The bosses in that raid have way too much HP. Puppet's Bunker had a few interesting new mechanics, however the scale of the battles felt small and the music really lacked in comparison (but still good I guess). Copied Factory is my least favorite 24 man raid in the entire game. If you get hit by the red beams, you’ll die. Each will drop three chests, one locked in for each party. Heads I Win agrees with Konogg’s cautious outlook about 2P, while Tails You Lose fully supports Anogg’s eagerness to help the gynoid. For this one, you’ll want to take note of the orb in the middle of the arena. 1 to 8 players (3 parties of 1 Tanks, 2 Healers, 5 DPS) Undersized Parties Not Allowed; Class: Disciples of War or Magic * Limited jobs can participate only when using a preformed or undersized party, and the duty allows it. Long, thin strips will slowly push out toward the group and detonate the path they took when they reach the end. Regardless of how you gain access to The Copy Factory, players will need to assemble a full alliance of three parties. The armor lacks high defense or secondary combat stats, making it purely a fashion item. A fresh level 80 that has just cleared Amaurot will only be item level 430 or less. Take too many of these, and the vulnerability stacks will mean certain death from the Volt Array that signals the end of the barrage. I hated the battle, but there was a free world there, The remaining usage of “Allagan Tomestone of Poetics” & “Company Seals”: For AW & ZW to do someday…, Scholar Eureka Weapon (EW) “All Stages” Appearance Summary, Scholar Anima Weapon (AW) “All Stages” Appearance Summary, Scholar Zodiac Weapon (ZW) “All Stages” Appearance Summary, Machinist Eureka Weapon (EW) “All Stages” Appearance Summary, Machinist Anima Weapon (AW) “All Stages” Appearance Summary. This, along with an equal amount of Manufactured Coins from The Copy Factory, can be traded to Fathard in Eulmore for items to upgrade Crystarium gear into item level 500 Augmented Crystarium armor and weapons. Minion. This gear is gender-neutral, allowing male characters to dress exactly like the protagonist of Nier Automata. Each of them takes forever to kill. After that potential disaster, Sharp Turn has the three flight units dash from one team’s point to another, creating a triangular strike zone you’ll want to run into the center of to avoid. They’ll return to their original positions after this, so don’t worry about changing places — shield or otherwise prep for a Guided Missile tank buster. The only thing to watch out for is for bad placement of Incendiary Bombing causing issues with the cardinal and inter-cardinal path of Explosive Blast. From this point on, Compound 2P will use a technique recently seen in The Heroes’ Gauntlet where she’ll start an attack, teleport, then execute it. The only exception to this is Maneuver: Diffusion Cannon, the unavoidable raid-wide damage dealer. It's the maddening penultimate raid of the Nier/FFXIV crossover, but it's made easy with this full guide. The boss with then begin to attack with music, essentially. Flight Units will mix with other attacks as the fight goes on, so watch your enemy list and keep an eye out for them around the arena. After the Copied Factory comes the Puppets' Bunker. 9S will also have extra items like his Triple Triad Card; Pod 054 and Pod 316 minions; Orchestrion scrolls for Alien Manifestation, Rays of Light, Song of the Ancients, The Sound of the End, and Weight of the World (Prelude mix). No matter what they are, there are a lot of energy bullets to dodge, and plenty of ways to wipe whole groups off the map. It’s a pretty minion that looks so deformed. ▼ Please check the video for detailed movements ! After that, there should be another use of Beam Cannons. This won’t happen until the team is pelted with three hits of Missile Command and a couple of other red markers. The alliance will do battle with four major bosses: 813P-operated Aegis Unit; A-lpha, B-eta, and C-hi Superior Flight Units; 905P-operated Heavy Artillery Unit; and finally, The Compound. The bigger overlap ones won’t have time to open back up. Spoiler warning! The ball kicks things off with four Mechanical attacks in sequence: Laceration, Decapitation, Dissection, and Contusion. This new 24-man raid was introduced in patch 5.3, and it’s barely noticeable which targets are boss encounters and which are just trash pulls. Congratulations. During this, Surface Laser and stack markers go out simultaneously, so pay attention. At this point, you’ve seen every attack it can offer. Much of patch update 5.3 focuses on improving old expansions, like the streamlined A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. These are linear lasers, so figure out their teleport destination and find a spot they won’t cover. Compound will then repeat its Mechanical attacks in a seemingly random sequence until dead, at which point it’ll deal one more arena attack, dealing Down for the Count (or killing you, if you’re low) and morphing into its second phase — Compound 2P. If an item is claimed, the player cannot gain another reward until weekly reset every Tuesday 17:00 Japan time. Doll of doll ? Expect these to start blending, like Surface Lasers with Beam Cannons and Flight Units with Collider Cannons. Again, take note of her sword stance. The Puppets’ Bunker is the second 24-man raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.It’s available at level 80 after finishing the quest Everything You Know Is Wrong.It can be completed via the duty finder. There will also be a single coffer containing a full set of No.2 Type B Attire, the outfit of 2B. Drop