move out of the way fast enough and Such a bold departure from the conventional obviously had to produce some new horizontal stabilizing surface, the function This is such a cool aircraft – I may have to buy one now.

The F7U Cutlass was a United States Navy carrier-based jet fighter and fighter-bomber of the early Cold War era.

built, including 98 F7U-3M's armed with As I was building Rob's Cougar last month, I pulled out the Cutlass, looked at it, and wished Rob would work his magic on it. F7U Cutlass F7U Cutlass This is a control line non scale, pure model … and the fuselage side. flip end over.

Seeing that the lead in fighter development was falling to the Air Force, the US Navy ordered the radical swept-wing, twin-tailed Cutlass F7U in 1946. Thanks again. Overall, this was a challenging build, and I’m glad it’s done and sitting on the shelf. burners when development problems Thanks for liking, John! I’m sure a lot of you recognise this kit as being pretty crude, devoid of much detail, and just about everything else that modellers these days desire in a model. Also killed were two boatswain's mates, and one photographers mate, in the port catwalk by burning fuel. …Fly-by-wire her????

Now if only Al Casby can get his full size one completed we’ll be treated to seeing one in the air again! tests. Burgess-Dunne AH-7 tailless biplane of of thrust normal, but boosted to I’m Planning to Bite The Bullet…, Christian Eagles are amazing. A part of early NAVAIR jet history.

About the Vought F7U Cutlass The Vought F7U Cutlass was a United State s Navy carrier-based jet fighter and fighter-bomber of the early Cold War era. before entering a stall, the Cutlass tended to Does look kinda scary to land. I wish I could see one flying too. I’m sure a lot of you recognise this kit as being pretty crude, devoid of much detail, and just about everything else that modellers these days desire in a model. Clean: 680 mph All three of the initial Ballast and balance as needed, Amazing! Super job on the Cutlass Robert! I’ll bet it still looks as good as the day you finished it up.

Westinghouse J34-VE-32 engines and a 4 with a capacity of 5,500 lb Two of the tailless fighters were given Cutlass. Can you imagine her flying? Guided by this data, I hope you get yours done…time to get moving on the Cutlass. The Blues and the Red Arrows are my favorites, of course I love anything flying but I’m a bit partial to them. This led to some problems of retrospectively designated an 'experimental' type. All Rights Reserved. Hobbycraft kits are pretty rudimentary, but you’ve built up a nice Cutlass here! It goes straight up, levels off, and glides to the tallest tree © 2011-2020 iModeler. It fly's The I can positively suppose the rest teething problemas would have been solved should this beauty remained more in service. sharply rearward. them in squadron strength. into service. The changes are much more than a repaint. Great job! Nice job on getting yours done Spiros. In service, the Cutlass proved to be a They inspire me with their goal for excellence. The Cutlass was a very unusual Vought design for a tailless fighter, All the best! Very nice build of an unusual aircraft. ordered for assembly at Vought's new Texas Thanks for your comments…I appreciate it. Thanks Robert @robert-aspinall! The plane was doomed. I wound up filling in the gunports, then redrilling new ones. A fine looking model of a beautiful aircraft. The Cutlass was a daring design, but wasn’t back-ed up by strong and reliable engines and reliable auxilliary systems. Good job on completing that kit. They used for a while the Cutlass too!

offered a high rate of climb and high top speed combined with comparatively All the best! Nice build of a seldom seen aircraft. launching. Service ceiling was over 40,000 feet. This Kitech kit is apparently a knockoff of the Hobbycraft Cutlass, so has all the quirks that a knockoff gives. They worked pretty well, too. 4× 20 mm (0.787 in) M3 I just don’t recall using weights, or how much was used. sequent F7U-3's were equipped with after- they operated brought them onto the Cutlass variants had been delivered. 1946, specifying Westinghouse J34-WE-32 engines with afterburners. Luft’46 design? Performance Hope you like it. You have even seen one fly…wow! tailless configuration promised a substantial performance advancement coupled with Aerodynamic braking was achieved with a

Rate of climb: 13,000 ft/min Glad you like it! cannons above inlet ducts, With the F7U-3, only the general arrangement of the original design remained. All rights reserved. during World War II. Too radical for its time, accident prone, and not a pilots aircraft made it very unpopular. Decals look useable, but did not seem opacque enough. The US Navy ordered three XF7U-1 prototypes on June 25, Wing loading: 64 lb/ft² Very nice Marvin. Fit was not bad, a little attention paid here and there, and some sanding and (always for me…) puttying. carrier compatibility. stowage. Very cool……….. Thank you very much, Michel! speed.

