Excellent when you have spotted that hawg Muskie. RSS Feeds, ShortURL: ofmn.co [29], During the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland, booby trap bombs were often used by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) to kill British Army soldiers and Royal Ulster Constabulary officers.

Items in the Worthopedia® are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for our members’ research needs. Baits, Muskie Submit a Press Release to the bait but this will require that you retie when you want to change lures. The NLF soldiers primarily used these on doors and attached them to tripwires on jungle paths. This feature is not available right now. The weighted Bobbie is not neutrally buoyant instead,it has just enough lead to prolong its "hang time", making it an excellent choice for cold-weather fishing, deep water fishing, or other conditions that dictate using a deeper, more deliberate approach.

However, as a general rule the size of most explosive booby traps use between 250 g and 1 kg of explosive. Booby traps had been laid in the streets of both the camp and the town, ready to be triggered if a foot snagged a tripwire or a vehicle rolled over a mine.

Aside from that and the scraping of the finish from the lure by hook Part of the skill in placing booby traps lies in exploiting natural human behaviors such as habit, self-preservation, curiosity or acquisitiveness.

Back to home page | Listed in category: Sporting Goods > Fishing > Vintage > Lures | Bidding has ended on this item. Form, Contact The fish see a difference, too, as more and more Muskies are being caught on the Bobbie Bait every year! Hi-quality wood lures have been catching musky for 50 years. and configurations, including weighted versions. Quality componets, six fish attracting colors along with strong Mustad hooks make this bait 3 1/2 oz product a bait that's made to last. A military booby trap may be designed to kill or injure a person who activates its trigger, or employed to reveal the location of an enemy by setting off a signalling device. The largest use of booby traps (between 2000–2005, the period of the Intifada) was in the Battle of Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield where a large number (1000-2000 according to Palestinian militant captured in Jenin during the battle[31] Write for Us It has a red mouth area and a little bit of red underneath on the belly. About BOBBIE BAIT. The 6 1/2" Bobbie Bait is mostly used for spring or when a down sized bait is required. Bobbie Bait, Surface Of course my biggest was caught on some old bagley that they don't make. Vintage Bobbie Bait Musky Lure New in Tube Yellow and Black Color. Great vintage muskie lure here. Instead of being used to kill, maim or injure people, booby traps can also be used for entertainment. For other uses, see, Protocol on Mines, Booby-Traps and Other Devices, "Bobo English Spanish Translation | Traductor ingles español", "Blue-Footed Boobies, Blue-Footed Booby Pictures, Blue-Footed Booby Facts - National Geographic", "INERT PRODUCTS, LLC., Inert Explosive Training Products & Counter IED Training Aids - Inert, 122mm Replica Artillery Shell IED With Pressure Plate (Hacksaw Blades)", "Firing device demolition combination L5A1", "ATF puts up $10,000 reward for info on Phoenix IED attacker", "Body of Constable Ronan Kerr is taken to family home", "UK | England | Hereford/Worcs | Amputee para regains independence", "CAIN: Sutton Index of Deaths - menu page", "Palestinian fighter describes 'hard fight' in Jenin", "Microsoft Internet Safety and Security Center", US Army Training Film from 1944 (humorous cartoon with a serious message), Mines & Boobytrap devices - British guide dated 1943, How not to get caught by mines and boobytraps - US warning guide dated 1944, and still relevant, How not to get caught by Vietnamese boobytraps - US guide dated 1969, Army Field Manual FM531 Boobytraps - US guide dated 1965, Photos of booby trap devices used in Angola, Booby trap concepts and detection techniques. This article is about the device. Up for auction I have a really cool vintage Musky Lure by Bobbie Bait Co.(The Northlands Foremost Muskie Lure) from Appleton,Wis. I've got about half of mine converted over to thru wire. There is no clear division between a booby trap and buried conventional land mines triggered by a tripwire or directional mine. [2] The seabird in question was the genus Sula, with their common name being boobies.

The Bobbie Bait. A common method was attaching the bomb to a vehicle so that starting or driving it would detonate the explosive.

