This muffler has been designed to work with high horsepower vehicles to give your engine a power boost. Mufflers 4 Less met my very high expectations. They are a company that stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty. The H&K SMG program to upgrade the MP5 in the 80s was meant to work together with a suppressor as well. Garage Chief provides tons of in-depth, yet easy to follow buying guides, ‘how to’ and DYI articles, latest industry news, Q&A with recognized experts and more! When most people think about a muffler they merely think about making your car sound quieter. Highly recommended!!!" Jax shoots A.J. They are very experienced and professionals. Amazing place, and friendly staff. And of course, there are special racing mufflers out there. It uses a highly effective internal suppressor system that reduces the report of the normally-supersonic 9mm round to virtually nothing while also slowing it down (via a series of internal rubber "wipes") to subsonic levels; unfortunately, it's also fully-automatic, and thus produces a distinctive "chattering" noise akin to a typewriter that reinforces the idea that you can't make a truly silent automatic weapon. Highly recommend!" For most people, the main point is not "silencing" the shot at all, but rather reducing it to a volume less likely to induce deafening, particularly when firing in tight quarters (indeed, one of the early reasons for the US Army's interest in them was to keep trainee soldiers, This trope may have sent some people to prison since there have been cases of killers convicted by trace evidence of improvised silencers they wrongly assumed they needed —, Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, seems to have been a victim of this trope. All good. There are some options for going from one to the other, but it is generally easiest to stick with the set up your car came with. When looking at a new muffler, the first question you should look at before you start dreaming or performance boosts and great sounds, is whether you have a single or dual exhaust system. - Felipe L. "it was a very good experience they were very well qualified and experienced and was happy with the final results" - John W. "I found Mufflers for less on line and decided to try/trust them to replace my Catalyst Converter. Muffler & Muffler Assemblies Walker Universal Fit Quality mufflers with a universal fit that provide greater installation flexibility. If you have any doubts where it will work, you might want to stick with one sold to match with your particular car. But that gas mixture needs somewhere to escape. - Marcello P. "It was fast, and great price. - Nicholas J. - Vera C. "I came in with a muffler I had bought off eBay, and saw how it could be fitted to my car, it was a very nice price just to do a bit of cutting, welding and perfect installation right in front of you! It also had no sights, since it was meant to be used at point-blank range. The muffler features a unique aluminized steel It was only lethal out to about 30 feet, which was sufficient for the cramped tunnels, and was about as loud as a traditionally-suppressed .22 pistol.

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