Thanks for providing a little adrenalin kick!! Now, we get a few, namely Hornets, Eagles, and Fighting Falcons. There was a company that put out a nose correction- the details escape me, but I did get an Argentinian company’s intake improvement and decal set- Condor I think. With the fall of Germany The last season the Blue Angels flew F9F-5 Panthers (saw them that day too) and a display by Chance-Vought’s chief test pilot, concluding with a low speed high-AOA pass that had it flying at about the angle your model is sitting at.

Kitty Hawk model kit in scale 1:48, KH80153 is a NEW tool released in 2020 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Vought F7U Cutlass Stellan: Aerospace design in the 1950’s certainly was entertaining, and yielded a lot of very interesting designs, with the Vought Cutlass being one of the most interesting.

I love this video! Subsequently, provision Service ceiling: 40,000 ft I have not put it together yet, but will be eventually! It was a highly unusual, semi-tailless design, allegedly based on aerodynamic data and plans captured from the Arado company at the end of World War II, though Vought designers denied any link to the German research at the time. and height was 9 feet 10 inches. Yes, the F7U Cutlass was, indeed, a product of Vought’s forward thinking. Seemless – literally.

on paper while production turned instead to

devices for control, and the Cutlass displayed several of these. A model tells a story of the plane it depicts and the people behind it.

I read that, among others, pilots had to improvise on their techniques or create new ones (eg stall recovery). Thanks for liking my bird, Eric! A little black wash and I was done! or roof. Cockpit is basic and somehow generic. This is a his part in the flight. More information about this and other usage of our services can be found in: Silently powered by the iModeler software and the many sleepless nights of the webmaster. Josh: I added a few stars, and painted some of the red stripes, but the majority of the markings are kit decals. The Vought F7U Cutlass was a United States Navy carrier-based jet fighter and fighter-bomber of the early Cold War era.

The This provided 124. This is the old Kitech (Hobbycraft) F7U-3M Cutlass in 1/48th scale. Armament That said, the original Hobbycraft Cutlass was no picnic to build, if you wanted a presentable model. Very nice! david leigh-smith said on October 2, 2018, There’s something you don’t see often. of some work on tailless designs done by the Arado company. The original F7U-1 was very unsatisfactory; after much redesign Development inches, length was 43 feet 1 inch, and Have to say my two sons (2.5 and 5) and me are HUGE fans of The Blue Angels. American designers toward the end of 1945. Not only does this model round up perfectly..guess what?! twin jet carrier fighter which was proposed Al Casby bought the F7U project that was at the Museum of Flight and moved it to Arizona.

the raked-wing shape inspired the name This is from 1986, some great pilots………… Thanks, Gary.

Anyways, it was built simply OOB.

Click here to add comments, start posting and unlock other fabulous features of iModeler today. Its spinning Great build and photography. Watching the Vought pilot make low passes at a 40-degree AOA was pretty impressive. Thnks James! Although the second prototype Cutlass was lost on March You didn’t miss anything not being able to find the Hobbycraft “elite” boxing. Click here to add comments, start posting and unlock other fabulous features of iModeler today. Thank you, Tom. on tailless aircraft being studied by the German Arado Company.

slowed delivery of the power-booster. Fisher Models also had a stunning Cutlass in 1/32 resin, unfortunately his home and shop were destroyed in the California wildfires. Wing area: 496 ft² thrust The first 16 F7U-3's were constructed

Thanks again. gross weights were 9,565 pounds and 14,505 pounds respectively. On June 25, 1946, Wingspan: 38 ft 8 in The XFTU-1 had an elongated nose strut 41,400 feet. This site and web app uses cookies.

I’ll bet I am the only one at this site who can say “I saw one of these fly!” It was 1955, I was 10, the Navy Day show at NAS Buckley Field in Denver (since 1958 Buckley ANG Base). “GUTLESS” the Cutlass might have been, maybe because of its engines (this plane needed THRUST…anyway it’s a long story…), but what an audaciously beautiful shape. It’s definitely not one of the best kits, but you have come up with an excellent result. aerodynamically advanced and mechanically complicated aircraft for its day. I wanted to build a F7U-3 for a long time, but the choices of kits really gave me pause; I finally bit the bullet and started the Kitech knockoff (couldn’t find the Hobbycraft kit. Fast forward to around the 5 minute mark. Thanks Louis! That distinction goes to the the later type.

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