Contact support to inform Shaw. Ive gotten a 250$ gift card, a smart TV, and free optic tv for 6 months and a bunch of other small deals along the way. My 2 year Internet 300 contract expires Aug 31. I had only asked for them to retain my pricing and services, and when I told them that Telus had a better deal going on, they basically said "meh". Current Shaw customer in BC with 2 Account # looking for offer to renew contract or no contract. Etc...? Canada has one of the highest prices for internet and cellular data. Please PM me. I selected "internet services" and just hit 0 after and that got me to a human, where I requested to be transfered to loyalty. I got through to loyalty. My current Shaw promo is expiring at the end of the month. Labist Raspberry Pi 4 - 8G starter kit $144 CAD. **just read this is over WIFI, well it's WIFI.. it will fluctuate based on many variables. At my sister's, it's terrible. I called to renew my contract and was told I would have to pay $175pm and get Total TV (which we won’t use much) and Internet 300. Worth the switch and the contract break fee. I got at good deal with my plan. It's not only Shaw, but I've experienced the same with Telus... Maybe, it's just my area. It’s a bullshit game they play, if you know the rules you can get good deals. or on wifi and paying and after a few years going I wonder why I do this? Now I pay 85$ for 600Mbps. What is everyone getting for deals with regards to Internet 300 with Shaw? I'm pretty sure this topic has been discussed often, but I haven't seen it lately. Be prepared to actually switch if you want to negotiate any sort of deal with Shaw, Telus, whomever. shaw cable; fiber; deals; in; SCORE. and have you troubleshoot it? ye olde supply and demand thing. I dont know why... but Telus offers me retention promos almost every year. I have had 2 x voicemails from a "Tim" at Shaw inviting me to call head office and ask "Tim" to be emailed to call me back to get a promo expiring Aug 31. Subject to Internet connectivity. 16 Live TV streaming via the BlueCurve TV app is available to all Shaw TV subscribers, full BlueCurve TV app access is only available to Shaw TV subscribers with Video on Demand (available at no extra cost). Oct 19th, 2020 4:07 am #1; AmRando [OP] Member Apr 1, 2009 232 posts 194 upvotes Soviet Canuckistan . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Oct 19th, 2020 4:07 am. The 100MPBS connection at her place will run 25MBPS at times or less, to the extent that you can't even stream 1080P videos on more than one device. I just personally get my girlfriend to call and set up adifferent account for a 2-year contract. The speeds are initially good, but they start to suck throughout the membership. PM me please for price on no-contract Internet 75, basic TV package and possibly landline. This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify. RedFlagDeals for iOS and Android makes it easy to stay on top of the latest Canadian deals, flyers and freebies from wherever you are! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News and questions about Shaw products and services. It still uses Shaw last mile so it'll be same as your current service. my two year plan ends end of July and they offered me 2yrs Med TV/fibre + for $20 higher than a 'new' customer. Teksavvy was only going to give me 150 for 75$. Please do not share any personal information, even if someone claims to work for Shaw. It’s always a treat when someone posts the prices. No retention deals from shaw or telus will ever be able to compete with techsavy or lightspeed. I'm still lucky, at my place I get decent speeds. I'm not thrilled that I didn't get to keep the Internet 300 but I've had no real issues with that level of bandwidth. They don’t have loyalty so why should you? Otherwise, enjoy your $88/month instead of a better deal with another company. Shaw is offering no contract options Here are as follows Internet 100 45$ month with 50$ credit Internet 300 55$ month with 150$ credit Shaw ... RedFlagDeals for iOS and Android makes it easy to stay on top of the latest Canadian deals, flyers and freebies from wherever you are! Then when I asked for loyalty they told me their system is messing around and they will call me back today. Shaw TV is part of a wider empire called Shaw Communications Inc., which is headquartered at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I had to go through three attempts but I finally got them to give me Internet 50 for $49/month on a 2 year plan. shaw has got to be the biggest rip off con artists I've dealt with ever my opinion tell me the day I get the wifi box I will have a technition that day and no shows then they say a month away still doesnt work because their outlet does not work on the house and still didnt after the fact so it was cancelled and there sending me a bill for 300 plus that services I never got f..k that! are