Taligate's spark had shrunk too far for the cure that had been divined, but Whirl then suggested using the Great Sword to channel some of Cyclonus's spark's excess energy into Tailgate's, restoring it to a point where the cure could take effect. Ironically, he was absolutely mental, prone to unpredictable, violent actions; he tried to submerge this behind a fiction of being an ordered intellectual, and hoped ordering the universe might order him. They eventually found Jhiaxus in a half-dead state, repaired him, and had him take them to the portal. I found the universe deluxe edition. Megatron apologised for lashing out at him and Tailgate, which Cyclonus accepted, but he expressed discontent when he learned Rodimus had Chromedome perform mnemosurgery on the comatose Tailgate to find out that Getaway was the one who had set him up. Overall re-design the transform mechanism and steps. After taking a headcount, he listened to Crosscut as he talked about his latest play...before he suddenly vanished after the lights flickered! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The three Unicronian Decepticons proved themselves almost invincible in the face of the Autobots' attacks, but were finally defeated when Galvatron was duped into believing he was trapped in a temporal paradox, and returned to his own time to live out the remaining events 2006. He's just an ex-zombie millions of years older than Optimus Primetagging along on an Autobot starship with a severe antipathy to Whirl. He caught up with Rodimus in the fuel furnace, disarming (literally) Getaway as the escapologist tried to destroy the ship. The Wreckers were summoned to a far-off planet, and so the team fought their way through scores of Vehicons to secure a shuttle. Cyclonus bore witness as Nova destroyed Hardhead's forcefield generator, causing the Dead Universe to consume and disintegrate him. Arm the Lonely. $1.99. That Mold has plenty of potential. On a whim I thought I'd see if I could find one, he reminds me of my childhood which a good portion was devoted to Transformers. The Fecund Moon Once down on the moon's surface, the team were attacked by Lockdown's Titan Hunters, and Cyclonus and Whirl disobeyed Rodimus's orders for retreat in favor of a counterattack. Cyclonus tried to counsel Tailgate on what it meant to take a life, like he did so many times while fighting Deathsaurus's troopers. The injured and dying Decepticons were chosen to be ejected into the void of space, including the commander, Megatron, but when their bodies were recovered by the world-eater, Unicron, they were reborn as deadly new warriors in the service of the recreated Megatron, now known as Galvatron. Lamentations, After Galvatron fed the Heart of Darkness into Vector Sigma in an effort to destroy Cybertron, Cyclonus attacked him, angrily claiming that Galvatron had brainwashed him into serving him and that he had forced him to harm Cybertron, something that made Cyclonus furious. It's really amazing that he's so loyal, when one considers that he alternates with Ultra Magnus as Galvatron's personal punching bag. Genesis, Galvatron had Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps search Gorlam Prime for signs of life, as every single inhabitant of the planet had mysteriously vanished while they were busy dying. Cyclonus' alternate robot mode design, as seen in "Starscream's Ghost". Headhunt This did not please Death’s Head, and consequently, he willingly accepted a contract from Rodimus to hunt down Cyclonus and Scourge, eventually tracking them down to the planet of Junk as 2008 dawned. Immediately following his creation, Cyclonus served as little more than Galvatron's personal ship and attack dog, carrying his leader to Starscream’s coronation, into the battle in Autobot City and to the planet of Junk, attacking and crippling the shuttle of Hot Rod and Kup in the midst of it all. Twenty Plus One After Megatron and a alternate Rewind shut down the quantum engines, Cyclonus reappeared in the Rodpod. How does my cartoon self make being a tool look so much cooler? They had however managed to reach the original Mederi, falling into its gravity well. Cyclonus and Whirl teamed up to turn Killmaster's own wand against him. Unfortunately, once extricated from a pool of the planet's plasma-lava, Galvatron proved to have been driven insane from exposure to it and brutalized Cyclonus and the Sweeps before being talked down and returned to his position as leader. When they discovered the ruins of Crystal City, Cyclonus did a quick fly-over and reported to Rodimus that it seemed that the city had been attacked, but there were no bodies in evidence. The only other instances of duplicate Cyclonus robots are in "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5" and "The Quintesson Journal", but these examples are generally discounted by fans due to the episodes' infamously poor, error-riddled animation (though it could be argued that if Bombshell were Cyclonus, he could have retained his Insecticon cloning ability to create these extra copies of himself). The Transformers: Infestation #1, Though they eventually stopped bickering with Galvatron long enough to defeat Britt, the zombie mastermind, the Autobots refused to join Galvatron's army. Once that situation was peaceably resolved, Cyclonus joined roughly one hundred of the Lost Light's crew for a brief shore leave on the planet Hedonia. Before he could finish the job, however, all three of them fell under the mind-controlling influence of Unicron, whose disembodied head had survived the destruction of his body and had landed on the planet, where he was having the native Junkions construct a new body for him. Little Victories, A short while later, Cyclonus found himself at the center of a security incident when his singing of "Glory to Cybertron, Glinting in the Heavens!" I just don't get it, why? Spotlight: Cyclonus Spotlight: Hardhead, Cyclonus made it back to the Dead Universe on time and was later patrolling the Benzuli Expanse with Galvatron to look for those who would disturb the Expansion. The transformation scheme is highly reminiscent of the old toy, with a few new twists to allow for greater articulation and a more satisfying robot mode. He then wondered aloud which side Tailgate would have fought on if he had been active during it. As with the other Henkei toys, Cyclonus and Nightstick have some vac-metal chrome parts — in this case, purple wings on Cyclonus and chrome legs and gun barrel on Nightstick.

After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. As they prepared to leave, though, Tailgate told Cyclonus he was staying behind, and Cyclonus needed to leave without him. The ship's upgraded holomatter engine gave Cyclonus a female avatar with fancy, ruffled clothes. Whirl wanted to know if Cyclonus and Tailgate ever properly talked or declared their conjunx endura status after Getaway's manipulations. EXACTLY what I needed for my Lost Light shelf. You Are Here As he stalked out of the cabin, he found himself caught in the prank war between Swerve and Anode and attempted to murder the latter with his Great Sword only to wind up raking Rewind by accident. Traveling to Nebulos with the rest of Scorponok's forces, they became Targetmasters and later came to present day Earth. Great Swords are the weapons of choice of many of the Circle of Light, including their leader Dai Atlas, prominent members Wing and Axe, and Drift, a former Decepticon taken in the circle. Function: It's hard combining a collection of different series of transformers and have the heights some what match the size of the rest of your collection. There's a problem loading this menu right now. This story element was dropped in the final version in favor of giving Galvatron new troops and killing off older characters all at the same time by having Unicron use those Decepticons on the movie production's "kill list" as raw material.

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