It’s not too whippy (F4 stiff) and not too floppy – basically, it’s a proper sword for HEMA fencing. This feder can be used on tournaments, but compared to other feders (A&A, Albion, Regenyei,…), it’s a little bit shorter, which can make a difference in sparring. Special Price Excl. You can get one for around $600 which isn’t a small amount of money, but once you use it, you understand why it’s so expensive. It has a much simpler design compared to other rapiers, but don’t be confused by that.

Arbeitspferd Feder is one of the loudest feders on the market. Getting a chance to hold a heavy HEMA sword and to feel the adrenaline pumping into your veins is a feeling that can only be experienced when fencing in a tournament. We would suggest that you buy this sword if your saber breaks 3 weeks before the next tournament and you need a new saber asap. Pavel Moc Federschwert is a beast for drilling, because the additional weight is very beneficial for building stamina. Cleans, preserves, and protects materials like metal, wood, and leather grips. Even historically they were less common, although messer training did use wooden training swords for this particular weapon practice. The HEMA Shop is part of The Knight Shop International Ltd, manufacturers and distributors for many of the products shown on this site. Thank you Péter Regenyei for creating this reasonably priced masterpiece. This makes it suitable for the One-Handed Sword and Buckler Category. There are different versions of this sword available on his site, so make sure to check this masterpiece out. The blade is 5mm thick which is more than most of the other swords have.

Despite misconceptions wooden sword (also called a waster commonly) are not typically used for modern day sword fighting practice. It’s more rigid and more massive than Rawlings and gives the impression that you’re handling an actual steel feder. Arming Swords for HEMA Medieval Sword Fighting, Lange Messer Sparring Swords for HEMA Practice. The tips of the crossguards are enlarged a little bit, so you don’t need any extra rubber tips. We provide quality imported equipment for the practice of Historical European Martial Arts. Make sure to properly check the measures or send a question directly to Albion.

We currently supply businesses in Europe, USA and Australia and are always looking for new stockists.

If you are just sparring however, you can make the agreement to use kicks and punches just pull your blows. The handle is made out of ebonized hardwood, and the guard offers decent protection for the hand. Their line of Nylon Sparring Swords are the standard nylon swords for many HEMA schools.

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