I love the webtoon! The reason that he had been purged was simple. In addition to her basic sword training, she also included a few original exercises that she had invented in the past in order to temper her body and add mana training into the mix. This would mean that intermarriage had not prevented the imperial family’s abilities from leaking outside of their direct lineage. Ianna looked up to the elderly man as she took a moment to catch her breath and he nodded at her in praise in turn. The diffe . Thank you again for your hard work. And there are so many women in the emperor’s harem that it’s impossible to name them all. Just finished reading this chapter and this doesn't happen there. I will update it as I read the chapters, so it might contain spoilers if someone is behind in the translation. Ianna nodded when the kindly old man sitting in front of her spoke to her quietly and replied, “The continent is divided down the middle by the Lotso Mountains, and the extensive mountain range acts as the border between the Kingdom of Roanne to the south and the Bahamut Empire to the north, which have a long history of bad blood between them. Change ), Volume 1: The Maiden of Dawn and the Knight of the End, Volume 2: The Age of Thorns and the Map of Blue, Volume 3: The Revolving Moon and the Tale of Beginnings, Volume 1: The Warrior Who was Born on a Rainy Day, Volume 5: Commencement of the Martial Arts Tournament, Volume 1: A Magician in Male Attire and the Gold Knight, Volume 2: The Magician in Male Attire and Dragon’s Compatriot. “The Demon of War” was criticized for overexaggerating, but the tales of the Bahamut imperial family’s long history made their strength seem to transcend the imagination even without the accounts written in the essay. Gerard had been purged by Luria, the current king’s, Fernando’s, mother, who was also the previous king’s first lover. She had obediently accepted his rebuke until then, but erupted in rage the very moment he had shown pity for her. However, those who are wary assert that all the people of Bahamut, and not only the imperial family, are hostile and say that Bahamut is simply gathering her power for a large-scale war. The exposition itself is very convoluted, I remember mana being the subject of atleast two different expositions and I still don't get it. ( Log Out /  Link to the author’s work on RidiBooks. Did Laos heard stories during his early years about his fathers absense? Ianna and Arhad had much in common. “Bahamut is currently controlled by Philliad Sarvon Bahamut, whose policies are much more moderate than his more radical predecessors before him, and standing beside him is the empress, Shailince Bahamut. What changed instead was everything around her as somehow everyone that was important in her first life suddenly started going to the same school at the same time. You’ll be credited, of course. Would you continue your project to the next volume after reminiscence? “I told you in passing last time. Laos is Roberstein's and Roygen's/the Demon's child. Viscount Gerard Hephlood. I heard a bit about this going in, so I was steeling myself for the change in season 2. I remember in the webtoon version at the end of the god era Laos reversed into a child. Thank you for another chapter! It is based off a semi-official map found on Hyedori’s personal blog. The people of Bahamut tend to have very pale skin. Press J to jump to the feed. Now that we have a better understanding of the families I might make a relationship diagram for this story. Their lessons were lessons that Ianna, who did not recall every little detail from her past, would have to take no matter what even if Gerard hadn’t been her teacher. Or did he want to cut away any left over links from the era of the gods? They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. Yo estoy en el volumen 5, así que este comentario contiene spoilers She knew that she would meet him for sure during the national tournament right before she turned nineteen. There is so much of a difference in the people of Roanne’s abilities on the battlefield and their ability to manufacture weaponry in comparison to that of other neighboring kingdoms that it’s like comparing the skills of an adult to that of a child’s. I really wanted to read this ! However, Ianna did not know anything else about him. My confusion is she regrets that she had to fight Arhan or whatever bullshit she was spitting. Thank you so much for translating!!! About Reminiscence Adonis Webtoons Ianna and Arhad had much in common. - Duration: 11:53. One hundred vertical swings, one hundred horizontal swings, one hundred diagonal swings each in both directions. You guys are the best! They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. Since you’re a member of the nobility, I’m sure you at least know the names of your own kingdom’s royal family, yes?”, “But of course. Ianna had straight bright crimson hair that extended past her waist until she cut it to shoulder length after the chimera attack. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Animesuggest community. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Will the same tragedy repeat itself, or can Ianna change the course of history? ( Log Out /  The art and story in the beginning was mysterious, promising, and compelled me to find out more. If he wasn’t interested in his past life, then I doubt he has any interest in pandemonium, even if the body of his past self lies there. I mean I guess it’s not fun to hear. Games Movies TV Video. The difference is one wanted the other's warmth, and the other wanted submission. Yes. They know that they’ll only suffer defeat if they try to get in between Roanne and Bahamut.”, “And, how is the situation between Roanne and Bahamut now?”, “Strangely enough, Bahamut has only initiated small skirmishes with Roanne these past sixteen years instead of waging an all-out war. lol i’m sobbing that we didn’t get to meet him at all! However, he had been made to leave the Roberstein territory only a year after he had begun teaching her. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. If you enjoyed the story, please support the author by purchasing a copy of the series. Volumes 1~4 are Part 01 (Reminiscence), Volumes 5~9 are Part 02-I (Eternal Bliss), and Volumes 10~12 are Part 02-II (Eternal Bliss II). She doesn't have to cry to be vulnerable and relatable. The people of the Bahamut Empire praised him as a supreme ruler. Why are you looking at me like I’m the most pitiful person in the world? That it is because the imperial family is obsessed with the purity of their bloodline and practice intermarriage.”. Her training was difficult to handle with the body of a young, eleven-year-old girl and even Ianna, with her mental fortitude, was exhausted by the time she completed it. In other words, he was much stronger than the imperial family. And, along with Isphee and Karnitz, he was the last of the few people whom Ianna remembered fondly in her childhood memories. Ianna stared as Gerard, who was much younger than he looked in her memories, and smiled wryly. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. I am so happy I found this! She knew him better than any other as an absolute being who walked toward the same peak of swordsmanship as she did, but she was also more ignorant of him than any other when it came to personal relationships.

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