permutive.addon('web', { For example, it can load itself as a keyboard device and mimic keystrokes. You can emulate keystrokes, grab browser cookies, steal credentials stored on disk and in memory, pilfer Wi-Fi passphrases, gain remote access, launch backdoors, create reverse shells, download remote files, execute programs, piggyback on a new Wi-Fi network segment, become a rogue computer on the network, and more. else { They're liable to change their tune in a hurry. dlIndustry = tokens['industry']; 'articleType': 'Analysis', Finally, we run the LaZagne tool and dump all the passwords it finds to the log file. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL.

(tokens['industry']===undefined)) { userKeys.forEach(function(key) { customAdRoll.push({ if (! } window.permutive.track('Product', { The flashing process will be followed by a green LED to indicate that the Bash Bunny is rebooting. });

Bash Bunny is a simple and powerful multi-function USB attack device and automation platform for all pentesters and sysadmins, designed by Hak5, which allows you to easily perform multiple USB (badUSB) based attacks.. It’s a tiny and portable Debian based linux computer with a USB interface designed specifically to execute payloads when plugged into a target computer. You can find all my Bash Bunny payloads on GitHub. "playlist": "",

Work fast with our official CLI. z-index: 10000; It’s very fast, thanks to the powerful quad-core CPU and desktop-class SSD. WiFi Pineapple Modules LAN Turtle Modules Bash Bunny Payloads Packet Squirrel Payloads Signal Owl Payloads Shark Jack Payloads Key Croc Payloads

if (typeof(responseData.attrs[hermesAttrs[key]].option_label) !== "undefined") { 'goldenTaxonomyIdList': '941,951,944', height: 225px; Hence the Human Interface Device or HID standard used by all modern USB keyboards. By mimicking trusted devices like serial, storage, keyboards and Ethernet, the Bash Bunny exploits multiple attack vectors – from keystroke injection to network hijacking. .main-col .brVideoContainer { dlIndustry = dlIndustry || null; 'industry': dlIndustry, "channel": IDG.GPT.targets["channel"],

} Learn more. 'youtubeId':'' window.permutive.track('User', { $("#jw-standalone-close-button").click(function() {

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. "pos": "bottom_right", Getting started is easy with a huge library of payloads that blend the power of Bash with the simplicity of Ducky Script. It’s cross-platform USB flash which is small, portable and most importantly powerful Linux computer with a USB interface. The possibilities are limitless. 'purchaseIntent':'evaluation', sincePublished = sincePublished.split(" ")[0]; You can download dozens of existing payload scripts, create your own, or ask questions in a fairly active user forum. gTax: { Bash Bunny Payload: Garfield steals passwords with LaZagne The Bash Bunny is a USB attack platform developed by Hak5 a security research group. 'ancestorGoldenCategories': 'security,cso', Subject to local and international laws where applicable. }, Columnist, "creativeTimeout": 60000, It doesn't enable attackers to do anything they can't already do, but it puts the whole deal in a small, stealthy form factor. country: null, It’s an exciting and fun tool for any pentester, hacker and security professional, but we must say that it’s a bit expensive ($100). If you want to get in touch with me please feel free to use the comments, Twitter or my contact form. 'jobFunction': dlJobFunction, Staying up to date with all of the latest attacks is just a matter of downloading files from git. else { "advertising": { stringFromDataLayer('userId') : null), Start by downloading the Bash Bunny updater for your host OS – Windows 32/64, Linux 32/64 and Mac versions are available. Even drop into a root shell on this fully equipped quad-core Linux box. Download the latest version of the Bash Bunny firmware from, Verify that the SHA256 checksum of the downloaded firmware files matches the checksum listed at, Slide the Bash Bunny switch into Arming Mode (closest to the USB plug) and plug the Bash Bunny into your computer. $(".landing-listing > div:nth-of-type(6)").after($(".brVideoContainer")); Payloads from this repository are contributed from the Bash Bunny community. if (typeof countryCode !== 'undefined' && countryCode !== "") {//should be defined in locales-editions.jsp if brand has editions WARNING: Community payloads come with absolutely no warranty. right: 5px; Then I ran a bunch of more advanced scripts, each attempting to harvest credentials from the local computer, browser, or Wi-Fi connection.

"vw":googletag.pubads().getTargeting('vw'), You signed in with another tab or window. left: 0px; };

}, 'categoryIdAll': (catIdList.length > 0 ? var prodVendors = '';

Exploiting local network attack vectors, the Bash Bunny emulates specialized Ethernet adapters. isInsiderContent: (stringFromDataLayer('isInsiderContent') == "true"), id: (stringFromDataLayer('userId') !== "" ?

