Them anywhere!!!! Barn-stored high elevation meadow grass. Around 3k available located at Cornbelly’s in lehi 1.5$ a bale come get it, .42 (so approx 1/2 acre to clarify) acre grazing pasture for horses Also custom farming I USE THEM, Certified small barley straw bales $4 per bale. Call first to make sure that hay bales are currently available at your location of choice before you go. You can use bales for a range of events: outdoor/barn weddings, fairs, racing, circuses, and more. We remain committed to our core values of building strong relationships, honing our operational expertise and earning respect through unwavering principles. Farm and feed supply stores may also have large hay bales in stock, but it’s best to call ahead and verify what’s available. If you only need a small bale to use for decor or small gardening projects, you can find what you need on Amazon, at craft retailers like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, or at hardware stores like Ace Hardware or True Value Hardware. Maureen Mahaney. Loose straw is also useful for spreading around on plants in the garden because it helps to keep moisture for the plants and control weeds. Hay bales add a seasonal touch to a pumpkin patch tractor ride, or you can use straw bales to stuff scarecrows. different types of 50-55lbs bales Hay and straw are often both used as weed control mulch in the garden but the results you get can be quite different. Guinea pigs eat hay found in the pet food section. Stone Farm Hay Feeders & Handling Equipment, Unknown We’ve listed national and regional places where you can commonly find straw and hay bales. Your best option may be to find a local farmer you can purchase bulk quantities from. Rural King has over 100 store locations in states such as Alabama, Florida, Indiana, … Learn the warning signs and protect yourself. $9.00. SMALL GREEN, MOSTLY GOOD, SOME BAD AND SOME FALLEN. Barn sto. Because of their density, bales are very useful for outdoor event seating. County (B=Balage, C=Corn Otherwise, you will likely have the best luck at hardware stores like Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware, farm and feed supply stores like Tractor Supply, local plant nurseries, or even local farms. PREMIUM ALFALFA HAY & GRASS HAY FOR SALE. If you’re stocking your farm with animals, find out if you need equine insurance for your horses., Disclosure: FQF is reader-supported. This list includes large farm and feed supply stores. You can use hay or straw bales for decoration during the holidays, especially for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Below, we’ve listed some potential ways you can use hay bales. Each. Located, PREMIUM ALFALFA HAY, GRASS HAY, AND ALFALFA/GRASS MIX FOR SALE. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Locations in smaller towns may even offer silage bales. If you have a big garden or agricultural project, have large animals to feed, or need hay for something like event seating or safety barriers, you may need to purchase it in larger quantities. grass/ alfalfa mix, $6.50. We have Rural King. Rd 165 Sugarcreek, Text is best 435 851 1124, 1 ton bagged hay delivered to your door. Include listings more broadly related to your search terms. West Point, UT. According to the same report, mid-quality bales sell for an average $125 to $150 per ton. service. Our content does not substitute a professional consultation. We have fed it to our pigs, cows, g. fodder, H=Hay, S=Straw), New producer Listings times. ©2013 - 2020 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved. The site then will lead them through the process of creating an individualized ad that can be revised at any time. The best place to find bedding or feed hay for small animals can also be found on Amazon, as well as some farm and feed supply stores like Agri-Supply, Tractor Supply, or Stanislaus Farm Supply. Large producer Pick up only. If you’re having a fall wedding, hay bales are a great decoration option for your venue space, too. 2nd crop premium alfalfa in 3x4 bales. -Not transferred to state pages, 2391 Township Ideally, you’d buy enough this time of year to last through the winter. For example, alfalfa hay bales, which are commonly used as horse feed, cost an average $140 to $165 per ton according to Ogden, UT. You may also be able to find local farmers in your area who sell hay bales. If none of these stores are near you (or have the right size hay bales in stock) you’ll need to get in touch with big farmers who will either have the bales you need or be able to point you in the right direction. Straw bales and loose straw can also be used for soil erosion control, helping to hold the loose soil in place and keeping it from washing away when it rains. Free Road Shiloh, Ohio 44878, Two auction per You may also be able to find local farmers in your area who sell hay bales. If you need to get rid of some dirt after a landscaping project, we can help you find where to dump dirt for free. Straw bales also add a beautiful golden color to displays and help keep other decorative items, such as flower pots, wooden crates, and corn stalks off the ground. JB Tubular. We publish over 10,000 hay for sale listings annually. We encourage you to also seek the one-on-one help of a certified professional. of hay and straw. HAY : STRAW BOTH . Depending on the season, they may available at large chains like The Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart. Your local nurseries, garden centers, or The Home Depot or Lowe’s may also have small bales or straw matting you can use for landscaping. I am looking for a good quality hay for the winter months had a lot of trouble with hay I buy .I have throw so much hay away because it was such a bad quality. One picture shows a. Using other types of bales is not recommended for gardening because they may contain seeds, which can sprout in your garden. Pick up available only. Hay and straw can be used for rustic decor, outdoor seating, landscaping, animal feed and bedding, and construction projects. 3x4 bales approximately 165 remain $30. $10 per bale or $180 per ton 16 tons, I have this three way grass that is absolutions amazing. Bleached on the outside but dry. ... Good clean 3rd crop hay for sale call or text at 208-815-0103 $80 a bale. While most stores are regional and may only have a single location, we have included a few regional locations below. month From November to April. Producers who have hay or straw to sell, for example, just need to click on the "List /Update an Ad" link. Pick up available only. hay available at all $6.00 801-643-4649. Straw bales also make sturdy building construction for walls because of the shape and how solid the bales stay. ), Sleep Number Competitors/Alternatives: 4 Options Listed, Sleep Number Bed Weight Limit: Twin, Full, Queen, & King Limits Listed, 15 Stores That Sell Used, Consignment, + Scratch and Dent Furniture, Where to Buy Mistletoe: 11 Stores With Mistletoe for Sale, 9 Furniture Stores That Take Away Old Furniture (Plus Those That Don’t), Where to Buy Furniture: 20 Affordable Options (Online & Local to Most), Bale Type: Large and small feed and straw bales, Location: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, Location: Five-state area, including Minnesota and Oklahoma, Bale Type: All types of bales in both the large round and small rectangle sizes, The Home Depot often carries straw bales seasonally in September and October, depending on the location and demand, Location: Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas, Location: Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. OK, I'LL TAKE YOUR STRAW BALES, HAY, ALFALFA, FREE APPLES, EASY PICKIN, 413 N MAIN STREET PAYSON, Results for Pets and Livestock/Horses/Livestock, Hay and Bedding.

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