It doesn't work with MS Store version of Spotify, you need classic .exe version. Thank you so much for posting this. uTrack: Android app which generates playlist from your top tracks. Thanks to /u/malicious_banjo for this contribution. I hope you find it helpful. I've been using only and occasionally Shuffle Guru with less functions. Thanks to /u/highreserve for this contribution. Here are some demographic Spotify stats and facts that solidify the statement. Check the updated version, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Shows all the top artist/track/genre stats, and you can also generate a playlist from your top tracks, and open all the artists and tracks directly into Spotify. A website designed to allow you to keep track of what you've played, and how much you like it! It is now safe to say that Spotify is a global music leader with listeners and subscribers all around the world. I hope you find my blogs helpful. Spotify Statistics: Stats of your playlists and most favourite artists, songs and genres, all in nice designe complete with charts. Very useful for house parties, you can have all the music info on the TV. Haven’t been able to find a lot of quality websites for Spotify stats. Demographics Spotify Stats. My Music Habits: The name speaks for itself. Spotify Charts: Daily worldwide charts from Spotify. I downloaded Rainmeter for the sole purpose of running Spicetify and I am impressed! None of these sites (or programs) are my work, I just like to share them because all of them are really cool. Hello! Let’s take a look at some interesting ranking and revenue stats about Spotify. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Very useful for house parties, you can have all the music info on the TV. Semi-automatic Scrobbler: Lets you scrobble along with another users. You can share them further with your friends or anyone whom you feel should read them. Thanks for visiting SpotifyStats.Com The purpose of this site is for users of the Spotify platform to be able to view graphs and lists of their listening history. Spotify has been the industry leader for music-streaming for a decade now. I think many of you here on this subreddit also use (and if you don't you definitely should, check it out here or visit r/lastfm), so here are some similar sites to them above which use data instead of Spotify data. This site only works if JavaScript is enabled in your Browser Check out our wiki first. This is to prevent spam & is strictly enforced. These are all the Spotify Stats & Facts that I found worth sharing. Here are some Spotify stats that do not fall in any of the categories mentioned above but are worth reading. Spotify is the most popular music streaming service worldwide. Questions? The others are great. A few days ago, /u/YEEZYYEEZYBREEZY submitted this post about his very cool stats website for Spotify. I’ve compiled all of them here.’. This subreddit is mainly for sharing Spotify playlists. A lot of trials and failures were seen before finally launching a finished platform for the users. Here are some of the websites to know about your Spotify stats. Despite regular PR services which generally have visible connections and a track-record in the industry, the few businesses offering promotion on Spotify have much more of a ‘scammer’ reputation. You can get Spicetify here on GitHub and Rainmeter here. Spotify sites. You also get bunch of new functions such as the possibility to throw artist to trash can and never listen to him again (very useful if you don't like Drake), better shuffle or integration with Reddit, so you can browse songs and playlists submitted on Reddit directly from the app. It is now safe to say that Spotify is a global music leader with listeners and subscribers all around the world. You must have a combined karma of 40, & your reddit account must be at least 30 days old to post.

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