However, the puppet will detach himself and sneak around Funtime Freddy's body. He possesses an endoskeleton jaw and, like Funtime Freddy, also has a set of human-like teeth. Go check out my Youtube Channel LNOyoutuber where you can get the latest news for this game and help out as well! It's where your interests connect you with your people. Like all the other animatronics, Funtime Freddy (as well as Bon-Bon) is scooped and used to create Ennard. Bon-Bon along within Funtime Freddy's Funko figures. Alias He speaks in a raspy voice with a crazy, hysterical tone.

This causes Funtime Freddy to be less aggressive towards the player, and move back towards his stage.

Funtime Freddy's design is very similar to Withered Freddy from the second game with a metal suit, blue eyes, thinner eyebrows, wearing a top hat with a purple stripe (similar to Toy Freddy's hat), a black bowtie, and two black buttons on his chest, as well as a set of human-like teeth. "Bon-Bon, say hi to our friends!" Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. Voice Actor In the Real Ending of Night 5, Funtime Freddy's empty armor-shells along with Bon-Bon's can be seen in the Scooping Room along with few other animatronics' empty-shells. Bonnet has a chance to be summoned by Dee Dee or Shadow Dee Dee on the Ultimate Custom Night, if she appears you must touch her nose to stop her, if she gets to the end of your office than she will end your run with a jumpscare to your face. Animatronic They Just Keep Talking, icetigerkitten - 120 results for funtime freddy. -Funtime Freddy (Night 2), "Hey, Bon-Bon, I think that's the birthday boy over there!" Becky Shrimpton has often referred to Bon-Bon as female. Active She is a recolored pink variant of Bon-Bon. He can move from one closet to the other at anytime during the night. Becky Shrimpton Bon-Bon appears exactly like Bonnet, aside from its colors. He is also one of the entertainers from the Funtime Auditorium, which is located from the east of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental (although he isn't seen in the said auditorium). FNaF Sister Location Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. This makes Bon-Bon tied with Bonnet for the smallest animatronic in Sister Location. The name "Bon-Bon" is likely a reference to the Youtuber Markiplier and the Fanbase calling Toy Bonnie "Bon-Bon" in the second game. He also has an echo in his voice like a stereotypical robot, and also glitches since he is broken.

Bon-Bon's jumpscare from Custom Night and Parts/Service (As seen on Night 3). Bon-Bon's jumpscare sound from Custom Night: He is also one of the entertainers from the Funtime Auditorium, which is located from the east of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental (although he isn't seen in the said auditorium). Bonnet lowering herself to jumpscare the player, this also happens when you get rid of her. Bonnet In Night 2 in the Breaker Room, the player uses the space button to activate mascot response audio.

Bon-Bon, along with Bonnet, Minireena, and BidyBab have no eyebrows. Bon-Bon stands at about 1.7 ft tall or 51 cm tall.

His physical design is similar to Bonnie from the first game with the aesthetic of Toy Bonnie from the second game, sporting red blush cheeks. He is a white/purple bear animatronic, far different from his counterparts. EXTREMELY LOUD! He is also one of the entertainers from the Funtime Auditorium, which is located from the east of Circus Baby's … His eyes are pink in color and, like many of his counterparts, also lacks eyebrows. Birthday EntertainerHand-PuppetParental TrackerParental Tracking Unit Bon-Bon's forehead appears to be popping out. Funtime Freddy relies on audio cues. In Night 2 in the Breaker Room, Michael Afton activates mascot response audio.


Similar to his appearance from the second game, he wears a single black button in the middle of his chest; This button is a reboot button. Entertainer When he says "Bon-Bon, go get him!" with Bon-Bon. Bonnet's voice actor is unknown since Becky Shrimpton confirmed she did not voice her. Status Skin/Fur Color In Night 2 in the Breaker Room, Michael Afton activates mascot response audio. Skin Color

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