Red Dead Redemption is an open-world adventure set in the Wild West, with the majority of gameplay taking place in the year 1911. Personally GTA 5 is my favourite. The PC port version is best avoided (as it truly is awful and unplayable). In short, you’ll feel like you’re playing Mortal Combat when you start fighting some thugs on the streets. This is a cloud CDN service that we use to efficiently deliver files required for our service to operate such as javascript, cascading style sheets, images, and videos. This gives you plenty of freedom and makes the adventure feel like a historical GTA. And hey, you get to use pool balls attached to bungee cord as a weapon - that's pretty sweet. Crackdown is another open-world, third-person-shooter video game available for Xbox 360. This is feature allows you to search the site. However, that doesn’t mean the game won’t let you fight. Watch Dogs 2 is essentially that, but blown up to the scale of an entire game. True Crime is well known for its highly accurate GPS recreations of locations and its random street crime-orientated missions. Sometimes while playing the game, it’d make you wonder, why isn’t Mafia 3 a movie yet? The smartphone is coupled with the MediaTek Helio... After trailing the flagship-killer tagline behind, the company has launched its next-generation smartphones, dubbed as OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. You can follow the main story by completing linear cases, or you can take side missions to make the city safer. Side quests in Far Cry 5 can be unlocked by talking to different people in the game, which is an incredible way to do it. Another open world game is Red Faction Guerrilla absolutely love this game! While doing this the player has to through many adventures with full of action. So, it’s no surprise that this game falls under our list of games like GTA. Crazy action, a decent storyline, and a whole lot of rushing are enough for some up Just Cause 4. I recommend starting with number 2 or 3 and playing onwards from there if you want to experience the series. The original Mafia was highly rated as a more realistic and serious version of Grand Theft Auto, which originally attracted me to the series as I was in the mood for something deeper and more realistic. This service allows you to sign up for or associate a Google AdSense account with HubPages, so that you can earn money from ads on your articles. While it lacks the open-world environment, many of the missions feel like assassination side missions of GTA. The game is already gaining success in the market. Players will feel like they are part of an action film, with over-the-top action scenes and many explosions. The result was a lacklustre effort that garnered a cult following for two games, but failed to stand apart. I love 2 games most.. 1st NFS most wanted (2005), Check out my lens called 'Critique of the best games on PS3'. The scholarship edition of the game added a lot of new content, which built up an already packed game and is a must buy for both new players and returning Bully fans. The Saints Row series offers a wide variety of vehicles to explore the world, along with a vast array of weapons (including melee). The latest Google Camera 8.0 Mod Port APK is now available to download for other smartphones. However, it’s been years since we’ve been doing nothing but wait for the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. Jason Malone joins the gang who are the enemies of Veliano and they also helped Jason to escape. Infamous (InFamous/inFAMOUS) is a popular open-world action adventure that is available on PlayStation 3. Saints Row 4. If you’re looking for a serious tone like GTA 5, then Saints Row 4 isn’t the game for you. True it's a bit of an older game, but it's backwards compatible on Xbox One and was ported to Nintendo Switch in 2019, so you have an excellent excuse to revisit the Saints.

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