The accuracy depends on your skill on .22-250 rifles. In fact, the .223 caliber comes with a shorter throat chamber. The growing popularity of the AR platform has made the .223 a more common hunting round (Photo: Eric Jezierski/ But they do indeed sell a wide variety of ammo. It does this primarily with its 62 grain projectile, which has an aerodynamic profile that enhances its ballistic coefficient, thick jacket with unerringly uniform wall concentricity, and flat base with highly consistent dimensions. Of course, ammo prices at gun shops may be slightly higher than online. As for ammo, they may not have a return policy for them due to safety reasons. In a controlled situation where you are shooting longer distances possibly prone, from a bench, or a stand it is OK to have a heavy and less wieldy firearm because you will want to utilize all of the barrel length to achieve maximum velocity, powder burn, and in turn accuracy. Is the .223 Rem. The heavy weight is a common choice in .223 match ammunition as it carries a high ballistic coefficient and maintains its energy out to great distances. Most Accurate. Stay in the know. So, look for the stamp of the rifle in order to know this. Answer: You should shoot from minimum 100 yard distance with a .223 caliber. However, if your chosen game is something larger like a hog or whitetail deer, the .223 Rem can get the job done, but you will need to be much more mindful of shot placement, bullet type, Ft-Lbs of energy, and grain weight of your bullet. Take a look at the 55 gr / 223. These are brass cased rounds that are ideal for a self defense situation (and yes, they can be used for any other purpose). Could You Catch a Fish with Your Bare Hands? This 223 Rem cartridge by Prvi Partizan features a 55 grain soft point projectile. So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test? Varmints like gophers and prairie dogs can be dispatched with light bullets in the range of 35 – 55 Grains. This round offers a new and totally reloadable brass casing, sensitive Boxer primer, and clean burning propellant. That would be a colossal dink move. All rights reserved. The ONLY reason I keep going back to the 5.56/.223 is ammo availability. You do not necessarily need to dispatch prairie dogs suppressed with subsonic loads, but you might want to be quieter while hunting fox or coyote. Often times if you are hunting over a bait pile or are using calls, you can get multiple coyotes to approach at once. However, the 5.56 rounds will follow other specs as they are compatible to be fired in higher pressure to ensure a much higher velocity. Shooting sub-sonic .223 Rem ammo, with or without a silencer, could allow for you to get a “double;” two coyotes in one instance. You need to understand, which is the best caliber for your hunting career? However, after trying for several years, I have moved to another caliber cartridge because .223 caliber is not perfect for windy situation. And it is very deserving of an honor like this. At the same distance, a typical .223 hunting round will drop about three inches. Their precision is attributed to Hornady’s diehard production model, their stringent inspection process, and high-quality component selection. Sierra does not suggest this bullet for hunting purposes as its hollow tip is the byproduct of lead-wire feeding which is used to guarantee a core of consistent density and weight as opposed to fragmentation. Federal American Eagle Tactical Ammunition 223.

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