you seeing this result on speedtests or while doing actual uploads? I was offered 95 (my current rate), I swapped to Telus, saved 20 bucks and was able to get PikTV included. Mar 13th, 2014 6:30 pm #3; caveat_emptor Deal Addict Nov 16, 2010 1899 posts 343 upvotes Winterpeg . Join the conversation with thousands of savvy shoppers in Canada’s largest online forum. ), [Costco] speeds depend mostly on the servers you are connecting to. She lives in an apartment, so I don't know if it's congestion, but I've seen this at my dad's place as well. Any options besides switching to Telus or Teksavvy? The pioneer of the communications company, JR Shaw, oversaw the first cable connection for the company in Alta. What are the details if you bundle the internet deals with cable TV? How are you testing? Called head office, no idea how to reach "Tim". Just switch. you'd be surprised how quickly they come back with a deal then. I actually may have laughed out loud. If you are not getting your speed this is rare on Shaw these days. Now on Telus Fibre 125 for $50(deal for new internet customer and being with Koodo). as they lost tv subscribers they had to make up lost revenue by increasing internet pricing. I've tired of Shaw. No more having to haggle every 1 / 2 years. It all started in 1966 when the company with the original name being Capital Cable Television. I’m done playing the retention game first past the post wins ✌️. Hi. I live in NE Calgary. I don't find Shaw expensive but I never pay the full price. As an existing (long time) customer I was trying to see what kind of deals that I can get to upgrade services to Bluesky and Internet 300. This is only for new or returning customer to shaw, offer only valid till end of august act fast to save $$$$$$ this is valid for when you call in to head office, [Innovation Credit Union] They don't know the difference. My 2 year contract is up this month, and when I called, they could only offer me a $88/mth, instead of the current $75/mth that I'm on. you won't see lower internet pricing until another major player comes and shakes up the market. I'm looking at Telus but they don't have Fibre in my neighbourhood, if they did I'd throw my money at them. Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition - $399.99 (Online! How is PikTV? They didn’t call, so I went back into chat and they said they still have system issues and can’t help me but will call me later - still nothing. Most of the time I get 330/16. 1 gig up and down and it’s $85 for 2 years. Lightspeed is 70$/month for 300/20 with no caps. My 2-year discounted service plan is expiring soon. 3 months ago. Any Shaw folks can offer an affordable (no contract) internet only offer? The Shaw Community forums provide support for Shaw Cable accounts, so if you have any questions regarding your Shaw Direct account I would recommend reaching out to their support team. Why is Shaw so expensive? The real sweet part is the new bill credits on the month-to-month offers. Try 4-6 hours later with a different rep. We are all on Shaw, and we seldom get the advertised speeds, despite paying an enormous amount. Looking for offer somewhere in the range of: Internet 100 / Small TV, cheap personal phone. I've had the same problem with Shaw at my parents, sisters, and my place. Shaw now charges $82 for 15MBPS Internet (Off contract). It depends on the day. The internet plans are expensive when you compare it with the rest of the world. Any info on pricing for the internet and TV combos? Shaw is my only option at my North Shore 604 area code location. This feature lets you determine how good a deal you are getting on toilet paper purchases. All rights reserved. Why is Shaw so expensive? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Some reading I did on it they said it was not very reliable. Play their game, lie to them and say you’ll leave... see what they offer you then call another company and see what they would offer to sign up. Ask tech related questions, learn about new products, and get information. We don’t watch much TV, CTV news mainly and the home reno type channels. Can I do better? To be honest, we've contacted Shaw, but they don't do anything. AscendingDescending, Powered by phpBB ® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Copyright © 2000 – 2020 Any Shaw Cable Fiber deals in AB currently? I had to go through three attempts but I finally got them to give me Internet 50 for $49/month on a 2 year plan. Go to Telus for a month and switch back. Do you know anything else about them? My contract ends mid July. We are all on Shaw, and we seldom get the advertised speeds, despite paying an enormous amount. At my sisters' place, it's far worse. It happens a bit too often than I'd like. Thanks. I have internet 300 (300/15). Because people pay it. What number to do I call to get this deal?

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