There is a need for trusted medical reference websites, which the healthcare professionals can conveniently use for their work. Others put the names and credentials of reviewers in an Acknowledgments section near the end of the page. So it's no surprise that the science section of his website regularly hosts articles that label global warming a "hoax", insist that chemtrails could cause Biblical floods, and question the safety of vaccines. During the current outbreak, this network of websites has trumpeted various falsehoods, such as stating that most people infected with the measles in Washington state had already been vaccinated. To find out whether information is old, look for a date on the page (it's often near the bottom). This includes Wi-Fi that is not password protected. Are quick, miracle cures promised. For example, on the NCCIH Web site, each major page identifies NCCIH and, because NCCIH is part of NIH, provides a link to the NIH home page. Be careful if the site is: A site may not explain that its main purpose is to sell something. They may contain unbelievable or incorrect information. Aplicaciones móviles: Qué son y cómo funcionan, Know the Science: The Facts About Health News Stories, NCCIH Web Site Information and Policies page, How To Evaluate Health Information on the Internet: Questions and Answers, Guía de MedlinePlus para una búsqueda saludable en Internet, Sitios falsos de agencias de noticias promocionan suplementos de acai, How To Find Information About Complementary Health Approaches on PubMed, Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know,, Does a meditation protocol supported by a mobile application help people reduce stress? Umm… the full name of the library (last line) is the US National Library of Medicine. Either ignorantly or willfully, they misconstrue science and mislead their readers into believing that vaccines are dangerous. Healthcare professionals can get latest updated information on drugs, food safety and related regulations, notices and warning letters or recalls of drugs and consumer goods companies. The COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation. Stay clear if it sounds too good to be true, for example if the website is promising you a miracle or magic cure, amazing results, or a new, quick or easy way to fix your health problem. These potential conflicts of interest aside, provides credible, well-sourced health information, with its articles reviewed by doctors and other medical professionals. Endorses a product. The site may look real, but is actually an advertisement. It offers evidence based information to support clinical decisions of health care professionals. It is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your health care provider(s). The most insidious, and at the same time, blatant, proliferation of unscientific info into the health-care landscape is the promotion of alternative medicine by major health institutions: medical schools, medical centers and TV docs. They will not be associated with credible institutions, organizations, or entities. To learn more about NewsGuard, go to. A headline on Healthy Holistic Living reads, “Studies Show That Magnesium Treats ADHD Better and Safer Than ADHD Drugs,” but none of the four studies cited backed that conclusion — in fact, three of the four did not even mention ADHD. The mention of any product, service, or therapy is not an endorsement by NCCIH. For more information, go to the sponsoring organization's Web site. Buying health products and services online. These sites accounted for more than 49 million engagements (shares, likes, comments, etc.) Always check how old the information is. Of the sites analyzed by NewsGuard, 11% provide misinformation about health; in other words, more than 1 in 10 news websites accessed by Americans includes bad information about health., By Adam Feuerstein, Meg Tirrell, and Damian Garde, Your daily dose of news in health and medicine, Reporting from the frontiers of health and medicine, Gilead faces pressure to relinquish valuable FDA voucher awarded…, Gilead faces pressure to relinquish valuable FDA voucher awarded with remdesivir approval, It may be time to reset expectations on when…, It may be time to reset expectations on when we’ll get a Covid-19 vaccine, The Road Ahead: Charting the coronavirus pandemic over the…, The Road Ahead: Charting the coronavirus pandemic over the next 12 months — and beyond, HHS relaxed oversight of problematic Covid-19 tests despite being…, HHS relaxed oversight of problematic Covid-19 tests despite being told of accuracy concerns, New screening technique turns up genes tied to microcephaly,…, New screening technique turns up genes tied to microcephaly, scientists say, and could be used for…, Ashish Jha on Covid-19, pandemic fatigue, and when we’re…, Ashish Jha on Covid-19, pandemic fatigue, and when we’re getting back to normal, But that’s not the reality for those getting their health information from online sources such as. You should suspect that a news site may be fake if it: If you suspect that a news site is fake, look for a disclaimer somewhere on the page (often in small print) that indicates that the site is an advertisement. In addition, the information you enter when using an app may not be secure. As of 2016, we believe that it is by far the worst. Get the latest public health information from CDC », Get the latest research information from NIH », NIH staff guidance on coronavirus (NIH Only) », National Advisory Council on Aging (NACA), Advances in Alzheimer's Disease & Related Dementias Research. which need to be based on sound information obtained from the most reliable medical websites. If you are asked to share personal information, be sure to find out how the information will be used. Is it sponsored by a company that sells dietary supplements, drugs, or other products or services? But also high up in search results and social shares are sites with names such as GreenMedInfo and Healthy Holistic Living, which present themselves as authoritative reference guides on health topics while relying on false claims and misrepresented sources to promote alternative medical treatments. Make sure you know who made any app you use. A smile or a cup of coffee go a long way.Read more Why are doctors so unkind to each other? A contributor’s connection to the website, and any financial stake he or she has in the information on the website, should be clear. The site later edited the story after being contacted for comment by NewsGuard. Be careful about testimonials. It bears a physician directory and health care professionals in the given area can be searched with the help of it. cases reported this year involve patients who had received two doses of the MMR vaccine. Healthcare world too, experiences reformation with the use of high end equipment and healthcareRead more, Are You Implementing Effective Ways of Healthcare Marketing? As much as I like Wikipedia, one study showed that it may contain errors. Also, look for a comments policy on the Web site, such as. Are links to original sources or scientific research provided? We cannot say the same for the organizations we'll be mentioning today. Sites that use HTTPS (Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) are encrypted, less likely to be hacked, and more likely to protect your privacy. Here are few most trusted medical reference websites for healthcare professionals. Just type in the information you need to find, and get a list of credible websites. Age of Autism, "The Daily Newspaper of the Autism Epidemic," says it best themselves: "the autism epidemic is real, and excessive vaccinations are the cause." Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If a website is trying to sell a product, the information provided may not be objective. If you’re considering a. Read about this topic in Spanish. Why was the site created? Read any privacy policy or similar language on the site, and don't sign up for anything you don't fully understand. GreenMedInfo is one of many sites rated by NewsGuard that presents marijuana as a proven cure for cancer, asserting in a December 2018 article, for example, that “medical marijuana is chemotherapy, natural style, for cancer patients.” (Broader scientific reviews have come to a different conclusion; a 2017 report on marijuana from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined “there is insufficient evidence to support or refute the conclusion that cannabinoids are an effective treatment for cancers.”). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How to differentiate between the good and the bad? The Clearinghouse does not provide medical advice, treatment recommendations, or referrals to practitioners. Only quotes people who say good things about the product. They may also ask you to "subscribe" or "become a member." Are You Considering a Complementary Health Approach? Do not open unexpected links. Some of these reports are reliable, but others are confusing, conflicting, or misleading, or they may be missing important information. Multispecialty hospitalRead more, Digital is the future for healthcare marketing. Through a network of more than 200 websites, with names such as and, Adams has long promoted the debunked claim that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism. Doctor, do I have to stay on these medications? There are websites on nearly every health topic, and many have no rules overseeing the quality of the information provided. the Food Babe, has not attracted the widespread media coverage she once did. Some Web sites have an editorial board that reviews content.

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