In Season 4, Dean shows a genuine love for animals and solving mysteries. In All This and Gargantua-2, Dean has amended his relationship with his father even managing to encourage the latter in the space station's darkest hour. However, Dean still loved his father as in The Devil's Grip he was very shocked to learn that his father might be dead but held on the belief of the latter still being alive which turned out to be true. The montage shows Dean meeting his demise by: Additionally, Dean was bludgeoned to death with a flashlight during a flashback sequence in "¡Viva los Muertos! Dr. Venture stated that the boys have died 14 times before, though Hank seems to have died 15 times. Jazmine Dubois • Origin The plot of Are You There, God? Thaddeus is for the most part, shown to be a reluctant father. The Venture Bros. provided a surprising finale to its first season as Dean and Hank apparently died in a fiery explosion. He was awkwardly unable to convey the location of his pain (other than "no-nos," "down there" or "in the rocks") and shyly refused to let his father examine him. ". As part of his hallucination, Dean freed some enslaved orphans, extolling the fact that they were now free to live normal lives. Family In season 7, it is revealed that the Peril Partnership has infiltrated the Guild. In Season 5, things didn't get any better when Dean finally learned the truth about him and Hank being several generations of clones during A Very Venture Halloween. Dean takes to both and tries to grow his hair back, only to think he accidentally cloned himself (it was actually a mentally deranged clone of him that was rejected by his father; see below). It is unknown what led to this occurring. In The Saphrax Protocol Dean took his brother to the hospital after he fainted. The Guild not only serves to organize the world's supervillains into an organized force, but it also controls and limits the villains from total mass destruction, murder, and mayhem by restricting their attacks to Guild-approved targets. They meet again in The High Cost of Loathing, they are able to connect with the unique traits (Dean being a clone and Sirena being have mutated) and get along fine. save hide report. A possible explanation would be a test tube conception of the boys as a moment of scientific passion for Dr. Venture. The two are shown to contrasting personalities as Hank is more outgoing and hot headed compared to Dean and this usually causes a few disagreements between them. Dr. Venture has vaguely referred to the boys having an actual mother on a few occasions: Hammer and Publick have confirmed that the boys do, in fact, have a biological mother. It has also been mentioned that they were killed, possibly multiple times, by Myra Brandish, their alleged mother. and "Gee whiz!" He also alerts Hank of the mysterious person in a bear costume. Dean takes to both and tries to grow his hair back, only to think he accidentally cloned himself (it was actually a mentally deranged clone of him that was rejected by his father; see below). containing spare clone-slugs of themselves,, A giant robotic spider that burst into the boys' room, A gasoline explosion caused by the boys trying to smoke cigarettes, Reenacting the William Tell "arrow and apple" legend with Hank, Being decapitated by a clothesline while riding his hoverbike, Being mauled by what appears to be Dr. Venture in werewolf form, Another robot that breaks into the boys' room, Falling on a pair of safety scissors (after ignoring the age old admonishment against running with scissors). Despite their differing personalities, Hank was able to move Dean out of his depression in the season 5 finale where upon Dean telling him they are clones of their original selves; the news does not upset Hank but rather excites him about being apart of their family and this outlook moves Dean out of his depression. Due to Dr. Venture's reluctance to discuss his sons' mother (not to mention his "super-science" background and lack of social skills), some fans have speculated that Dean and Hank were never born in the conventional sense and are merely clones of their "father." Dermott Fictel • Due to Dr. Venture's reluctance to discuss his sons' mother (not to mention his "super-science" background and lack of social skills), some fans have speculated that Dean and Hank were never born in the conventional sense and are merely clones of their "father." If one thing both siblings, however, show a tendency to lose touch with reality more suited to much younger boys as they tend to speak and act in an oddly quaint manner, using interjections like "Golly!" Sirena tried to lie but Dean sadly confirms to Hank that he has betrayed him by his indecency with his girlfriend. In the season 6, Hank goes to Dean for advice on dating but while his brother knew nothing on the subject and brushed him off by telling him to be himself. He also listened to and monitored the boys, copying their behavior. share. In the commentary track for Hate Floats Doc Hammer states that not only is Dean Dr. Venture's protege, he is his actual clone while "Hank is a clone of Brock." He goes on a diatribe reflecting his true feelings for his father and the life he has created for the boys. In many episodes, Dean has been shown to have a "crush" on his neighbor Triana Orpheus, daughter of necromancer Dr. Orpheus who lives in a wing of the Venture Compound. The original remaining S.P.H.I.N.X. The plot of "Are You There, God? While Dr. Orpheus was deeply broken over the boys' deaths, Brock and Dr. Venture treated it as a rather routine matter. The boys were presented with ID cards apparently reused from the previous set of clones; when Hank questioned his ID's incorrect date, Venture brusquely dismissed his questions with "curiosity killed more than the cat, boy." At the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5, the members of S.P.H.I.N.X. The current incarnation of the Guild was apparently founded around 1959 by Phantom Limb's grandfather, but its history can be traced back to the late Victorian era, where it was a heroic organization led by Colonel Lloyd Venture, Rusty Venture's grandfather, dedicated to the protection of an enigmatic sphere known as the "ORB". and "Gee whiz!" The Butter-Glider skeletons in the boys clothes are found inside a shrunken submarine (the X3) trapped inside Dr. Venture's body, which Brock refers to as 'the sevens'. In Season 6, most of the Council of 13 is killed by the Sovereign in order to consolidate his control over the Guild and as part of a plan to defeat the supernatural, supervillain group, The Investors. In Faking Miracles, Brock helps Dean with his college entry exams and shows massive concern when dean goes through numerous stages which is later revealed to be nano-technology. This leads to a photo from the subsequent montage sequence to show Triana fawning over Dean flexing his biceps. having a "brother". As such, Dean realized the negative effects "Boy Adventuring " And "Home schooling in bed" has had on both his and Hanks lives and further problems it will bring them in years to come.

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