16, H.M.S.

Glorious, age 19, 09/06/1940, missing Air Mechanic 2nd Class Joseph Ball, RN FAA/FX.
Cross and Flight Lt P. C. Jameson, thirty ratings from Glorious, two ratings from Acasta, a RAF non commissioned officer were picked up by Norwegian trawler Borgund (303grt) which landed them in the Faroes on the 13th.

The PM went to a cinema to see the Dunkerque film (Evacuation) and returned to Admiralty House in rather a bad temper.

May they rest in peace. So one may ask, was the message garbled and could no sense be made of it or did it contain enough information to warrant caution? Glorious, age 21, 08/06/1940, missing Air Fitter John H.C. Felkin, RN FAA/FX.

That order, sent at 0043 on the 8th June 1940, was to begin Operation Paul. On the day of the conference the two men lunched together at D’Oyly-Hughes’ London home before travelling to meet Churchill at the Admiralty. Isn’t it odd that Operation Paul, a plan so “cherished” by Churchill fails to get a mention in his memoirs? But we will never know for sure as Wells was never asked.

Bridget, Guy D’Oyly-Hughes’ daughter, remembers the day well.

However, many are of the opinion that Devonshire could have transmitted a message for other ships to go to help HMS Glorious and more survivors could have been picked up. Glorious, age 20, 08/06/1940, missing Air Mechanic 2nd Class Sam Lawton, RN FAA/FX. D’Oyly-Hughes, it appears, was acting no differently to the captain of Ark Royal, had he been in the same situation. A clue to his thinking may lie in a letter Dudley Pound wrote, a few days before the outbreak of war, in September1939 and his thoughts, then, on how long HMS Glorious might survive; When we attack Italy itself….then I think there is a great deal to be said for making an attack by air on the Italian fleet at Taranto. Local relatives hope that the Maltese government will take up their fight and help them give a proper and dignified burial to their ancestors, who went on a mission, did their duty and, like so many before and after them, paid the price with their lives for our safety and freedom.

Late in the afternoon of June 8th, 1940, the Royal Navy suffered one of its most devastating defeats of the Second World War. Glorious, age 19, 10/06/1940, missing back up FAA GROUNDCREW HMS GLORIOUS Air Mechanic 1st Class Harry S. Aldington, RN FAA/FX. During the House of Commons debate into the loss of Glorious on 7th November 1940, he grilled the then First Lord of The Admiralty, AV Alexander.

Le HMS Glorious est un croiseur de bataille de la Royal Navy (marine britannique) lancé en 1916 pendant la Première Guerre mondiale, qui a été entièrement rénové … Perhaps you should ask the naval staff to report on this matter on which Parliament will certainly concern itself. Heath refused on the basis that the targets were ill-defined and that his aircrafts were not suitable for the mission. Glorious, [802 Squadron FAA], age unknown, 08/06/1940, missing Lieutenant Nicholas E. Ward, RN, H.M.S. The three theories that emerged soon after the tragedy in 1940 are still being investigated to this day and none have been put aside. Glorious': 11 MIA (RAF ground crew) FAA groundcrew HMS Glorious: 65 MIA (RN/FAA) back up. The operation should begin just before the end of the evacuation from Narvik. Written by Captain Stephen Roskill, author of the official naval history of WWII. These factors proved to be the undoing of all three ships later in the day. On the afternoon of June 8, smoke from the funnels of HMS Glorious was sighted by two German battleships Gneisenau and Sharnhorst.

Alexander who succeeded Churchill in the role) said it was proposed to carry out the Operation Paul in the near future.

The Gloster Gladiators proved to be vital for the air defence of Malta in the beginning of the war.
By this time Glorious had already sank at around 1810 and the German ships altered course for Trondheim. JB Heath’s reluctance must have left D’Oyly-Hughes to conclude Heath would be incapable of carrying out orders for Operation Paul. Controversy began almost immediately, with questions first being asked in Parliament on the July 31st, 1940 culminating in a debate on November 7th. In answer to point (d.). Glorious, age 21, 08/06/1940, missing Air Fitter George R. May, RN FAA/FX.

Giving the total, so important to this story, of 18. This time, just 24hrs after he had said “Sixty aircraft have been fitted with extra tanks”, Pound’s reply to Churchill is a little more realistic: I am of the opinion however that the operation should now be confined to mining the channels where a “block” will occur if a ship is mined there. The minutes record: A preparatory order to carry out the operation had already been issued to C-in-C Home Fleet (Admiralty signal 0043/8).

Norwegian steamer Marita (1136grt) picked up five bodies from Glorious on the 10th and landed in the Faroes. The Swordfish from Glorious landed on at 14.40 and flew off 54mins later, at 15.34. Glorious, [823 Sqdn. The 0043 signal to Admiral Wells in Ark Royal gave him a real dilemma. The enquiry concluded the dead Captain of HMS Glorious was to blame, had he survived he would almost certainly have been court-martialled. Churchill wrote to his military chief staff officer, General Hastings Lionel “Pug” Ismay; “Bring to the notice of the Chiefs of Staff the importance of planting vegetables (cucumber shaped mines) in the approaches to Lulea. Acasta’s torpedo damage to Scharnhorst – the hole measured 14x6 meters.

HMS Ajax, light cruiser (NavyPhotos, click photographs for enlargements) on to 15th-31st June 1940 .

55007, H.M.S. Or had ground crews already begun stripping them to begin the substantial job of fitting extra fuel tanks needed for Operation Paul? The royal court had been on the run from German advances north in Norway for some weeks. Three options were available: Fly them out to the carriers, ditch in the sea and hope the pilots would survive long enough to be picked up. Surely he ought to have been brought to trial by Court Martial?”.

The C-in-C is no ordinary Joe and surely someone must have known if this was indeed the case. She was an old ship, short of fuel, and left the protection of the returning convoy, with only the destroyers Ardent & Acasta as escort, because she couldn’t wait any longer. She sank at about 1820. 76664, H.M.S. As a young twenty four year old Lieutenant in First World War, he swam ashore, raft of explosives in tow, climbed a cliff, single-handedly blew up the Constantinople –Baghdad railway before swimming back to his waiting submarine . By the 5th June 1940 he was building up a head of steam over Operation Paul.

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