Manage your sales, track your performance, understand your customers, and take control of your online ordering success with a powerful dashboard. (BBS-4837), A promotion was being automatically applied incorrectly when using the "Repeat" button function. (BBS-6124), Reports - The Petty Account Detail Report would only display data for the current Business Date. (BBS-5198), When generating Employee Breaks and filter settings were Date = Previous Pay Period , the report displayed data for the first day of the following pay period. (BRNK-7247), Additional logging information is now available during install/upgrade. As a cloud-based POS software solution, Brink does not require a back office computer, and all your data is safe, secure, and accessible in the cloud. API Documentation – Web Services Customer Type: The “Guid lastId” value has been updated to “int startingRowIndex”. (BRNK-3452), Heartland PAX - Store and Forward is now supported when using Heartland PAX payment devices. Read More. (BBS-5230), When Loyalty rewards were redeemed the remaining rewards were displaying incorrectly on the customers receipt. PAR TECHNOLOGY ANNOUNCES NEW DELIVERY API INTEGRATION WITH CHECKMATE and BRINK POS® SOFTWARE. API Documentation – Web Service Item Settings Type: The field ‘GiftCardItemType” has updated notes. (BBS-5295), End of Day was failing for multiple locations due to an improper retry behavior when the register is offline. API Documentation – Web Service Loyalty Types: Added new Types and related fields “AdjustmentDetail”, “ActivityDetail”, and “AwardRedemption”. (BBS-4728), Settings Editor publishes with unaccounted for font data got stuck in "working" status and this was causing other packages to fail due to missing items from the publishes that were stuck working. (BBS-2698). Read More. Reserved. (BBS-5396, BBS-5344), A location was unable to receive a publish after editing the Sales Tax. API Documentation – Web Service LocationOptions Settings Type: The field “TimeZoneId” has updated notes to include new TimeZoneID for Canada Central. (BBS-5729, BRNK-7423), When selecting a Location Group while attempting to publish an erroneous error was shown indicating that no locations were selected. (BBS-5080), Admin Portal Admin User roles were not respecting group level permissions. (BBS-5575, BBS-5715), Publishing a Changeset that included a new Panel being added to a Screen resulted in the Changeset status being stuck at "Working". API Documentation - Sales2 Web Service: Added field “OrderAdditionalDetails” available in the Order Common Data Structures. (BRNK-7617), Widget data would appear on the Admin Portal Dashboard when loaded the first time, when selecting the location again "No data found" displayed on all widgets. API Documentation – Web Service Customer Type: The “Gender” field has an updated Type from “Gender” to ‘Gender (enum), and updated Notes. Highlighted features that Brink POS offers for your business: All-in-one Solution with POS Software, POS Hardware, Services, Integrations Ecosystem, and Payment all in one place. There are no new feature improvements in this release. (BBS-1207), After the register was upgraded and End of Day ran, upon restart of register.exe there was a dismissible message "Brink Encountered an Error" prior to Register starting. (BRNK-6692), The End of Day Till would checkout after every End of Day regardless of there being open orders closed at End of Day. (BBS-5005), API - A new API call IsWithinBusinessHours is now available and will return "true" if the current time is within a location's business hours, and "false" otherwise (BRNK-6291), API - GetMasterTerminalStatus API call will now always return "true". (BRNK-3670), If an employee is clocked in with a Security Level that has "Can Use Tills Owned By Others" enabled, the employee can now apply payments to any order on any register so long as a cash drawer is assigned to the register and regardless of whether or not the current employee is assigned a cash drawer. (BBS-4493), Deposits redeemed were twice as much as deposits received on Sales and Future Order reports. (BBS-5406), The Edited Shifts report showed incorrect values for shifts. (BBS-5458, BBS-5457), Changes made in Settings Editor were not reflected in the Settings XML. API Documentation – Web Service Options Settings Type: Added field “Accounting”. (BBS-5536), When creating a New Employee with Location access limited Admin Portal would produce an Unknown Error when trying to save. System Status (BBS-4958, BBS-4954), When attempted to edit a deposit after publishing a change to any location within the group Admin Portal would produce an error. (BBS-5851), Due to how .pdf's were generated the reports from Admin Portal weren't able to be printed with the Google Chrome web browser. (BRNK-7081, BBS-5508), Orders were duplicated in the Customer Order History within Admin Portal. The Flipdish API comes with full documentation, and a full API reference. (BRNK-7152), Kitchen Displays would not show orders or items while showing a status of "Synchronization Failure" in Admin Portal. (BBS-4952), The Menu Item name would revert back to the item name for an item. (BBS-4939), Unless all Tools permissions were checked, the Tools page wouldn't appear in Admin Portal.

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