Pro Tools buffer size and round trip latency. Going straight into the software and flicking between the mic models opens up a whole new world. The FG-401 is based loosely on SSL’s console VCA compressor with a few tricks added. London Population Forecast, Virtual Buss Compressors (VBC) is a software bundle comprising three plug-ins created in the image of some of the most sought-after hardware mix-bus compressors, plus a fourth plug-in that combines all three models in one interface. Starting with vocals, as we switched between them the characters were very distinct and entirely in keeping with what we expected. The FG-Mu, too, compares well with its counterpart, the UAD Fairchild. None of the compressors is entirely neutral. Once the analog and virtual dust settled, we were presented with 4 modeled versions of hardware and one Frankenstein straight from the brain of Slate himself. As far as metering is concerned there is a ‘level’ LED but we can’t help thinking it might have been better to have something a little more sophisticated as it is always good to know how hard you are hitting a pre. Personally we prefer to see one of these in the preamp stage as it’s always good to deal with ultra low-end issues before you go through too many electronics, even virtual ones. The FG-N is based off of a Neve 1073 channel strip. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. You can really tell a lot of detail went into making this, even down to the way each instance of a module’s “wear” on the faceplate changes per instance (you’re all opening your DAW as we speak to verify that one I know.) Adobe Sign Cost Per Signature, Depending on your host, the parameters will either be simple alpha numeric or actual names. The Full Access Pass includes all of Slate’s award-winning thousands of dollars’ worth of add-ons. Death/life Interpretation, Camaro 2019, All three also introduce an ever-so-slight noise component; at about -120dBFS, you're not likely to hear it, but Fabrice Gabriel feels that noise is an essential component in recreating an analogue feel (see SOS's review of the Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection in October 2011: /sos/oct11/articles/slate-vcc.htm). It seems a bit odd to call a plug-in FG-Red when its GUI is a very dark shade of grey, but in this post-modern world, nothing is what it is, and everything becomes a reference to something else. Steven Slate, (who a friend of mine has called the “Criss Angel of Pro Audio”) excitedly announced VMR well over a year ago and the recording community have been tapping their foot in anticipation. You might say that the SSL Buss Compressor started the modern practice of mixing into the compressor rather than applying compression post-mix.

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