You can add any extra strands of beads to the outer part of the cuff to decorate it as well!

Holdings, LLC. Once you get to the end, guide your string through the first black bead you started with. 8 Pull tightly again. This is a good time to test the width on your wrist and make adjustments. Then string 32 beads in the order shown below, and move the short end of the string to the right hand side. 2 This cuff looks complicated but is a relatively simple project. Row Source: Although I did search for tips online, the basic beading knowledge comes from my mother, Susan Sanders-Kinzel.

The next three beads you string will be yellow, because the next "middle bead" you'll string through is also yellow.

Hopefully you can see how the pattern goes from there.

I have a new tutorial that is easier to follow than this one.
You should be left with one piece of string coming out of a blue bead.

It's a great summer craft for teens and young adults, but it might be too much for younger kids.
Starting the 2nd row
This means that when your cuff is finished, it will be more loose/stretchy rather than tight and stiff. 11 Cancel. These are animal-themed bead patterns, including perler bead patterns (bead sprites), kandi cuff patterns, bikini patterns, peyote stitch patterns, & more. This tutorial is very detailed, which also means that some of it is repetitive. The five beads should be sticking out of the base cuff in a triangle shape. Share on ThriftyFun This page contains the following solutions.

Step 9:

You can always tie on more later.

To make the second row, you'll be stringing 3 beads at a time, using the black beads as the "connector" beads - the beads you pull the string through. The patterns in this section include video game characters like Super Mario and Pacman, & cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Gir etc. 7 10 Once you have strung it through the black bead, add two white beads to it and string it up into the middle red bead of the triangle above it. Warning: Desktop mode is intended for mobile devices only and will not display correctly on desktop or laptop computers. Continue this process for two more rows. Or you can shift between 14 graduated colors, just start and end with a double row. As you continue to thread new beads for the rest of the cuff, you will always skip one bead.
Continue until you have added all 15 beads, then tie it off firmly. At the end of each row, double check to make sure you have not made any mistakes before tying off that row. Never thread through the bead that's next to where your string comes out.

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