The central message of Medvedev’s subsequent presidential campaign was “Freedom is better than no freedom,” a remark that hinted at an openness to the West that was uncharacteristic of the Putin years. Medvedev is familiar with this phenomenon and takes no offence, stating that the web meme has the right to exist. Medvedev also makes video posts during state visits to various countries. And that is exactly what happened. [66][67] No major banks collapsed, and minor failures were handled in an effective way. Medvedev also approved with his decree "Presidential programme for raising skills of engineers for 2012–2014" for modernisation and technological development of the Russian economy. Dmitry Medvedev is Russia's Prime Minister and third President. 1990-1999 - Teaches law at Leningrad State/St. The Minister of Justice, Vladimir Ustinov was replaced by Aleksandr Konovalov; the Minister of Energy, Viktor Khristenko was replaced with Sergei Shmatko; the Minister of Communications, Leonid Reiman was replaced with Igor Shchyogolev and Vitaliy Mutko received the newly created position of Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth policy. Although Russia eventually withdrew from Georgia, it retained a military presence in both South Ossetia and the separatist region of Abkhazia. [141], On 7 May 2018, Vladimir Putin again nominated Dmitry Medvedev as Prime Minister. [10], In 1990, Medvedev defended his dissertation titled, "Problems of Realisation of Civil Juridical Personality of State Enterprise" and received his Candidate of Sciences degree in private law. All Rights Reserved. Written by Maria Finoshina, RT correspondent. [49], On 7 May 2008, Dmitry Medvedev took an oath as the third President of the Russian Federation in a ceremony held in the Grand Kremlin Palace. He then appointed Vladimir Putin as the Prime Minister of Russia. [11] Medvedev also worked at a small law consultancy firm which he had founded with his friends Anton Ivanov and Ilya Yeliseyev, to supplement his academic salary. [189] An April 2017 Levada poll found that 45% of surveyed Russians supported the resignation of Medvedev. [135], On 7 May 2012, the same day he ceased to be the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev was nominated by President Vladimir Putin to the office of Prime Minister. [22] United Russia held its party congress on 17 December 2007 where by secret ballot of the delegates, Medvedev was officially endorsed as their candidate in the 2008 presidential election. Indeed, why not? Young man loves to travel. Although Putin had pledged not to change the distribution of authority between the president and prime minister, many analysts expected a shift in the center of power from the presidency to the prime minister post when Putin assumed the latter under a Medvedev presidency. [24], Medvedev was careful not to upset the balance of different factions in the Presidential administration and in the government. [82] The State Duma voted to approve the bill on 28 January 2011, and the upper house, the Federation Council followed suit on 2 February 2011. [80], Medvedev made reforming Russia's law enforcement one of his top agendas, the reason for which was a shooting started by a police officer in April 2009 in one of Moscow's supermarkets. He served as the legal affairs director of Ilim Pulp Enterprise (ILP), in St. Petersburg in 1993 and later bought 20% of the company's stock. 1. [34][35], In his first speech after being endorsed, Medvedev announced that, as president, he would appoint Vladimir Putin to the post of prime minister to head the Russian government. [53] Most of the personnel remained unchanged from the times of Putin's presidency but there were several high-profile changes. Putin's United Russia party, now led by Medvedev, secured a majority of the Duma's seats in the 2011 legislative election, winning 49% of the vote, and 238 of the 450 seats. [15], After Sobchak's election campaign Medvedev continued his academic career in the position of docent at his alma mater, now renamed Saint Petersburg State University. [143] On 15 May, Putin approved the structure and on 18 May the composition of the Cabinet. [121], In 2011, during the performance at the Yaroslavl Global Policy Forum, President Medvedev has declared that the doctrine of Karl Marx on class struggle is extremist and dangerous. [129], On 24 September 2011, while speaking at the United Russia party congress, Medvedev announced that he would recommend the party nominate Vladimir Putin as its presidential candidate and that the two men had long ago cut a deal to allow Mr. Putin to return to the presidency in 2012 after he was forced to stand down in 2008 by term limits. Medvedev headed Russia's negotiations with Ukraine and Belarus during gas price disputes. He was the only child of Anthony Afanasyevich Medvedev and YuliaVeniaminovnaMedvedeva (née Shaposhnikova). Putin suspended any such engagement with pro-democracy activists, and he instituted a harsh crackdown on dissent. Meanwhile, the international community refused to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states. On 8 August President Medvedev claimed that “…tonight Georgian troops in South Ossetia, in fact, performed an act of aggression against Russian peacekeepers and innocent residents …”, On the fifth day of the conflict Medvedev described Georgian actions as “genocide” and “ethnic purges.” He said that the decision had been made to start an operation “to force Georgia to peace.”. During Medvedev's tenure, the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty was signed by Russia and the United States, Russia emerged victorious in the Russo-Georgian War, and recovered from the Great Recession. Dmitry Medvedev, in full Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, (born September 14, 1965, Leningrad, Russia, U.S.S.R. [now St. Petersburg, Russia]), Russian lawyer and politician who served as president (2008–12) and prime minister (2012–20) of Russia. Stay informed and up-to-date on your network with RelSci news and business alerting service. Putin won the elections and chose Medvedev as the Prime Minister of Russia. The Medvedevs lived in a 40 m² apartment at 6 Bela Kun Street in the Kupchino Municipal Okrug (district) of Leningrad. [81] Based on citizen feedback, several modifications to the draft were made. [134] Medvedev on 8 May 2009, proposed to the legislature and on 2 June signed into law an amendment whereby the chairperson of the Constitutional Court and his deputies would be proposed to the parliament by the president rather than elected by the judges, as was the case before. The boy starred in the entertainment program “jumble” a few years ago, but about becoming an actor, he thought. According to surveys, had Putin and Medvedev both run for president in the same elections, Medvedev would have received 9% of the vote. [10][11], In November 1993 Medvedev became the legal affairs director of Ilim Pulp Enterprise (ILP), a St. Petersburg-based timber company. On 7 May, on his last day in office, Medvedev signed the last documents as the head of state: in the sphere of civil society, protection of human rights and modernisation. [72] The programme is based on the top 5 priorities for the country's technological development: efficient energy use; nuclear technology; information technology; medical technology and pharmaceuticals; and space technology in combination with telecommunications. Medvedev won the election by 70.28% and elected president on March 2, 2008. Mereka menikah pada tahun 1989 dan dikaruniai seorang putra, Ilya Dmitievich Medvedev. Medvedev followed him only four years later, after Putin became acting president of Russia in late 1999. One of the harshest statements Medvedev made in respect to the shield was that Russia could pull out of the START treaty if NATO refused to cooperate. Browse in-depth profiles on 12 million influential people and organizations. Born on September 14, 1965, he came to office in 2012 and has served since. He resigned as Prime Minister along with the rest of the government on 15 January 2020 to allow President Putin to make sweeping constitutional changes; he was succeeded by Mikhail Mishustin on 16 January 2020. During his studies at the University son, Dmitry Medvedev has worked as a paralegal in a small firm and plans to pursue a career in this industry. On 31 March 2014, Medvedev was the first Russian leader to visit Crimea since the peninsula became part of Russia on 18 March.

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