Yes, andromeda (Pieris) can be pruned drastically but it is best done just after it blooms.This gives the plant time to put on new growth and set its buds in the fall for the following spring. If you are not concerned about flowering, you can also prune it in the fall. They were the wrong species in the wrong place. There may not be much coverage of cuts made at this time of the year. Cut back any branches that are growing faster than the rest of the plant, which disturbs the shape and may cause an older andromeda to look overgrown. Also the design of the house would probably look better with a tree more to the center of the width of the house, so that the garage is less visible and the rest of the house becomes more visible. most flowering shrubs are setting buds for next year.. right now ... ergo.. if you cut it all down.. no flowers next year .... if you dont care about one lost season.. you get a whole new bush next year ... otherwise.. cut out the largest one half of the branches as close to the ground as you can.. the rest will flower next season.. and next fall.. cut those to the ground.. because in the mean time.. new branches will grow next season.. for flowers the next, google REJUVENATION PRUNING OF FLOWERING SHRUBS... for further info .. add your plant name for more precise info. Andromeda cultivars’ sizes range from a compact, 3-foot height and width to imposing 12-foot plants with 10-foot spreads. Sometimes andromeda gets so big or leggy that fall pruning is best because the plant needs pruning more desperately than flowers. Foliage – evergreen Flowering – spring Soil – heath soil. The plant produces gray-green leaves with a powdery texture and small flowers. University of California Integrated Pest Management: Collar, Foot, Root and Crown Rots -- Phytophthora Spp. Plant a replacement flowering (or shade) tree in the center of the left section of the lawn and then when that has enough size to it remove the existing one. Your original post said to use something as an accent but I can't remember what flower or shrub it was. Large stumps will certainly not be covered over for years. Once in the ground, best spread mineral-based mulch around its trunk so as to not influence ground acidity. Cut back all young stems on old and unruly andromeda plants that need complete reshaping. Cut the stems back to the trunk of the shrub, leaving the largest and strongest wood branches. Visit for more garden videos. Yes, andromeda (Pieris) can be pruned drastically but it is best done just after it blooms. Remove affected leaves at the first sign of infection; the problems are seldom serious enough to require further treatment. For more detailed information on pruning, see Purdue Cooperative Extension's. Cut the tips of these branches back to meet the length of the rest of the plant. Soil – heath soil. He told me to severely cut it back in the Fall. Use loppers to prune the height of the shrub once a year or every other year. did the house get listed?? This gives the plant time to put on new growth and set its buds in the fall for the following spring. Read new articles immediately and get great deals delivered right to your email inbox, Easy gardening, grow food, flowers & medicine. Care – light pruning Foliage – evergreen Flowering – spring. Was it roses? Because of this, you should never prune it back in winter as you will destroy the flower buds for the following bloom cycle. Should we get rid of this beautiful tree? Depending on the varietal, Pieris can flower with white to hues of pink and deep red blooms. Climate – temperate Fall-pruned andromeda will still produce flowers, but fewer of them because most of the buds have been cut off. Don't water during any week when your area receives more than 1 inch of rain in a single storm. How to Take Care of a Midnight Blue Rose Bush, Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories: Plant Health Care Recommendations for Pieris. Dead leaves will look yellow or brown, and dead branches will be crispy and snap easily. With proper care, these rhododendron relatives survive for decades. I just did a quick google search and it seems that this should be done in the spring, not the Fall. No comments yet – be the first to share your thoughts!

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