This ballad describes the life of a heroin-addicted couple and the idea that substance abuse is just denial and an escape from the ultimate truth.

Bedingfield is a lyrical master in her song “recover,” talking about … It’s a perfect reminder of the devastating effects your addiction could have had on your loved ones, had you not chosen to live life in recovery. The overall meaning of the song emphasizes how these experiences help people grow personally and emerge from those dark times as a better person. Since recovering, he says that he can be “present.”5, In this song, Arthur describes the benefits of recovery, explaining that he is now able to “soar” and continue writing songs. This song tells the story of a young woman who seems to be struggling with crack cocaine addiction. Ed Sheeran wrote this song after doing a gig at a homeless shelter when he was 18 years old. The lyrics describe his experience hitting rock bottom and how he never really learns the most important lessons in life until he’s lost it all. This is another Macklemore pick that inspires to keep holding on through the hard times.

“Tension is here. The song contains the line, “Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing,” which seems to suggest that drugs take over people’s lives until the people can see nothing but the drugs.24 Band member James Hetfield has spoken of his struggles with drugs and alcohol, and he once spent seven months in treatment.25. This song demonstrates just how important it is to seek help for addiction, as the songwriter states he is “unable to just let this go.” This is representative of the fact that it is difficult to stop using drugs without support. He has also admitted to experimenting with OxyContin and swinging between periods of sobriety and relapse.7 Macklemore’s experience isn’t uncommon, as research shows that people treated for substance use disorders have a relapse rate of 40-60 percent.8.

We have multiple addiction centers located throughout the United States for your convenience. When we are struggling with change, our thoughts can tell us things that are not always true, and this song exemplifies that.
Although this popular hit by Kygo is about relationship problems, its lyrics could also be viewed from the lens of living life with a chronic illness and making the decision to put your well-being first to avoid returning to an old life filled with harmful behaviors. In this tune, the artists refer to drug use, singing, “Under the bridge downtown is where I drew some blood.” This is suggestive of injecting drugs and perhaps of being homeless or on the streets from drug abuse. While this song suggests that treatment is essential, people may be missing this message, as 95.4 percent of people who go without needed addiction treatment feel they do not need the treatment.3. The Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHCO) evaluates quality of care provided by healthcare organizations. No commitment required. This is a heartbreaking song written from the perspective of a man who lost his mother to addiction.

He sings that perhaps their struggles are a result of pills, vodka, or cocaine. These 25 songs that portray both the plight of addiction and the joys of recovery shows just how common drug and alcohol abuse is. We offer an array of addiction treatment services & therapies, know that you will get through tough times, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness, Coronavirus pandemic weighs heavily on new and recovering addicts, 10 Questions to Ask About Your Own Well-being. Hold my head up high. Unfortunately, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have experienced their challenges with addiction.

If you need a reminder about the damage addiction can do, listen to this song. In this song, Jackson Browne talks of cocaine “running around” in his brain and references the fact that cocaine can age a person, as he is 27 but looks as though he could be 45. Then I can be an example of starting over, We fell so hard Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell. This song, and many of Macklemore’s songs tell us it is okay to keep trying and that everyone struggles sometimes. Despite their wealth and success, celebrities are not immune to the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. “Recover” – Natasha Bedingfield. Kiedis is reported to be clean today.10, In this ballad, Amy Winehouse demonstrates just how dangerous a negative view of treatment can be.
Tool band members have admitted that they used psychedelic drugs in their younger years, and they have suggested that drug use helped them to produce good music.13, In this tune, Blue October sings of being sober for three months and thanks a significant other for helping with sobriety. “If you want love, you gon’ have to go through the pain “Life Is Beautiful” is about Sixx’s former drug addiction, the problems … It is an artistic illustration of the hopelessness that comes with addiction and how addicts sometimes fight against themselves in the pursuit of healing and recovery. This song hits on the idea that although the abuse of drugs may seem like fun and games, it can be deadly. In “The More I Drink,” Shelton describes a man whose friends tease him because he is drinking Coke at the bar instead of consuming alcohol with everyone else.

Read Full Biography. “Here comes a fighter Our trained, professional staff can answer any questions you might have!

Say to me, this one’s a fighter”. If you want love, if you want love”. “I felt pain, look I’m not afraid to cry We all may make mistakes when changing our behaviors. It shows that our company has been vetted and that we demonstrate an ongoing commitment to integrity and transparency. Life is Beautiful by Sixx AM. Questions about treatment? Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington, has admitted to battling with addiction for most of his adult life. In this song, he highlights important themes such as the idea that even in the darkest of times, there’s always a little sliver of hope. This popular song by The Fray talks about the hard times in life and questions why bad things happen to us and to the people we love. Overall, it’s a hopeful song about coping with life difficulties and a reminder of the things that keep us going when times get rough. If you want love, you gon’ have to learn how to change Sia is an amazing artist from lyrics to vocals. “And I’m still breathing, I’m still breathing The song ends with the singer repeating, “I’m not an addict.” This demonstrates the emotional turmoil and denial that can come with accepting help for an addiction. This song (and the whole album) talks about James’s personal experience with recovery and redemption. I’m alive (You took it all, but I’m still breathing)”. Therefore, it’s not a surprise there are so many songs about addiction. His situation is unfortunately all too common, as there were 70,237 deaths from drug overdose in the United States in 2017. Although some people interpret the lyrics to be about suicide, others find its meaning to be more along the lines of admitting guilt, surrendering, and giving up the habit for good. And it’s …

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