Here you will see another bridge. Has anyone else had their Time Attack records erased? The pools of Mega Mack also return, including the infamous "rising pool" from the original stage where Sonic must escape from a vertical shaft with shifting block platforms that fills up with Mega Mack or risk drowning (and unlike the original version, the shaft fills up faster than Sonic can ascend so it is inevitable the player will be trapped under the liquid). Here are all the Zones in Sonic Mania, ... but you'll recognize the look and feel from that original Sonic title. I can only find one special stage giant ring in act1 of GH (5:50), but I've found three in act2. The Chemical Plant Zone features several references and Easter eggs: The jelly pools that bounce Sonic up make the same sound effects as the electrified floor in, The coiled and translucent tubes in Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 are similar to those seen in, The groups of blocks in Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 that lower themselves when hit from underneath appear to be based on those that appear in, The music for Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 has samples of Metallic Madness' music from. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. about Jump over the spike pits, and you should spot the Special Stage just ahead. When you land keep going right and try to stay on the upper path but if you fall look for a kind of stairway that has green launch platforms leading up and go right until you reach an elevator that is right next to the wall. Find out how to unlock the Mean Bean mini game in Sonic Mania. Naturally we will come across giant rings which others may have missed. Take this higher platform’s ramp down and left. Learn how to unlock the Debug Mode in Sonic Mania on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Description Then spin dash jump when at the top of the lift, and the fan will catch you and push you up. Head to the end of the train to find the entrance to the Secret Stage. Learn how to change characters in Sonic Mania. In addition, there are purple bubbles pushed upward by DNA strand-shaped Mega Mack springs that can carry the player up to higher areas. Having been teleported to the Chemical Plant Zone when Dr. Eggman got his hands on the Phantom Ruby, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles began their trek through the Zone to catch up to Eggman. Green Hill Zone – Act 1 Once the ring block is reached, head through the clear tube and select the Left option. Act 2 introduces many of the new stage gimmicks and also features a new background. It incorporates the level layout from both Acts of the original, featuring winding passageways, pipes, harmful chemical balls, and slopes on which the playable characters can reach full speed. On 8/21/2017 at 4:07 PM, Kuzu the Boloedge said: Sonic Mania Giant Ring Special Stage Locations (zone name spoilers etc). After the next bridge, players will see another bounce pad -- it can be used to reach the golden ring just beyond the crumbling floor. Touching these pads makes the playable characters cling to them until they jump off. Players can also find another Secret Stage entrance by going to the area with the tunnel and hill ramps -- jump over the tunnel and enter the path beyond it to find a launch pad that will allow Sonic to reach the giant ring.• Chemical Plant Zone, Act 1 - From the start, head down thee  lowerer-most tube until Sonic is bounced backward through it. Keep on running along the lower tube. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I found one in Chemical Plant Act 1. But Super Tails was worth it. Studiopolis Zone, Sonic and friends venture inside the Chemical Plant, finding a laboratory full of caustic chemicals and strange gelatinous pads. In order to collect Chaos Emeralds, Sonic Mania players need to first conquer the game's Secret Stages. Follow it as usual, until you reach a large downhill slope. Sonic Mania Plus Level 3-1 popcorn movie level BOSS ADVICE NEEDED, Sonic's sprite should have been based on his Sonic 3K one. Work your way up the propellers making use of the wind to move you along, until you see a Clucker next to an extended handle. The entrance to the Secret Stage will be just beyond the crumbling floor and spike pits.• Green Hill Zone, Act 2 - Move past the initial spawn point until a yellow bounce pad can be found. Naturally, finding the entrance to the game's Special Stages isn't always easy; fortunately we've managed to put together all of the information players need to discover the giant rings and track down all of the game's available Chaos Emeralds. Then yes there is a way to reach that area with tails and sonic. The game is, in my opinion, a near-perfect experience. Act 1 in particular bears a strong to the original Chemical Plant. Jump into it to reach the giant ring. It's not just finding them in little holes in the wall. When you go outside of the ship and into the storm for the first time, make your way up until you get to a series of propellers. Jump on the first one, then jump toward the left side of the screen. For Sonic Mania on the PlayStation 4, ... Is there a Special Stage Ring Location guide? In Studiopolis Act 1, towards the end of the stage, you'll run through a series of glass panels near the bottom of the level, followed by a ramp that shoots you straight up. To beat the Special Stages, you need to collect every blue orb as it will speed you up and you will be able to catch up to the UFO faster to collect the Chaos Emerald.

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