You won’t be able to pick this lock. Down the road to the south is the Billings Homestead workshop, and to the north lies the Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm, also a workshop. The Forest region of Appalachia is for level one to fifteen. This swampy region is known to contain the settlements of Watoga and Harper’s Ferry, but very little else has been confirmed about it. On the road leading north to Point Pleasant, you’ll approach a rusting bridge. Point Pleasant is on the western edge of the Appalachian map and is home to the Mothman Museum.

Glimpses of it have been seen in promotional materials, and a simple version of it was shown in one trailer. This workshop has a main house and a smaller shed and a lot of shipping containers. Fujiniya Intelligence Base is a secret communist base hidden under Mama Dolce’s Food Processing. You’ll need the Poseidon Hazmat Storage Key or pick the level two lock to access. It will have a couple of pieces of Raider Power Armor. His body is in a bathtub under a dilapidated shed to the east.

The other key difference is that the map’s six regions each have their own unique aesthetic. The map gives an idea of the level range for each of the six zones in Fallout 76. This shed contains a set of T-Series Power Armor. It is located east of Summersville Dam. Head west into the trainyard, and you’ll notice there are two warehouse buildings separated by a set of green-ish rail cars. Inside you’ll find a Power Armor frame amidst a weird death scene. Vault 63 is also located here.

Not much is known about The Mire so far. With the Wastelanders expansion, it is also under new management. Head to the Overseer’s Camp and go directly north to find this treasure by the water sensor. Given that the world needs to support “dozens” of players, the expanded size makes sense. It’s down to the right-hand side when looking at the billboard from behind. When you approach the building for the first time, you’ll get a quest called Motherload. The Power Armor is in a large two-story barn on the eastern side of the camp near the wall. It will be necessary to complete this quest to access the area where the Power Armor spawns. This treasure is north of Gauley Mine, close to the secondary exit, south-west of Morgantown Trainyard. Point Pleasant is particularly noteworthy for being the place where the Mothman was first spotted. When you get here, you’ll need to dispatch a few robots or other low-level beasties.
This page lists Fallout 76 lifetime challenges. Use the scaffolding and walkways that circle the interior to go through a hole in the ceiling. Camden Park is down the road to the south and Lewis & Sons Farming Supply to the north. You’ll need a hacker level of three to bypass it. Region 1 Map The Forest: Zone A—Vault 76 and Flatwoods Zone A Primary Locations Zone A Primary Locations Checklist Vault 76 Moonshiner’s Shack North Kanawha Lookout Twin Pine Cabins Gilman Lumber Mill Isolated cabin Landview Lighthouse Alpine River Cabins Wixon Homestead Flatwoods Lookout Overseer’s Camp

Mama Dolce’s is in Morgantown between Vault-Tec University and the Portside Pub. From the spawn point, head to the end of the bridge near the creamery. You can see it plainly from the road and the spawn point. It will likely be a difficult obstacle for players to cross to get from the eastern regions to the west, and vice versa. Burdette Manor is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.

The larger of the two contains a Power Armor Station with a Power Armor frame and a couple of T-Series armor pieces. Once you’ve finished that, you’ll be able to access it whenever you want. With the key, you can open the door, and right inside, you’ll see a Power Armor station with a frame and several pieces of Raider Power Armor. The Crosshair is on the far north edge of the map. If you take the spawn point, it drops you to the east of the trainyard. Directly north-west of Vault 76 is Anchor Farm. You’ll pass the giant Nuka-Cola bottle building on the right. The cities of Charleston, Morgantown, Point Pleasant, Summersville, and White Sulphur Springs are all confirmed to be found here. You’ll find a fenced area that leads to the lower level. One of the last railcars has a ramp leading up into it. There are 10 Treasure Maps in The Forest … A derelict Italianate mansion overlooking the drained Summersville reservoir. Go into the hangar, and the Power Armor frame will be standing in the rear of the building. Arktos Pharma is at the top of the hill to the east of Slocum’s Joe and the west of Greg’s Mine Supply. Morgantown Trainyard is on the west end of Morgantown, just south of the train station. If you pass a large greenhouse, you’ve gone too far. This one is just inside the Ash Heap region, north-west of Relay Tower HG-B7-09. This workshop houses two sets of Power Armor. Be careful in this area as there are some mines scattered around this area. Inside you’ll find a free-standing Power Armor frame with T-Series pieces on it. Relatively little is known about it. The Forest. Once inside, go to the left past room with the lockers. To enter the shed, you’ll need to either pick the level one lock.
Other parts of the region are soaked with chemicals that leaked from nearby factories. Unlike some of the other regions, The Forest appears to have escaped the Great War relatively unscathed by radiation. There are many magazines in this area, as well as other regions of the map, but we will focus this guide only on the magazines that are found specifically in The Forest. The Forest: Level 1-10. It’s a short distance north from Cow Spots Creamery and south of Orwell Orchards. The settlements of Beckley, Bramwell, Lewisburg, and Welch are known to appear in Ash Heap. Whereas Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4’s worlds were mostly the same sort of blasted wasteland, West Virginia’s wasteland will be a bit more diverse. Simply take the executive elevator in the main lobby to the sub-basement. Vault 76 is only a short distance to the northwest. Each treasure map is named by region, for example, you’ll find the Forest Treasure Map #1, Cranberry Bog Treasure Map #3, Ash Heap Treasure Map #2, etc. REGION 1: THE FOREST. The Free Radicals have evicted the super mutants that used to live here. Make your way to the green trailer right next to the shed. Slide your card to open the door that leads you to another door to enter the base. This region is the starting area for Fallout 76. The huge industrial excavators seen in one trailer are most likely located here. The Power Armor we seek is in the shed next to the grain silo. Aaronholdt Homestead is in the far northwest of Appalachia in the Forest region. Take the spawn point and head southwest towards the base. Hornwright Industrial Headquarters is right in the middle between the Charleston Trainyard and the Charleston Herald. Once inside, it will bring you to a door with a keycard security lock. In the southern area of the Forest region, you’ll find this treasure directly south of Camp Adams and north of the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant. All southwest of The Top of the World. You’ll need to backtrack through the city to one of the alternative roof access points. Our second visit to Mama Dolce’s Food Processing Plant on this list takes us to a barn nearby instead of the Communist spy base underneath. Head north up the road from the spawn point, crossing a small bridge. This one will have Raider armor pieces on it. The Forest Treasure Maps - Fallout 76. Head into the barn, but beware this place is trapped with explosives and other nasty surprises. We’re going to head through the town to the far northern edge near the river. Head down the stairs and across the room to the other set of stairs, and you should see two vending machines and a Power Armor frame with a couple of T-Series pieces on it. Lifetime challenges can be completed only once.

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