I began by modifying a simple script that would start notepad.exe and type in text. Mimic trusted devices like keyboards, serial, storage, and Ethernet for multi-vector attacks. }).done(function(responseData){

enabled: true dlIndustry : null), Bush Bunny can be used to preform attacks on the following operating systems: This amazing, small and powerful device can run anything that a normal Debian-based linux machines can (linux commands, custom payloads, python scripts, etc.). var edition = '';

Each attack, or payload, is written in a simple “Ducky Script” language consisting of text files. As with any script downloaded from the Internet, you are advised to proceed with caution. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. With this little devil hacking possibilities are limitless. By XenoByte, July 17, 2017 in Bash Bunny. And with a root shell your favorite pentest tools like nmap, responder, impacket and metasploit are at the ready. It's simple. Pentest tools for authorized auditing/security analysis only where permitted. "env": IDG.GPT.targets["env"], With the switch still in Arming Mode, plug the Bash Bunny back into your computer and wait 10 minutes. id: (stringFromDataLayer('userId') !== "" ? "offset": 30, Each has their own unique attack vectors. if (! var videoPlayerMarkup='

primaryCatList.split(',') : []), } return dataLayer[0][property]; Sign up to get your $5 Coupon code, weekly deals and latest hacking tools straight to your inbox! })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-WR6LD2P'); The Bash Bunny by Hak5 is the world's most advanced USB attack platform. window.ntvConfig.keyValues.contextual = stripOutIllegal(kwds.join(',')); } goldenTaxList.split(',') : []), (tokens['jobFunction']===undefined)) { "custParams": customParams

My Bash Bunny arrived in a timely manner along with an optional, convenient carrying container and some cool swag. dlJobPosition = dlJobPosition || null; @media only screen and (max-width: 929px) { top: 0px; Your email address will not be published. dataType: "json", LED B.

Recommended Posts. } "categoryIds": IDG.GPT.targets["categoryIds"], // article The first time the Bash Bunny is upgraded it will indicate the flashing process with a red blinking LED for up to 10 minutes. var dlJobPosition = ''; var dlIndustry = ''; 'prodVendors':prodVendors.slice('|', -1), jobPosition: (dlJobPosition !== "" ?

Seriously, that simple.

var tokens = IDG.insiderReg.readCookieProperty(insiderToken); description: 'With new hardware hacking devices, it\'s absurdly easy to attack organizations through the USB port of any computer on a network', Now we remove the history of the Windows run box, cleaning up our tracks behind us. An attacker could even modify Bash Bunny to offer the typical USB storage media view in Windows Explorer, enabling malicious scripts to execute while an unwitting victim thinks it's a normal USB drive.

For more information I wrote a Bash Bunny Primer article here. Avoiding the snags and snares in data breach reporting: What CISOs need to know, Zix wins 5-vendor email encryption shootout, 7 Wi-Fi vulnerabilities beyond weak passwords, Sponsored item title goes here as designed, How to get your infrastructure in shape to shake off scriptable attacks, Best new Windows 10 security features: Biometric authentication, Edge browser, The 10 Windows group policy settings you need to get right, How to rob a bank: A social engineering walkthrough, 10 common cloud security mistakes that put your data at risk, 12 cheap or free cybersecurity training resources, 11 types of hackers and how they will harm you, Securing Microsoft Teams: The options are limited, What is security's role in digital transformation?/a>, The 10 most powerful cybersecurity companies, Keyboard man-in-the-middle intercept devices. primaryCategories: stringFromDataLayer('ancestorGoldenCategories').length > 0 ? Slide the device switch to “arming mode”. Webshell-Analyzer – Web Shell Scanner And Analyzer, Trident – Automated Password Spraying Tool, PowerZure – PowerShell Framework To Assess Azure Security, Adaz – Automatically Deploy Customizable Active Directory Labs In Azure, Gifts for Hackers & Infosec Professionals, Stay Connected: Follow us on social media for daily coupons. The Bash Bunny is all of these things, alone – or in combination – and more! "categorySlugs": IDG.GPT.targets["categorySlugs"],

Simply slide the device switch to “arming mode” (that is, standard USB drive mode), plug it into the USB port, and open up one of two payload files. "autostart": true, height: 20px; } $('body').prepend(videoPlayerMarkup);

This network of two (the Bash Bunny and your target) provides direct access to the target – bypassing any would-be firewalls, countermeasures or intrusion detection systems from the legitimate LAN. Bash Bunny Payload: Garfield steals passwords with LaZagne, Elevating Permissions To Disable Windows Defender. Below, I walk through the payload and explain my process.

'insiderSignedIn':insiderSignedIn, type: stringFromDataLayer('articleType'), "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", On my Windows 10 computer, in arming mode, it showed up in Device Manager as a USB Serial device with a COM port. }, Computers trust humans.

} Carry multiple payloads and pick the perfect attack with the flick of a switch. let categorySlug = 'data-security';

Bash Bunny, Hacking, Research, Walkthrough, Bash Bunny, Cyber Security, Duckyscript, Hacking, Hak5, Penetration Testing, PowerShell, Security Research, Windows 10. .brVideoContainer { loggedIn: (stringFromDataLayer('insiderSignedIn') == 'true') "requestTimeout": 60000, Want to mimic a HID keyboard and USB Ethernet adapter? Copy the firmware upgrade file downloaded in step 1 to the root of the Bash Bunny flash drive.

//product js vars defined in document-head if ($("#drr-container").length > 0) { '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= } If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. 'ga_enabled':'true', "goldenIds": IDG.GPT.targets["goldenIds"], Just copying an upgrade file to the root of the Bash Bunny flash drive in arming mode, safely eject it, and plug it back into your computer in arming mode. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. } //console.log("*****GDPR: floating video: is there consent? crossDomain: true,

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