Enjoyed by musicians all over the world. Cheap instruments are harder to play. Easy to tune and very well made.

All the best from Down Under! Key: D. Please allow 3 weeks lead time Favoured by folk and jazz musicians across the globe, our low whistles are designed to help you sound your best, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist. Tony Dixon Manufacturing has pleasure in introducing the redesigned and improved Tuneable C Whistle with an aluminium body. This whistle has a strong aluminium body. This is a unique Roy MacMaghnuis whistle in the key of D. It produces a beautiful sound and takes very little to produce a bright tone, it is made from Newtonia Wood... Tuneable Polymer Low D Whistle (TB012) by Tony Dixon   Sheffield S2 3EN This is a beautiful Roy MacMaghnuis Tuneable Whistle. PLEASE ALLOW A LEAD TIME OF APPROX 9 WEEKS Watch and listen to the video below to hear the different fipples and their various tones. Please note that this is a whistle head only. Precision... Setanta Soprano Whistle - High C Regular price $249.99. Over 20 years of making finely crafted Low D, E, F, G, Ab and Low A tin whistles. Whistle master, John O’Brien has collaborated with long-time friend Paraic McNeela of McNeela Instruments to produce this show-stopping low whistle... Tuneable Brass Slide D Whistle (DX005) by Tony Dixon  Soprano  D Whistle ( DX 204H Head ) by Tony Dixon The separate body has been produced for when you might decide to upgrade or add to your set. Kildare model whistles have separate head and body-sections with a slightly tapered bore. Built to last a lifetime. Shop now! “If you’re a beginner and want to start on a low whistle then you’ll absolutely love the Howard. A Tony Dixon one piece polymer high whistle. Marrying the... Setanta Low Whistle in E  Because of the wide distance between holes, you'll need to use the "Piper's Grip" (or a "modified" version of the Piper's Grip - explained below). Fully tuneable in the key of D. This whistle has a beautifully sweet mellow tone achieved by the polymer body. Requiring little breath, it’s also ideal for jigs and reels. Tilbury Woodwinds Aluminum Whistles. You might also like the stunning deep... Duo-Head Low D Flute & Whistle (TB022) by Tony Dixon  Low D whistles are generally very affordable as far as musical instruments are concerned, as you can pick up an entry-level model for as little as £40 to £50. Great for... Killarney Nickel D Whistle  We’re all neighbours. Please allow 3 weeks lead time Fully tuneable whistle in High D. This trad whistle has been improved over the regular nickel whistles.   I love this one beyond words. Kildare Model Whistle - a popular 'session' pennywhistle.

This Tony Dixon dual head can be played as a whistle or a flute; aluminium body, polymer whistle head and ABS flute head. “We’re committed to creating the best low whistles that money can buy.” – David O’Hagan. Produces a lovely sweet tone. Not convinced? 100% NO QUIBBLES refundable including shipping (Just send... Susato S Series Kildare Pennywhistle My new favorite. Why Howard Music? Handmade in Sheffield, England, the Howard low whistle combines heritage craftsmanship with state-of-the-art acoustic design to create affordable whistles of exceptional quality. It's tuneable and easy to tune. Great value because this is a very excellent quality low whistle and has the added value of being an excellent practice flute for those wishing to learn flute as well. DXTRADN.

 Whistle master, John O’Brien has collaborated with long-time friend Paraic McNeela of McNeela Instruments to produce this... Setanta Whistle Body in Low D, Eb or E Whistle master, John O’Brien has collaborated with long-time friend Paraic McNeela of McNeela Instruments to produce this show-stopping low whistle. Heikes Wooden Whistles. They also make it difficult for you to sound your best. I have been playing an Alba low whistle for 2 years now and I do think the sound is much better on it than the Chieftain low D. The alba low whistle has a full and rich sound on the other hand the Chieftain low D has a creaky sound and seems to have too much wind’s leak in its bore. The Aulos 303A 'Elite' Soprano Recorder offers student musicians the benefit of a comfortable feel and easy playability. This Tony Dixon Whistle head is made from durable Polymer.

Please specify whether you require Low D, Eb or E in the notes section... Tuneable D Aluminium Whistle (DX006) by Tony Dixon    Made using tin-plate with a wooden plug in the mouthpiece. This whistle is in the Key of D. It’s louder, more subtle, and a far more entrancing tone. It has an ABS whistle head, it's tuneable and very easy to tune. Onyx Low D Whistle by Walt Sweet. A good player can get the best out of a poor instrument – a beginner doesn’t usually know the difference. Tuneable in both configurations of Whistle or Flute. This MacMaghnuis whistle is tuneable and is made from Boxwood and is in the key of C Apart from looking simply gorgeous in black silk finish with brass, this flute is for me, ideal. With cheap whistles, limitations in design and quality mean that you think you are doing something wrong – when really, it’s the instrument letting you down. Amazon affiliate disclosure, Tin Whistle Fingering Charts (All Keys + the Basics).

  Built to last.

