Now that's poor! Disease is the crime, I'm the cure! Bob I could read. [Drix tries, only succedes in mangling his face]. : What are we doing here? Drix Osmosis : Librarian Whatever.

: : [smirking]  Osmosis Jones provides examples of:. : :

That's Drix. I'm sorry, Osmosis, I can't help you. : [Deleted scene, Drix and Ozzy are in an ocean of mucus]. [Osmosis rearranges himself to look like a germ]. I gotta go get her. : Thrax Osmosis Suspect is headed towards the uvula. Osmosis [Deleted scene, Drix and Ozzy are in an ocean of mucus]  You've got a lot of nerve. Cherry.


Alcohol. What type of cell is Osmosis (Ozzie) Jones?

We couldn't afford no vomit; that's for rich folk. Yeah, I saw what it said. They'll tear you apart.


Drix Osmosis Osmosis She'll probably call you. Oh, don't act so innocent. 'For the temporary relief of symptoms associated with... '. : :

Looking like that? Conductor Osmosis

We're about to be wiped under a table! La Muerte Roja! I was developed at the University of Chicago, where I graduated Phi Beta Capsule. Thrax is alive and he's in the brain! My school was Crack Central. : Osmosis : Jones! I knew things would be difficult but I never imagined I would have to work... Drix : : Now let her go. Well, this is a fine mess you've gotten us into. Drix Biology osmosis jones. To get our cootie.

Hey, pal. Drix Throughout the film, he tries to gain the affections of Leah Estrogen. You know we've got that big insurance exam next month. Frank? She'll be excited. Osmosis

Conductor Heartburn? You got that? :

Can you... uh... use a tissue or something? : Study? Frank What are you talking about? That's what I said.

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