Otherrelatives: Grace Blackthorn: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. Maybe this is Tatiana's great revenge plan. Christopher Lightwood; Grace Blackthorn; Sona Carstairs; Thomas Lightwood; Barbara Lightwood; Eugenia Lightwood; Alternate Universe - Modern Setting; Summary. She would also test and torment him by saying she wished to end things which drove him down self-destructive paths. Cartwright familyBlackthorn familyLightwood family [3], Grace is seemingly a cold and unfeeling person. The next summer, under Tatiana's orders, Grace asked James to use his shadow magic to steal a bracelet back for her. (According to a family tree):Isidore Lightwood (son) Physical description After her mother's arrest, Grace moved in with the Bridgestock family until such a time as she and Charles were wed and could live together. Some days later, while in the garden talking to Jesse's coffin, she was attacked by Namtar. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Because of her upbringing and the outlook of the woman who raised her, any conscience Grace may hold seems restrained. Father: James's family had been staying in Herondale manor for the summer and Tatiana hired him to trim the briars around her property. She then attended James and Cordelia's engagement party, where Charles officially announced his engagement to Grace. She then asked James to destroy the clockwork automaton Tatiana had stored inside Blackthorn manor in Idris, which led to a fire that burned the entire building down. For the next few years, she made James believe he was in love with her. Nonetheless, she is extremely loyal to her adoptive family. Grace's parents died when she was eight. Grace Blackthorn/Christopher Lightwood (9) Cordelia Carstairs/James Herondale (6) Alastair Carstairs/Thomas Lightwood (6) Tessa Gray/Will Herondale (4) Jesse Blackthorn/Lucie Herondale (4) Ariadne Bridgestock/Anna Lightwood (4) Charlotte Branwell/Henry Branwell (2) Jem Carstairs/Tessa Gray/Will Herondale (2) Cecily Herondale/Gabriel Lightwood (2) Sophie Collins/Gideon Lightwood … He has a slender build and is often seen wearing spectacles. Blond The Shadowhunters' Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Some of their inventions include a steam-powered elevator to allow Henry to get to and from his lab in the basement and an ointment to repel demons (which failed). Christopher has lavender eyes and brown hair. Both of them have a love of science and inventions and as such work together often. [4], Grace is said to possess extraordinary beauty. Unnamed father † Charles Lightwood: UNKNOWN However, Grace is still anxious to free herself from her mother's control and physical abuse.[7]. Over the course of the next few days, Grace and Jesse began to realize how dark their mother's plans were and just how mad she had become. 5'9" (175.26 cm)[1] Grace Blackthorn Status Grace answered him with indifference saying she did not care for him and that "a blade does not care" where it is pointed.[4]. Sibling(s): ", "More information about Grace, the Blackthorns, her powers, her history...we will get in Chain of Iron. Allegiance: However, her act of kindness was short-lived. After Magnus refused to perform the ritual, Grace followed him out. Lavender [7] He is quite eccentric and can be absent-minded and easily distracted. Christopher yearns to meld magic and science. Eye color: [3] However, it wasn't all niceties. Thomas Lightwood: Rubaíyat of Omar Khayyaḿ. She planned to still return to Blackthorn Hall to check on Jesse. Female Her favorite animals are moths and spiders. Shadowhunter Christopher Lightwood was born in 1887, after his older sister, Anna, and before his younger brother, Alexander. Biographical information Grace and James first met in Idris in 1899, when Tatiana asked him to cut the briars of their home. Born: ", https://shadowhunters.fandom.com/wiki/Grace_Blackthorn?oldid=157537, While Grace does have access to these Marks, she appears to only have her. With her mother unconscious, she felt she needed to act fast and she needed his power and position within the Clave to get her out of Tatiana's grasp. Unnamed mother †Tatiana Lightwood (adoptive mother) The Shadowhunters' Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. They came to have a secret understanding that one day, when they were old enough and she was free of Tatiana, they would get married. Gray When Jesse came to their rescue and slayed the demon, Grace learned