Rey Za Burrel: All life, no matter how difficult, is worth living. Muruta Azrael: That was nice and quick. (After a brief hesitation, Shinn return his hand and gives Kira handshake. "Gundam Seed Quotes." I'm very disappointed, Athrun. Captain Todaka: Please do this. It's not as easy as you seem to think. Will anything be made right if we fire it? [After witnessing the destructive power of the Freedom Gundam].

Kuzzey Buskirk: Are you a member of Blue Cosmos? To make matters worse, the PLANTs are led by someone who believes Coordinators are a new species, for Patrick Zala rules them now. We wanted a world with no war, a world in which this tragedy would never occur again. Auel Neider: I'm sick and tired of looking at that face! Natarle Badgiruel: I understand that they are our enemies, but don't you feel any remorse for using nuclear weapons? Kira Yamato: I may be able to operate the mobile suit... but that doesn't mean I know how to fight a battle! [Orga is also delighted at all the potential targets for him to shoot.]. Dearka Elsman: I watched them. At any rate, it is impossible for you and that Coordinator boyfriend of yours to stay together. When a quest says "after exchanging blows at least thrice" do they have to fight the same character 3 times? As my final escort plan, with all of mankind's future at stake, I hereby declare the execution of the Destiny Plan. I thought you used to live there. Stop giving orders, you damn civilian!

Athrun Zala: My name... my name is Athrun Zala. Read the entire Gundam Seed show script », Kira Yamato: Right now, it's the only option we have. It has been achieved in series like New Mobile Century Gundam X as well as recently, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Kira Yamato: Why do things like that exist in the first place? Sting Oakley: Come on! We dislike war! [Shinn wildly screams at seeing the ghosts of his past.]. He is your friend.

101 Amazing Secrets to Looking Beautiful, Feeling Younger, and Having More ENERGY. Can't you see that!? We're outta time! Your email address will not be published. We have achieved a way to subdue all of that, and the only true answer is within us. Athrun Zala: No matter what you do, you cannot bring them back!

I know that was a little easter egg in previous games, since he and Amuro are the same voice actor (which also meant that Amuro had a voice line for Fangs).

About the fools who pursued their insane dream in the name of progress?

Shani Andras: Your the one who's in the way! But I'm not a soldier or anything! I did it. Muruta Azrael: Damn it! Does it make you proud?!?

Talia Gladys: Even though that ship may not mean us any direct ill will, we suffered extensive damage because of its intervention last time. Shani Andras: Do you think we'll get in trouble again if we fail this time?

Rau Le Creuset: I'll give it a try. [Athrun sighs.] Mu La Flaga: Because it's a neutral nation? Kira!? Athrun Zala: It was the Earth Alliance Forces that gave us the "Valentine Present" first. Gilbert Dullindal: [flashback] The one thing you cannot run away from is yourself. Also, the part about "see you on the other side" was a translation error, in the Japanese version, he just say that "I'll be leaving before you, Milliardo. in 2007, the Japanese Self-Defense Force unveiled Codename: Gundam, its own plans for a mechanized power suit that would grant protection from gunfire and increased strength and mobility for individual soldiers, and last year the Japanese ministry for defense allocated $7.5 million of its 2015 budget into the research and development of Mobile Suit technology for the SDF, once again drawing comparisons between the real world and the anime franchise. Even though I tried to stop you!

Since I can't come to PLANT that often. They become envious, hate each other, and destroy each other!

Stella Loussier: I'm not dead... everything is all right, Stella, isn't it? Here you can vote for featured quote to be put on the Main Page. Now you're telling me you're putting that fire out!? Neo Roanoke: We don't want to lose what we have by being greedy. But this is just... unbelievable! Rey Za Burrel: [to Kira] And one thing you cannot recover is your past!

Mankind vanquished, at last! Andrew Waltfeld: Whenever people are put to the test, I often hear them boast, "I'd rather die." [Athrun slams his fist against the locker.]. Web. Don't worry, you can win this. Get the Destiny and the Legend prepared for launch! Somebody must pay for this disgrace But who? (Both Shinn and Lunamaria are surprised with wide eyes, as Shinn remember meeting Kira not long time ago), (Both Shinn and Lunamaria are surprised with wide eyes, as Shinn remember meeting Kira not long time ago), Kira Yamato: (Extends his hand to Shinn as a friendly gesture.) For we call for peace, but with weapons in our hands. So be it, Athrun. The world belongs to you just as much as you belong to the world. [Exits locker room and slams his fist against the wall.].

