By posing as just a person seeking information, you have increased leverage. Get four offers so you're prepared before you visit the dealer. I recently offered some tips to a low-budget shopper here: Many great deals on price are offset by bad trade-in values. Join. So let's hear it. Another tip is the time of the month does make a difference. In the last few years, car information services like,, and others have begun to offer vehicle shoppers a semi-disinterested source of relatively objective information. I've seen cars bought for $100 over invoice before. Here is one way to figure out the sale price you should be considering once you've deducted all the other expenses of owning a car from your monthly budget: Even if you are underwater, if you are liquid enough to be able to cover the difference then it's not a problem. I did this when shopping for a new car a few months ago and literally every single dealer responded back to me, with legitimate out the door prices, sending multiple follow-up emails, all within a day of me emailing them. Yeah, as much as having a high payment is bad, having a short term loan can be just as wonky. As I went through the test drives, I figured out what it was I was actually looking for. Although you might think that all these service packages and warranties are complete B.S., they are actually a good product that you may want (especially if you're buying a luxury car). Lots of people buying new cars for the first time while get run over by an experience salesman. Total Price: Verify the desired vehicle model/trim level fits in your budget from step II.B. You'll get it for $2,000. While vehicle dealerships have their own financing departments, it's critical for you get a vehicle loan prior to buying your vehicle from elsewhere. Keep "walking away" until you have the price where you want it. Someone who jumps on the gas when the car is cold has probably given the car a hard life. If you get a response that the dealership doesn't do competitive bidding, tell them that if they give you their best price, you'll buy today. I then created a rubric to judge each car. If they're smart, they'll sell it to you. If the seller doesn't answer, then consider it your sign to move on: Are there any options you didn't mention in your ad? If the total is negative, you probably should not be buying a new vehicle. If the dealership is busy (i.e. When test driving, have the owner drive it first. Join our community, read the PF Wiki, and get on top of your finances! When I bought my Mazda about 2 yrs ago I got 0.9% on a 60 month term. This is why I usually suggest selling your vehicle yourself on Craigslist/Autotrader etc. Whatever you do, DO NOT select a longer term length than 36 months; if you have to select a longer term length to afford to a higher vehicle price, YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE vehicle. Posted by. Tire warranty - bought it, definitely worth it if it's needed, should have negotiated it down from the price they charged. Check all wear items such as tires, brakes, suspension components, etc. I give them a chance to beat the interest rate if they like but the price must be set before I walk in, no super tire wipe added during closing. Show me what you find that needs to be fixed and explain why, and you'll be my shop.". Vehicle depreciation: Luxury vehicles depreciate the fastest; Toyota/Honda vehicles tend to hold their value the best. that you won't need. Front door auto lock sometimes doesn't work (works fine manually). Understandably this isn't a new car, but on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the closest to new, how would you rate; Do the windows have any scratches, fading or cracking? Windshields get cracked all the time and anyone who lives in a big city knows it's only a matter of time until a door window gets busted in by some a-hole. Try this: Feel free to use our FAQ'S from r/askacarsales. Check for even tire wear as this can indicate alignment or worn suspension parts. The dealer might include a number of other fees, such as documentation, marketing, or dealer fees. How do you decide on the "car you want"? It is not uncommon to include that price into the loan if you plan ahead. At this point the dealer is tired and wants to make the sale. Do you go in and test drive with no intent to purchase that day? The reason is the dealership needs to make money when they sell your vehicle on to the next buyer. save hide report. Vehicle Price ($): Use $20000 as a starting point, we will adjust very soon. What's wrong with Sumitomos? Ideally, if you want newish vehicle, you should: Buy a 2-3 year old vehicle private party (brand new vehicles depreciate steeply early on - as much as 25% the moment you drive it off the lot). Never look at a car in the rain. As a guy who works in Car sales I can trim this wall of words up real fast and easy. Suspensions last longer when you're nice to them. Any advice? When you are about to get to the final agreed upon price, you can negotiate even lower by eating into the dealer holdback. I've bought cars in the past based on the monthly payment. I recently was in a car accident where my 2009 Honda Civic LX was totaled. See more here:, Rates for credit unions vs banks:, You can find a credit union in your zip code here: It's targeted at first time new car buyers but really should be useful to anyone. ), and tell them up front I will put a deposit on my credit card and see them tomorrow if we agree on a price. In other words, every discount is independent! No need to