that Lucie could also see him. Known relatives At most functions, she is tasked with making sure he doesn't accidentally set something or someone on fire with his absentmindedness. IdrisChiswick, London Eventually Christopher was able to figure out the cure but couldn't find a way to make it work without a key illegal ingredient. The bracelet—being enchanted as it was—allowed her siren-like abilities to work on him and she made him believe he was in love with her; whereas in the past, Belial's blood prevented it. Known relatives Eventually, after James and Matthew resolved their issues, the four boys became good friends. Shadowhunter Thomas had good friends, he had Matthew, James, and Christopher but sometimes he thought he might give them all up to be able to meet with Alastair in person. In 1903, he and his family suffered a great loss when his cousin Barbara Lightwood died of a demonic poison after an attack at Regent's Park. She met James while his family was vacationing in Idris and James is madly in love with her. She called on Grace to give testimony, claiming James had told her all about it. Legit or not, it says there that Grace was adopted by Tatiana Blackthorn. Merry ThievesShadowhunter Academy Though he was eccentric, their familiarity with Henry and his attitude made them able to adapt to him, and thus most of his family and friends were supportive of his experiments.[2]. Cassie has said that AT LEAST one of the marriages is arranged or a … Christopher supposedly figured out how to eat fire after seeing a man do so at Covent Garden. Christopher Lightwood 12 (as of 1899)16 (by 1903) The general belief was that Grace was never given any Shadowhunter training by Tatiana and only bears a few runes. 5'5" (165 cm)[2] After his rune ceremony, Grace heard Jesse screaming from her room and came running to him. They left the slow-acting bomb in the Academy's south wing, which exploded minutes after. Despite the seemingly cold persona … Status: [3] Christopher was asked to leave the academy following the explosion, though that had not been Matthew's intent. ", An Illustrated History of Notable Shadowhunters & Denizens of Downworld, "We don’t know a lot of the details of Jesse and Grace’s childhood in Chain of Gold, but in Chain of Iron, we will learn them. She would only agree on an arranged marriage for Grace if she takes advantage of it. 1887 Christopher, under the influence of the infection, grabbed James's wrist, infecting him, while trying to warn him that he was in danger and all the attacks were about him. She later had a conversation with Lucie about Jesse and her plans to resurrect him with or without his consent. He hopes to and succeeds in inventing a gun that can be used against demons but with unintended consequences. Christopher Lightwood: UNKNOWN. But in terms of acceptability, I'm not sure. The ability has only been known to not work on one man. To which Grace simply put a hand on her shoulder for comfort. Family: It also states that Grace Blackthorn and Christopher Lightwood married. So she sent a letter to James requesting they meet the following night. Charles Fairchild (fiancé) Age: Grace doesn't remember her birth parents and the reason why will be discovered in. Grace marries Christopher Lightwood, Gabriel Lightwood's son (brother of Tatiana), as portrayed a Lightwood family tree and they had a son named Isidore. When Anna had her heart broken by Ariadne, Christopher attempted to comfort her. She was then adopted by Tatiana, to whom she became very loyal and devoted. Kit Residence: At one point, Christopher received love letters from an. Biographical information Benedict Lightwood † (adoptive grandfather)Barbara Pangborn † (adoptive grandmother)Gideon Lightwood (adoptive uncle)Sophie Collins (adoptive aunt)Barbara Lightwood † (adoptive cousin)Eugenia Lightwood (adoptive cousin)Thomas Lightwood (adoptive cousin)Gabriel Lightwood (adoptive uncle)Cecily Herondale (adoptive aunt)Anna Lightwood (adoptive cousin)Christopher Lightwood (adoptive cousin)Alexander Lightwood (adoptive cousin) When he did, she asked him to wear it, as her only friend and he agreed. Well, it could be considered as a bit strange now, but in the past, most families would wed their children to their cousins and so on, especially royal families :). I think Tatiana hates her brothers with all her passion and would not let Grace interact with her (adoptive) cousins.

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