Political allegory of Athena, represents values of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Peplos - garment women wove, one was dedicated to Athena. Myths express past and present fears and wishes of a society. Hero. Greek mythology is not just important to ancient Greece, but has spread across the far-flung Greek and Roman Empires. In ancient Greece, myths were created to explain the world and understand what it means to be human. All men vote for Poseidon, all women vote for Athena. 0. The should terrifyingly and Trojans retreat. Edit "Athena and Poseidon's Contest for Athens" Comprehension Check DRAFT. Both artists weave magnificent works. Hero. Anthropologist, interested in how human mind perceived and organized experiences. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Also made Athena their divine ancestor, though political dimensions are emphasized. Play centers around trial, with Orestes being defended by Apollos and Furies prosecuting his murder. Athena assists Heracles in a practical way when he must clean stables of the Augean horses: by helping him redirect the river so it flows through stables, carrying away all manure. A device that wards of the enemy by frightening hims or turning him to stone. Structualism. She is supposed to be wisest among gods and mortal men. Perhaps Athena's fave and the most like her. The myths have been told from generation to generation and are still read today. Festival celebrating arts and governance that Athens achieved under Athena's guidance. Heroditus thought gods some everyone, but w/ different names and varied attributes in different places. When he must kill Stymphalian birds, invents bronze rattles to rouse birds so he can shoot them with arrows. Appears as young woman in classical garb, holding a spear w/ a red cap on it, stands for liberty and is symbol of the revolution. 0. Naucratis was Greek settlement near Lower Egypt, where interactions b/n Greeks and Egyptians were economically beneficial to both parties, yet highly regulated and restricted. Political allegory of Athena.. This form does not collect any actual information. Is there some kind of order behind this apparent disorder? Save. character, event, or story that represents or symbolizes idea, concept, or value that is very different from its surface meaning. Erichthonius inaugurated Panathenaic festival. Celebrated with Lesser and Greater Panathenaea. "Athena and Poseidon's Contest for Athens" Comprehension Check DRAFT. At end, Athena gives speech to acquit Orestes of his crime, saying, "I wholeheartedly approve the male.". Overseer of martial arts: skills men use to fight and control their aggression. Ennosigaeus (Earth Shaker), assoc. Chalcioecus (Goddess of the Bronze House); worshipped alongside Hephaestus in Athens; devises uses to which forged metal can be put; practical intelligence manipulates items in natural world in service of cultural endeavors.

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