complicate but negotiating on the price and then free add-ons. While some factors will be more important than others, covering your bases by focusing on these will land you into a great car to provide Lyft and Uber users with a five-star experience. I didn't have a problem with this, because the price was $3,000 less than I thought I could get on my own, but I could see a potential situation where this may be a problem. Beyond that, personalized service will be limited. They couldn't compete. Instantly he goes and talks to his manager. A. Email dealerships for quotes: Email the internet department of 5-10 dealerships in 50 mile radius. I don’t know a lot about cars but I’m researching as much as possible. However.. I’ve had a few people close to me say they’re either going out of business or that they thought they did go out of business. D. Get quotes on auto insurance and gap insurance: Now that you know exact make/model/trim level you are buying, you should be able to get accurate insurance quotes. Tired/emotional minds make bad decisions - get a good night's rest! If they are smart they will tell you to go kick rocks. You would be amazed what they will do for free to keep you happy. (Yes, $15,000 could let you retire two years earlier if your annual expenses are $40k and you save it for 30 years.). You need to keep in mind a sales-person sells around a dozen cars in a month. I lived in an apartment, where I did not have access to a receptacle to plug in a car. That said, I have a dilemma because I understand that it’ll be difficult getting approved for a loan since I have no credit. I suppose I could have played hard ball negotiation and stuff, but I'm not sure I would have gotten much more on that car, and got a pretty decent price according to the TrueCar pricing thing. So if sales tax is 10% where you live, then your vehicle price should in our example should be max ($15k - $1k)/(1 + 10/100) = $12.7k. There is no such thing as "standard 90 day limited warranty". If you buy a used car from a dealership, find everything you can that's wrong with it in under 3 months and call your salesman immediately. E. Get you 'go bag' ready: Bring drinks, snacks, Laptop + charger , phone charger etc. Saying "I want your best price" is a surefire way to make sure the salesperson knows that you haven't done your research and aren't serious about buying a car from them. End of Chapter Goal: You have a auto loan approved and insurance quotes for the vehicle you are going to buy. Honestly, this is some of the best advice you can get on the internet. Touch each flaw to draw attention to it (helps when negotiating). Inside, underneath, trunk and engine bay. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I had a car accident. Using a 36 month term makes your payments way higher than they need to be, which makes you less flexible in the case of job loss or other temporary expenses. So his theory was to give his honest out the door price. You need to reduce the vehicle price to account for fees (assume $1000 for destination charge, document fee, registration etc.) A: Recruit a friend to tag along: Ideally bring someone that is not vested in the purchase decision in anyway and will stop you from making a hasty decision. When you finally get numbers you like head down to the dealer that gave you the best deal. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Be skeptical of cars that are "over detailed". Work through the internet to get some numbers rolling. I gave no info on financing to them until the end (although I think they assumed I was using the credit union - I wasn't) I had to sit through the whole salesmanager spiel, said "no" to all kinds of stupid upsells, and was happy with the outcome. Next we will use a vehicle payment calculator in reverse to determine your vehicle budget. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Well this awkward. If there is new or CPO warranty left - you get the balance, or you can buy more, but there is no standard warranty on used cars. This discount just effectively brought the dealer's original price down to $20,000. My credit union (USAA) has a service where I can put in the specifics of the car I want and they will contact local dealerships to get me the best rate. You want to give the dealership the impression that you've taken good care of your vehicle. Keep repeating this until you arrive at the rock bottom price. A note of clarification on this, not all cars have timing belts, some have timing chains instead. This reddit group is filled with people that ended getting into serious trouble by taking very long loans and are under water on their vehicle for years. It's just encouragement to "question the assumption" and consider whether there are other things you can do with your money that might bring you more joy. Take your time to inspect the car carefully before the drive. Tips and advice on buying and selling cars. The range will determine your likely interest rate. Tell them you will be buying a vehicle (specify in the next couple days and ask them for their lowest Out the Door Price. By doing that you just effectively paid full price, and the dealer made 100% of what they asked for. The downside to this is that, if you set up a meeting at the dealership, it's pretty much expected that you WILL buy what your credit union negotiated, at the negotiated price. If you can't get them to budge, tell them you will just find your own financing. More posts from the personalfinance community.

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