of the Tipton Three, three friends from the same town who were captured together in Afghanistan. I am a student of Sir Asif. Before joining the course I was some what wayward in my approach and my concepts about SEO were too hazy.

:) Hope to learn more from you. He is a very good SEO trainer. I would highly appreciate all students to join Sir Asif Iqbal's SEO Training and don't get exploited by Silly Institutes and so called SEO Trainers, you will surely get benefited like me. I attended the 20 days SEO classes at 5icreatons & I found a completely new way of thinking about SEO & other related activities. Asif has also served the game as an international match referee in 1993. How long will it take to get some results? I’m successfully managing a food delivery business right now all thanks to Sir Asif. At first i thought that he is kind of reserved but with time I got to know that he's a very good person and teacher. Hajra and her two sons have been spotted in Dubai and London. I took an SEO course from Asif Iqbal and came out with a Bachelor's in Internet Marketing. [3], They said that the appointment of General Geoffrey Miller coincided with the alleged introduction of new, harsher, treatment, including short shackling and the forced shaving off of beards, which the men kept for religious purposes. Do you give any Guarantee of SEO Rankings? [8] He has opened my mind and trained me very well, in fact he has changed my life forever in the marketing field. Which SEO Techniques You Follow (White / Black-hat)?

I've been searching for a qualified SEO Trainer and have joined many so called SEO Training Centers and finally I came to Sir Asif Iqbal and got what exactly I was looking for. He played a key role in making Sharjah a cricketing hub. When I enrolled for the course "Social Media and Internet Marketing', I didn't know what I was getting into. [3] All the detainees had been prevented from seeing or contacting legal counsel and challenging their detention before a tribunal, under habeas corpus. Sir Asif Iqbal is a great teacher. He was said to be one of the first cricketers to be involved in fixing and his last Test, back in 1980 came under scanner. THANK YOU SIR. Sir, it was great having you as an instructor who is not only teaching just another course, but also helping us for our future business and if not that, then at least making us think about establishing one. In that case, it had ruled that detainees and foreign nationals had the habeas corpus right to bring suit in federal courts. How to Find and Fix 404 Errors #Analytics #Insights https://t.co/kU8oI2D1x0 https://t.co/SXa0FeXaXG https://t.co/D8RbLL4eKt, How to Improve Your SEO Using FAQpage Schema #Analytics #Insights https://t.co/qxuavDMDKl https://t.co/SXa0FeXaXG https://t.co/9q7oCIJ5O9, What’s left when the cookie goes away? Thank you for all your support & co-operation. Over 1 Billion users at Facebook means something, if FB would have been a country, it would be the 2nd Largest country in the world, over 50% of the total members are live any given day at FB, it shows the power of social networks & you may have thousands of potential customers for your products/services. Historian Andy Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files, called Iqbal's assessment "extremely dubious". [9], Worthington noted how the DoD's fanciful narrative described Iqbal traveling around Afghanistan, when it was well documented he was one of those who survived the infamous "convoy of death", and the shockingly brutal conditions in General Dostum's Sherberghan prison. It gave me a far greater grasp on ‘SEO’ the skills I learned will be invaluable to me, Excellent course and highly recommended. He has great contribution in Pakistan Web Marketing Industry. He is the brother of Iqbal Mirchi’s second wife, Heena Kausar, and as the Mossack Fonseca documents show, is now settled in Monte Carlo. Student, Health Care / Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program, Dr. Asif Iqbal attended to a university and then graduated. He went on to become a match referee. I still remember the first question he asked in our class, “What do you think social media is all about?” and we were all clueless with having unsure answers.

One thing I would say that everybody can explain you but that everybody cannot be a teacher and this is what Sir Asif Iqbal is expert in, he knows the art of teaching and the ways of explaining, he always starts with your mind level and ends up with the raise of your level. [3], In the end, the abusive interrogation lead the three to falsely confess to being the three previously unidentified faces in a video that showed a meeting between Osama bin Laden and Mohamed Atta, although Rasul was in the UK during the time period when the video was created.[4]. He is one of the Tipton Three, three friends from the same town who were captured together in Afghanistan. Omar Bin Rashid, Karachi, Pakistan. Humble in nature and who would never back off when asked for help. I was unaware of this, until I met Sir Asif Iqbal.

It has provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to achieving in depth knowledge about SEO. In August 2004, Iqbal, Ahmed and Rasul released a lengthy report on the physical and mental abuses suffered while in US custody, which included sexual and religious humiliation. It was signed by camp commandant Major General Geoffrey D. Miller. Asif is a related to Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, who too hails from Hyderabad and is married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

After studying this course, I've realized that business can be started with good marketing and promotion at a minimal cost and it can all be even done by oneself, His coaching skills are great and he tries and makes sure that each one of his student understands the correct way to grow & earn through social media and internet marketing. After doing this SEO Training, I'm really feeling empowered and very confident, now I can join the old organization or any organization I want. I truly believe that he has great knowledge over the subject and has an answer to every question, His explanations are quite understandable and he motivates students a lot. I started my own business and I am very happy to take that step under his guidance. He loves to share his knowledge and information, even with his competitors. If you found out anything that is incorrect and want to change it, please follow this Update Data guide. It uses both actors and interviews with the former detainees.

After the completion of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in January 2002, they were transferred there, where they were interrogated and held without recourse to lawyers. When the match-fixing scandal broke out in 2000, Asif’s name got dragged in it. Call Dr. Asif Iqbal on phone number (248) 857 … [6][7] From that first class to our last class, I became active and interested in interacting and participating more in the class and do my level best in every assignment/quiz to learn and enhance my social media skills. Hello guys. Target: Writing A Book! After completing my FSC, I was looking for SEO jobs, as my friends are working in other companies and earning good money so they can pay their university fees. Will the match between BCCI and Lodha Panel be the longest format in Cricket?

He and his friends were returned to Britain, where the government released them without charges the day after their arrival.

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