Wait! [After twisting and holding Sai's arm behind his back]. Cagalli Yula Athha: Why are you laughing? NEW USERS: WHEN NOMINATING A QUOTE, REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR OWN VOTE AND START THE COUNT AT +1. Yikes...Is the rest of the game this lazy? Lord Djibril: I'm not a man who likes to dwell on the past.

Gilbert Durandal: A name reflects its owner's nature. Damn it! Athrun Zala: I've had enough of your sanctimonious talk. Flay Allster: No, I'm not! I hate losing; that's my only reason! Lord Djibril: Wherever there is a ZAFT presence, we'll torch everything in sight. Gilbert Durandal: Though it was the adults who started this war, it was the young who actually fought it. Athrun Zala: You seem to have some kind of grudge against Orb; may I ask why? Kira Yamato: Why can't you go away and let us live in peace?

3 Nov. 2020. Be careful out there.

Athrun Zala: Little brother? Maybe this means that no one should be deceived by what they see. Are you one of those people who only fights battles that you know you'll win? Athrun Zala: Kira... fails to see he's being manipulated by the Naturals! [Orga begins fires on Clotho, who is supposedly his teammate.].

We all have just one life to live. Murrue Ramius: Yeah, I kinda sensed that from you. I don't see how he could have escaped. I believe the appropriate word here is "ungrateful.". To think that Coordinators, born genetically-enhanced, do these amazing things, but to them it's nothing more than "tough." MAKE IT STOP!!! Given the situation, will people be able to keep their hopes alive? Give my other child back to me! This quote was first spoken by Cagalli Yula Athla in Gundam SEED Episode 31, after she rescued Athrun Zala from the island that Athrun fought Kira Yamato and both suits got blown up. If we let things slip now, we would eventually have to pay for those actions with our lives. [Flashbacks of fallen comrades and families as Athrun emphasizes his point.]. You've betrayed Gilbert's trust! Go ask somebody else.

I--. Even if we think about it, we already know it is meaningless, yet my heart is wandering in search for it.

Mayura Labatt: I didn't think we'd be going out into space.

[Mu adopts a thoughtful pose, but his line of sight soon changes to surveying Murrue from top to bottom.]. "Ssskoopa (talk) 06:11, June 22, 2014 (UTC).

As the setting itself is so vast in terms of the distances involved. Kira Yamato: What the hell can you protect when your feelings are the only weapons you've got? Mu La Flaga: It seems he has no intention of waiting until we head out there. Is happiness to be found in a future that is grasped with bloodstained hands? So, when did he rewrite the OS? But it won't change anything, will it?

but as his Arch-rival questions him on whether he will join them or just watch what will happen, this Quote really reminds many classic Gundam fans on how Amuro decides to fight again. You have to concentrate. This is what he meant! Stop running away! [Shinn continues to attack, to Lunamaria's shock.

Do it now! If we were to exchange blows for those reasons alone, the world will once again become a pointless battlefield! Somewhere in our future, though there may not be a tree of life, I'd like to think that some day we will fashion a garden with our own hands. Do the Earth Forces have any chance fighting against these guys? But what your father truly wishes for is that the day you have to listen to this never comes. If we lose Orb, we lose the world, we must protect it at all cost! Because you... YOU BETRAYED US!!! The truth is you all agree with me, don't you? Rau Le Creuset: You're something that shouldn't have been allowed to exist, boy! Do we want more sacrifices?! If one doesn't shoot, one gets shot! I am the product of all of this, that's how I know! When all your enemies are destroyed? [Athrun's eyes widen in shock and disbelief].

And yet, Junius-7 has fallen, our efforts were in vain, and hostilities have opened up once again. I leave that stuff to the guys who are able to do it. There's no reason to cooexist with Naturals.

We don't have enough people. Is that supposed to bring this child happiness? As we face the present sitiuation, I still belive this to be true. Then they made you the pilot of the ZGMF-X09A Justice. He died because he was trying to save me.

Rau Le Creuset: Don't look so disappointed, Ades. Anything more, and newer different difficulties will arise. Mu La Flaga: From this point on, we'll have to rely on luck. Rau Le Creuset: No matter how much we look back at the past, we never go back.

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