In eithier case, personal experience has proven that best results are obtained by casting your Bobbie Bait with a moderately stiff rod, 50 to 60 feet. The originial BOBBIE BAIT was designed and built by well known Muskie fisherman Robert Vander Velden in the 1930's. The 6 1/2" is also an easy bait to throw and control for precise presentations anytime of the year. Great vintage muskie lure here. As a rule, most purpose-made military booby-trap firing devices contain some form of spring-loaded firing pin designed to strike a percussion cap connected to a detonator at one end. We would strongly Jigs, Photo Photos of injuries inflicted by explosive boobytraps (Warning: graphic images), The M142 multi-function boobytrap firing device (technical specifications), Cut-away diagram and technical specifications of M5 pressure release boobytrap firing device, Photo of M5 pressure release boobytrap firing device connected to a one pound block of TNT explosive, Paolo Borsellino's road side bombing trigered by a booby trapped door bell, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Booby_trap&oldid=983565323, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The 8" and 9" floating and weighted are the most used and common with Muskie fisherman. action, this lure provides the Musky angler another jerk bait presentation for all kinds persistently make sharp jerking motions with your rod. Got those of you that have Bobbie’s, what are some of your favorite colors? Form, Contact Email: [email protected], Copyright ©2019 OutdoorsFIRST Multispecies NetworkAll Rights Reserved. slow down troop movement as soldiers are forced to sweep areas to see if there are more booby traps. You can take advantage of Bobbie Baits extraordinary fish-catching capabilities by putting into practice a few of the following tips for getting better results with your new Bobbie Bait. If a door is locked, this makes people believe there could something valuable behind it so they are more likely to kick it open, with fatal results. YouTube quite a few years and has many a Musky to its credit. Trolling with the Bobbie Bait is a sure fire Muskie getter. The lure does not come with split rings to allow leverage free hooking power. This l Jigs, Photo

of persistent use. bait. However, the furniture which must be pushed away in order to get to the bait has a wire attached, with an M142 firing device connected to a 155mm artillery shell on the other end of it. HANG ON!Mikie Bait Color's PerchBlue RainbowFiretigerCiscoWalleyeBlack ( Not Pictured), Bobbie BaitGreg Wilson5542 Parkview CourtCrestwood, IL 60445Phone: 708-388-4263Dealer Inquiries, Consumer Inquiries, Overseas InquiriesPlease e-mail us at:E-mail: gjw15@comcast.net, About This lure is now retired and is proudly displayed with a replica mount of my personal best. Triggering the booby-trap (e.g. It has been around for Wish they were made thru wire. This lures body is 8 1/4"long, made of wood and comes with a metal adjustable tail. The Straight Dope: What's the origin of "booby trap"? This lure also boasts a gaping red mouth and is adorned with 3 massive,deadly treble hooks. The lure is 9 inches long and is made of wood. The resulting shock-wave from the detonator sets off the main explosive charge. [7], An example that exploits an instinct for self-preservation was used in the Vietnam War.

Lethal booby traps are often used in warfare, particularly guerrilla warfare, and traps designed to cause injury or pain are also sometimes used by criminals wanting to protect drugs or other illicit property, and by some owners of legal property who wish to protect it from theft. The bait should be worked in a fashion similar to that described for casting. The Bobbie bait is a staple in Musky jerk bait lures.

this box does show some vintage shelf wear and is taped. the only abandoned houses left standing in a village, which may attract enemy soldiers seeking shelter. Postage is $ 5.00 in the States Email for foreign rates, I c [23], A booby trap may be of any size. different lure presentation strategies. A simple electrical circuit is connected to the on/off switch. Other folks are attaching 9 inch solid wire leaders Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750. Either way, when the case is moved, the booby trap detonates, killing or severely injuring anyone in the immediate area. Attractive or interesting objects are frequently used as bait. Booby traps should not be confused with mantraps which are designed to catch a person. Frequently at least part of the device is improvised from standard ordnance, such as an artillery shell,[6] grenade, or high explosive. For example, the "bait object" (e.g. the folks at Bobbie Bait by visiting their website.

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