– Kai says there is nothing for him to really look after when it comes to rules so he lives pleasantly (lol). ❥ if you try to initiate pda, kai will definitely get flustered and dodge your attempts. a big thanks to everyone for 100+ followers and equally 100+ kudos for the txt and their tiny s/o reaction, it means a lot <3, ❝hhh why is your writing cute :(( but could you write txt reacting to their s/o bundled up in a burrito blanket and pouting for them to join them❞ ⌇ requested by anon.

He had taken you out to go eat and bowling right after.

Hueningkai Kai Kamal Huening Tomorrow X Together‘s Maknae Huening Kai is not only known for his unique looks but his never-ending plushie army. he laughs too, gently pushing your shoulder and asking you, “how could you do this to me?

he enjoys being your rock. i think he would probably blush a little bit, but he would pretend to be cool and just kiss you back like he couldn’t feel everyone’s eyes on him. Once he had pulled back, your eyes were still close and your lips were slightly puckered as your body was still trying to register the kiss.

Height. Hueningkai (휴닝카이) is a Korean-American singer-songwriter and rapper under Big Hit Entertainment.

but honestly the worst part is how tiny that kiss was. you nodded sleepily, your eyelids fluttering peacefully closed while taehyun’s low voice lulled you to sleep. “it’s okay, honey,” he kissed the top of your head, fingers gently running up and down your back.

luckily you slip your hand into his in the next moment, causing taehyun’s panicky inner monologue to cease immediately. Everything with you is different! As our love will never waiver for our lucky birthday boy! Birth place your eyes flew open, a gasp stuck in your throat as the after effects of your nightmare seemed to press you into your blankets.

He smiles to himself and looks down, too embarrassed to face you.

⇢ his expression softens and he’s totally in awe as he admires your face, your beautiful features and it will take him a few seconds to register the whole situation, snap out of his daze and mumble under his breath that he didn’t expect you to fall asleep so soon.

Is he more fluent in Korean?

Utility it’s become a tradition and hell if he’ll ever break it.

❥ kai’s most common display of public affection is hand holding, but not just any kind of hand holding. TXT Wiki

it took several minutes for you to get fully awake, but there was a left over pounding in your head which made you want to cry.

it felt like something was standing on your chest, refusing to let you move, while shadows flickered at the edges of your vision. please tell me more about him.

also - these are not meant to sexualise them in anyway, it’s all for shihs and giggles !

The Hyundai Accent comes with essentially the same basic warranty as the Kia Rio.

“my friends get so annoyed by how much i talk about you sometimes.”. He would run to your house as fast as possible and as soon as you answered the door, he would pull you into a tight hug, whispering in your ear that he’s in love with you and feeling complete when you hug him and say yes.

In a long battle in 2019, TXT uploaded many clips to Twitter, detailing the pranks towards all the plushies. he pulled it over your head and felt instantly relieved when you stopped shaking so hard. (after all, he is the one who’s always going in for kisses.

well, seeing you all wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket as you try to grab his attention, him breaking his focus on a video of his dance practice that he was supposedly monitoring; i guess you can say he literally let out a big fat uwu.

well you’re in luck because kai as well is, and if you go “come cuddle with me~” he’s going to stare at you with the most loving gaze ever, crunching his nose a little (we love an aegyo king) and reply on the same tone, with that adorable nasal voice of his: “then make some place for me~” he is one giggling mess and he’ll be so so so soft that he’ll keep peppering your face with kisses. “i’m sorry!” you scrambled to pull the sweatshirt over your head, but you managed to get a little tangled, your arms twisting until you were stuck. now i’m glad to be short because tall people must hit their heads a lot. you tease him about it all the time now because, let’s be honest, your feelings for him were never very subtle. (Weverse Q&A)

You looked at him, the widest smile set upon your lips. “what’s wrong?”. “bad dreams,” you choked out, sniffling against his shoulder. Why does he feel the need to hold you, kiss you and see you smile all the time? if he accidentally wakes you up, he’ll apologise a few times while chuckling and reassure you that you can go back to sleep without any worries because he’ll stay with you.

It came out of nowhere whilst your bodies were intertwined, legs laced beneath the sunlight seeping through the window - which announced a new morning - due to the lack of a duvet.

he’ll be hit with a sense of realization that you’re really his s/o, and being affectionate with you isn’t scary at all.

Do you know more facts about him?

whenever he has free time, he tries to spend it with you. (Weverse Q&A)

Singer, rapper, songwriter 2019–present

huening kai; txt; bluelemonade Newbie.

He drew great comfort in it and it spread to his mom and sisters, now his members receive his love that way! you felt bad dragging him away from whatever he was doing, but you needed him.

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