The original Summit Inn was in operation in 1928[4] and takes its name from its original location at the summit of the Cajon Pass between the westbound and eastbound lanes of US 66.

I've been coming here for years, and honestly do not believe that it deserves the low rating others have given it--although it appears the low stars are mostly for the hotel. Established in 1907.
Some of it is maintenance related, some of it is simply a funky layout.There was a large crack in the plaster in the corner of the wall near my window. Be aware that because it is a historic inn,  it is not required to follow any ADA requirements. So they just pocketed our entire $15, and we got to pay another $9.30 to retrieve our property. Closed in winter. See all photos from Christopher B. for Historic Summit Inn Resort. The building and grounds have lots of character and plenty of indoor and outdoor space to explore. Lame. But, you need to buy it prior to your reservation. We arrived before our dinner reservation on the. The coup de grace was that we left a rather expensive swimsuit, and requested they mail it to us. The temperature would fluctuate between volcano heat and iceberg cold instantly, without any input from me. Instead, you buy everything you want a la cart. One pool inside. [2] The building's current owners plan to rebuild the restaurant, as it appeared before the fire.[3]. you got an entire meal (soup, salad, entree and desert) for whatever the price was on the menu and an extra $3 or $5 with the ticket. Once a year, I make a pilgrimage to the Midwest to visit my best friend in Ohio.

I didn't stay the night, but a friend of mine did and he said he paid $160, take that for what it's worth. Other signs included two circa 1939 Standard Oil signs featuring Mickey Mouse and a genuine reflectorized US 66 highway shield. [3], It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

1907). Unsure how I feel about this place.

Historic hotel and restaurant! The inn is older but clean and nice. It must be Summit Inn the water, because the views up here are so spectacular, I wonder if I'm on some kind of mind-altering substance or other.It's on top of a massive mountain to the south of Pittsburgh, and you can see for miles, including the twinkling lights of Uniontown, PA down below. The building and grounds have lots of character and plenty of indoor and outdoor space to explore. Summit County Juvenile Detention Home – The ghost of a matron who worked there haunts the detention home. We had cocktails in the quaint little bar with a pair of fun bartenders, enjoyed a delicious dinner that included a perfectly cooked filets and amazing crab cakes, then retired to a clean and comfortable room for a wonderful nights sleep, all at a very reasonable price!We love the architecture along with the irreplaceable furniture, early photos and articles displayed throughout. Clean and updated - but without killing the historical feel. We thought the beds were only 2 on a 5 scale and the pillows were bad. I love sitting on the veranda to eat. . If you can I recommend sitting out side on the, We bought a package deal that included our room, breakfasts, and tickets to, "I do not normally give 5*, but, considering the price, location and WONDERFUL staff, and 24- hour indoor pool . In 1924 the Inn added the world's first all steel Olympic swimming pool.
Have an intimate private experience surrounded by our own 114 acres of pristine landscape. But now you're not allowed to even go in the hotel and the steak was not good, more like a Denny's steak. The shower water could not find a temperature to settle on and would alternate, on its own between comfortable water, very hot water or cold water. [6], On July 1, 2016, the business was sold to Katherine Juarez and her brother, Otto Recinos, who moved to the area after selling family real estate holdings in Los Angeles.

The original charm and wood work is like a walk back in time. I notice that kind of stuff.If you happen to be in the area or just driving by, it's worth your time to stop in, grab a meal or enjoy a drink and the view from the patio. Food was good. ‍. See all photos from Eduardo S. for Historic Summit Inn Resort. This historic inn has absolutely beautiful outdoor lawns, front porch, lobby, and bar.

We did not try the onsite restaurant since we brought enough "tappas" to snack on in our room or on the veranda.

Without that, it's just another hotel. This is a very unique hotel! Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Historic Summit Inn Resort. The temperature would fluctuate between volcano heat and iceberg cold instantly, without any input from me. I used to enjoy going to the summit, I mean it was always a little pricey but it had great ambience. Thankfully the bed was very comfortable. Stayed one night for a wedding and that was enough. [1], This article is about the historic hotel resort. The strangely early closing hours for everything was a bit off-putting as well.

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