This list is gonna be so useful! It is incredibly useful for students B1 onwards. Back in the late 90s, in the process of reading for my MA dissertation, I put together a collection of hundreds of sentence frames that I felt could help me with my academic writing later on. . In so doing, it is advisable to refer back to your research questions so as to connect your discussion to the original thesis idea. As well as giving your own interpretations, make sure to relate your results back to the scholarly work that you surveyed in the literature review. This is what I am looking for !! Assessors worldwide will be amazed at how much the quality of candidates’ writing has improved! At some point in the dissertation discussion you want to and find closure on your research questions. Just like a lab technician is paid to conduct tests in the lab, a professional writer with a degree in chemistry is paid to write dissertations in their niche. I hope one day I too can help by uploading something this useful, free. This process may be difficult, but it will make your work far stronger in the long run. Feeling Words: Useful Words to Describe Feelings …, Descriptive Words: A Huge List of Descriptive …, There is growing support for the notion that …, The data gathered in the study strongly suggests that …, The supposition drawn from this being that…, The focus of discussion in this paper is …, The premise of (the topic) seems to be based on …, Latest research corroborates the view that …. I have made relevant recommendations for further research or action. Use sentences such as: 'This dissertation is motivated by the following research questions', or '[Research question] is the core of the X. The form of your interpretations will depend on the type of research, but some typical approaches to interpreting the data include: You can organize your discussion around key themes, hypotheses or research questions, following the same structure as your results section. Jéssica, I’m so glad you’ll be able to use some of them. Our professional writers have those skills. My professor provide us with your Blog. In modern non-scientific use, however , despite the complaints of traditionalists, it is often not treated as a plural. This paper should be brief, but inspiring and insightful at the same time. Thanks a million for this article. What a marvelous list. Luiz your list is a time saver. Sentence starters, transitional and other useful words We can help you to succeed in your studies on or off campus. Every little thing than can increase traffic helps! Thank you alto, this is a great list. Do the results support or challenge existing theories? Further research in this area may include ___ and ___.g.

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