 PLEASE ALLOW A LEAD TIME OF APPROX 9 WEEKS PLAY from £115 Free Delivery Worldwide60 Day Home Trial, If you’re a seasoned whistle player then you’ll already have your own ideas about what constitutes the tone you’re looking for, but there’s a better than even chance that the Howard will give you something that no other whistle will”, – Stephen Howard (no relation), SH Woodwind Repairs.

Beautiful smooth sound.

We're extremely proud to announce the all new Setanta Soprano Whistles Set. **, Classic Uilleann Chanter Reeds, Tin Whistle Finder Back by popular demand, this... Tuneable C Aluminium Whistle (DX006C) by Tony Dixon   Enjoy! Whether you live in Ireland, China, or the USA, we’re pleased to send it out to you for no extra cost. Buy professional Low Whistles online.   Tin Whistles expand. Soprano/high whistle with polymer body and ABS head. Howard Music craft professional Irish low whistles, renowned for their superior quality and tone. Have a listen to the video to hear the superb tone and flexibility of... Roy MacMaghnuis (Roy McManus Belfast) Tunable Leadwood D Whistle Low C Whistles Traditional improved whistle with Nickel body. Tony Dixon DX021 Tuneable Low Whistle.

First developed in 1974 by master craftsman Brian Howard, just three years after the famous Overton Flute, the Howard low D whistle is amongst the longest established and most respected Irish whistle on the market. Handmade in Sheffield, England, the Howard low whistle combines heritage craftsmanship with state-of-the-art acoustic design to create affordable whistles of exceptional quality. If your fellow musicians decide to up the key... Setanta Whistles - Full Set D, Eb & E Please allow 3 weeks lead time DX003 Tenor/low one piece whistle with polymer body and ABS head. Comes with... Tuneable Tenor Low D Whistle (DX102) by Tony Dixon A great starter whistle, it has a bright tone that has a bit of an 'edge' in the upper register, and requires less air than many other... Tunable Soprano D Whistle (DX004) by Tony Dixon  

Free 1-2 days fast shipping (Expedited-DHL/FedEx/UPS) ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Letter notes and fingering charts will also help to understand how to read the tin whistle tabs.. Jump to fingering charts: [CDATA[ The Killarney Brass Whistle   We are located in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in... Clarke Black Whistle in the key of D Specialists in traditional Irish music instruments, McNeela Instruments, provide the traditional music community with Irish flutes, bodhráns, concertinas, whistles, banjos, bouzoukis, mandolins, octave mandolins, harps, fiddles, guitars, and accessories. Excellent choice for both beginner or advanced musicians and a great gift idea for Celtic ex-pats... Clarke Silver Whistle PLEASE ALLOW A LEAD-TIME OF 6 - 8 WEEKS It explains the basics of the whistle as an instrument and guides you through all of its scales and keys. However, do be aware that, for some of the more advanced and better-built whistles, you may need to pay more than £100. The Oldest, Continuously Made Low Whistle. This guide applies to six-hole woodwind instruments such as the Irish tin whistle (penny whistle), low whistle, or Irish flute. It's in the key of "A", and has an ABS Whistle head. Come and test this whistle out! They have been developed for over 40 years by master craftsman and instrument maker Brian Howard. This Whistle is in the Key: D. Check out the New Setanta C Irish Tin Whistle by Clicking Here We’ll refund you.

ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES:  Aulos 303A 'Elite' Soprano Recorder This is the new Killarney Brass whistle, a precision hand-crafted instrument, produced in Killarney in the heart of the Kingdom of Kerry. This Tony Dixon Tenor/Low Whistle has an ABS Whistle head in the key of D and is tuneable. PLEASE ALLOW A LEAD-TIME OF APPROX 9 WEEKS 

It's a popular session whistle and used in many bands and... Setanta Soprano Whistles Full Set - High D, Eb & C Made with solid brass, the whistle is then triple nickel plated to give it a wonderful lustre. **The Reedy and Chiffy versions of the head will be available soon! collapse. This is a very strong aluminium bodied whistle, in the key of "Bb". Covid 19: Normal service has resumed! Regular price $350.00. Enjoy! An affordable, and... A strong aluminium body: In the Key of G; ABS Whistle head; Tuneable, easy to tune; In tune with itself; Solid traditional tone with that sound you can only get from an Aluminium Whistle; Affordable; Excellent professional look. A whistle you can play anywhere! It produces a solid traditional tone, a sound you can only get from an aluminium whistle. If the instruments are duff, they may become discouraged and blame themselves; usually quite unfairly” – Brian Howard, Master Craftsman. The whistle barrel is made of specially drawn thin wall brass tube, with a tuneable ABS (high-grade resin) head. Check out the New Setanta D Irish Tin Whistle by Clicking Here “Beginners need very good instruments to start with. They have been developed for over 40 years by master craftsman and instrument maker Brian Howard. We're extremely proud to announce the all new Setanta Soprano Whistles. // ]]>.

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