this marker off to the side and run back. They’ll turn black as a player enters, so aim to turn them all black to avoid any unnecessary damage. Consider finishing Eden’s Verse a few times before trying The Puppet’s Bunker. There’s a knockback to each hit, but as you need to stick with the stack, don’t use Arm’s Length or similar skills to negate it. It's so boring and takes too long to get through. After Pod R012 comes out to stick markers above virtually everyone’s head, Four Parts Resolve kicks off, marking four people in sequence. So long as you’re not in a puddle of fire, standing between two arrows of the same blast marker should give you time to move before they hit. Because of this restriction, it will take five weeks to outfit a single job, and 35 to collect everything. They will face off against the Serial-Jointed Command Model, Hobbes, Engels, and 9S-operated Walking Fortress. It would be a lot better if all the bosses had their HP reduced by at least 1/3. Upon finishing The Puppet’s Bunker the first time each week, players will also gain a Puppet’s Coin. Just stay close to the smooth top side of a wing to avoid the massive nozzles underneath. Once these two modes are introduced separately, they’ll begin to be used simultaneously, with tethers from the screens going out on diagonals, making reading each move a little more involved. This even includes outfits that can be worn no matter which race or gender combination players have selected. The first is a simple raid-wide blow, and the second is a hard-hitting laser that will kill anyone topped-up unless they hug the boss. Teams will take on their A, B, and C corresponding targets, but it’s worth noting you’re not locked in place — this is important. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers are available now on PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4. Either way, more quests in the chain will appear including Carnivals and Confrontations, We Can Rebuild Her, and Everything You Know is Wrong. After that, Refraction Cannons will see the big boss turn its wings on their side. This also gives slight teases to the next Nier raid scheduled for patch 5.5, the final part of the Shadowbringers expansion. What you have here is Centrifugal Slice as raid-wide damage and Relentless Spiral, a triple-hitting ground attack to side-step through. The next part of Final Fantasy XIV‘s YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raid series, the Puppets’ Bunker, is due in patch 5.3. As soon as a bottom set dissipates, run to their spot to avoid taking the final top laser. Is FINAL FANTASY XIV a MMORPG that can be played alone? Before the Pods make their way down, though, you’ll have to dodge a barrage of energy bullets creeping in from the cannons adorning the arena edge. The three corners of the arena resolve first, so sprint there to stay safe. After it resolves, the clone will begin casting the same version, so you’ll need to move accordingly. Then, it’s the team’s turn with Maneuver: Beam Cannons. Healers will need to keep watch and top-up as it’s cast. Now things get tricky. Basically, each screen is tethered to the next pod along (clockwise) rather than the one directly in front of it. This boss’s attacks have two prefixes to denote their range: Firing Order for single-target markers and Maneuver for wide-range. From here on out, it’ll summon Pods around the outer arena and command them to execute different attacks. Volt Array will deal raid-wide damage, so pre-shields are beneficial. Unfortunately, that’s been delayed due to the ongoing global pandemic. Copyright (C) SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Once this finishes casting, the mechs will position themselves closer to the middle and fire off Lethal Revolution, dropping red markers all over the area. This is a targeted tank buster that they should take to the left or right portion of the area. All rights reserved. This is currently the strongest equipment in the game and will remain so until update 5.4, when it will be replaced with even stronger Tomestone and Eden prizes. The cast of Self-Consciousness Data gives the middle orb more control over the fight. Any other mix will be potent. My name is Norirow Note. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Her stance and text line will let you know which version of it she’s casting. In all fairness, I have only made it 5 to 6 hours into Nier Automata before getting distracted by another game that held my attention better. After a quick use of Relentless Spiral, she’ll plot another use of Prime Blade — this time with three potential teleport locations — and then do the same again with the Reproduce clones. Related: How to Get The Rolling Tankard Ignition Key & Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. Again, you want to watch the screens tethered to each pod to know which attack they’ll deal, which comes out as the timer on the screen reaches zero. And this is the Note written by Norirow Note. It can be difficult to know what each pod is about to do, but by reading the screens they’re tethered to, you can get a solid idea. The choice will affect some of the Dwarves’ and 2P’s dialogue in the next upcoming quests. It lifts up when in use, creating attacks that have levels to them. The Compound will also have a fourth treasure chest that main contain 2B and 2P minions, a 2P Triple Triad card, and Orchestrion rolls for the Nier songs End of the Unknown, Fortress of Lies, Grandma Destruction, and The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Torn from the Heavens mix).

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