Pirates: crew closes one eye, puts up a hooked finger, hobbles around like they have a pegleg and say “Aaargh!”, Row to Shore: crew gets in lines of 4; players act as if they are rowing to safety while singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”. Type the command in the chat window. Indentify the boundaries so that all players know. 5 sailors eating: 5 players. Here are a few of our favorite jump rope games for different ages and learning goals. Tell them to make really loud eating sounds like "YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM! ", Walk the Plank! We’d like to help! Create and add new rules, especially ones that require students to form groups of 2, 3, 4, 5 and more!

Enter your zip code to learn about Playworks in your area. Make sure everyone gets let out of the “brig” during break time. Star Trek Fleet Command expands its universe with brand new Star Trek: Discovery IP! It’s that time of day. Drop anchor: crew lies on their backs with legs up and acts like an anchor. There are lots of variations you could try – be creative! Several of these are similar commands with different group names or slight variations: From beyondthechalkboard.org: "Captain’s Coming can easily be adapted to teach players vocabulary from other content areas. Swab the deck: players act like they’re mopping the deck. The crew may not lower their salute until the … Indentify the boundaries so that all players know. Basic commands: To the island: run to the left boundary (can also be a command of ‘port’) Scrub the deck: crouch down and make a scrubbing motion with hands Hit the deck: lay on your stomach Clear the deck: everyone must have their feet off the floor Up periscope! Teaching listening skills and awareness, this is a good readiness game. Start with a few and increase the number commands you use as the players are able to remember them. This game is also known as Pirate Ship, Captain’s Orders, Ship Captain, Ships and Sailors, Shipwreck, etc. Download a free electronic copy of the Playworks Game Guide with hundreds of games you can use today. If crew members does not follow the commands correctly or is the last to follow the command they must go to the, Explain the playing area and designate which end is the €œ. See how your school's recess stacks up. Today is International Talk like a Pirate Day!

Crow’s nest: players act as if they’re climbing up a ladder to the crow’s nest, the top of the main mast, an area at the highest point of the ship to lookout. If Simon does not say then the players have to ignore the command and follow the previous one. The room is stuffy, and everyone is tired. Behind the Scenes: Reinforcing SEL with Games, 10 Brain Breaks That Will Help Your Students Refocus, Back to School Refresher for Recess Monitors, Game of the Month: Journey Around the World, Six Games to Create a Rock Star Day of Play, 6 Ways to Improve Social Skills at Recess, Behind the Scenes: Reinforcing SEL with Games ›, 10 Brain Breaks That Will Help Your Students Refocus ›, Jump Rope Games To Help Everyone Jump In ›. All get into a circle and point up. The second person puts their head by the other person's feet and uses their hands to support themselves. Commands: Roll call: the crew must line up at the midline of the playing area, feet together, toes on the line, salute and say aye-aye captain ! One person lays back down on the ground and holds up their arms. You will be surprised how many go the way you point instead of the right direction). Some content on this site may not be accessible unless you enable JavaScript. Hit the deck: players fall to the floor on their stomach, Rowboat: Find a partner (2 total), sit on the ground one behind the other, and row, Seasick: To the side of the ship and do your duty (pretend to throw up) overboard, Jellyfish: Get down on the ground, on our back and shake your arms and legs in the air, Lifeboat: find 5 partners (6 kids total) and sit in a circle on the ground, Octopus: find 7 partners (8 kids total), gather in a circle and have each person stick a leg out, Holystone the Deck: Get on their hands and knees and pretends to scrub the floor, Seagull: Players duck and cover their heads, Roll call: the crew must line up at the midline of the playing area, feet together, toes on the line, salute and say “aye-aye captain!” The crew may not lower their salute until the captain salutes and says “at ease.”. Several of these are similar commands with different group names or slight variations: Sailor Overboard: 2 players. If crew members does not follow the commands correctly or is the last to follow the command they must go to the “brig” or break-room.

You probably know the saying “you are what you eat.” But did you know that you are also “how you play”? Assign one person to be the "Captain." See how your school's recess stacks up. Love implementing Game of the Week? : Five people stand in a single file row hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. For some people, this game will involve learning new vocabulary too. : Four players squat in a circle like sitting at a table and pretend to eat like they haven't eaten in days. https://www.teampedia.net/wiki/index.php?title=Captain%27s_Coming!&oldid=121925, Optional: create a boundary with rope, chalk, or sticks to designate the sides of the ship.
Make sure everyone knows the commands you will be using. Seasick: 1 player. Students move to their tables and begin their group work, when suddenly, you hear loud…, Jump rope is one of the easiest ways to play alongside kids at recess or during break time. Take our three minute quiz. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. You have the conn! Since there are many variations to the actions (see below) we recommend the Captain choose their list of 5-10 actions and ask for volunteers to help demonstrate each of the action before beginning the activity. '", You can also include the rules for 'Simon Says', i.e. If they don't find a group fast enough or perform the right action, they are out of the game. When kids play, they are practicing social and emotional habits that will stick.

Those that are tagged can come back in and play again.

Playworks Trainers are equipped with oodles of tools and tips to help you get a recess and play program going today.

Find support for your school, organization, or community. Sailor Overboard! Take our three minute quiz. they can act like they are “floating” around the room, just like jellyfish “float” in the water). One person gets down on one knee and the other puts a hand on their shoulder and pretends... Bunk Beds: 2 players.

Beached Whale: 1 player. Form lower skilled players, pick two or three rules to focus on.

What was their favorite command to do? Summon your skills in strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership to master the dangerous universe of Star Trek Fleet Command. Explain that the crew is sailing treacherous seas and need to work together and follow the captain’s commands to survive. Have the players line up on a clearly marked line in the middle of the playing area. Pretend to throw up over the side of the ship.

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