You won't be able to crimp the hull. To aim and fire, for example at the targets shown below, I just slid the green front dot down in front of the red rear dot and pulled the trigger. Thatn any other type of shotgun. Shot buffer like in the factory rounds might have worked, but might is the key word. Because of the way eBay's feed-back page is designed. MODEL 94 SHOTGUNS: The Value is as followes: (a/o 2008) Exc=150, Sell your Stevens 410 shotgun for FREE today on GunsAmerica! The bottom 3 shots were with 3.0 cc powder X and the top shot was with 3.1 cc powder X. Both have mild wear. In the dead of winter a deer inside that west-side evergreen thicket could simply stick out its neck for browse and walk a few yards for fresh water. I will ship the next business day after payment is received well packaged with a tracking number insured. 73. PLEASE CHECK– MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUYING CORRECT PART. Please click here and visit our sponsors. Surprisingly, at least to me, the slugs were tapered. The hammer is used, and shows wear through the finish to the bare metal in several spots. At the beginning of this thicket shotgun project, I bought a 15-pac of Super X 00 buckshot. STEVENS MODEL 94M 12ga Savage PARTS LOT: mainspring plunger ++ #L4089, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94E 12ga BLUED HAMMER & PIN #L5023, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94E 12ga PARTS LOT: mainspring plunger ++ #L5024, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94 single shot shotgun Parts EXTRACTOR 12 Ga New, Savage, Stevens, Springfield 94, 94B, 940, 107, 220, Extractor, Choice of One, SPRINGFIELD Model 94 E 16ga PARTS LOT: mainspring plunger ++ #TC871, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94 12GA PARTS LOT: mainspring plunger ++ #L3019, Stevens Model 94B Used 12 Ga. Locking Bolt Spring +Plunger #125, STEVENS MODEL 94M 12ga Savage PARTS LOT: mainspring plunger ++ #L459, Stevens Model 94 ,16 Ga. #5104 Trigger, Spring + Pin, STEVENS MODEL 94M 12ga Savage BLUED HAMMER & PIN gun parts #L4088. Appreciate it. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my other listings. 12GA. As glue and epoxy won't stick to an HDPE plastic hull, come hunting season I'll waterproof my slug loads with beeswax in the crimp and fingernail polish around the primer. I believe this will work on all gauges. I shot them as cast, and I don't believe it mattered. Both fit very snug and both came off of the same shotgun. It was tap & try, tap & try, repeat, repeat on both band halves. Each item is checked for completeness and functionality. all shipping charges. Forum posts about the Lee 000 buckshot mold had a common complaint: it took too long to get the mold to operating temperature. I filled and dumped, filled and dumped, etc., until the pot was empty. These are my terms so please do not ask me to change them as I will not. All Rights Reserved. Having found the Stevens 94 shotgun shown above, I had heck deciding what to do with it. I stuffed toilet tissue in the slot to catch debris and keep it out of the trigger/sear mechanism in case the drill went through the metal, which it didn't. A reader shares the story of when he was first given this classic shotgun—and of how he bought it back many years later. No cracks. I do not ship outside the United States as it creates more headaches than needed. Chambered for 2 3/4" or 3" Mag shells. April 6, 2018. Both butt plate has wear as pictured. Thus an added 11.4 oz lead shot in the shotgun's butt = 6 lbs 9 oz total weight now. These are my terms so please do not ask me to change them as I will not. I will combine shipping on multiple purchases and ship your item next day of receiving payment. All items are shipped with delivery confirmation so it can be tracked if there is an issue. Steven model 94 16ga. Well, it ain't bragging if it's true. I do not ship outside the United States as it creates more headaches than needed. They all shot so poorly I moved the cardboard box to 20 yards, but the 000 rounds still had many off-target flyers! When did organ music become associated with baseball? I have a "Wards Texas Ranger Model 20" 12 gauge single shot shotgun with a 2 3/4" tube. Does anyone know of somewhere I could use the serial number to figure out my mystery receiver? It will be shipped flat in a protective poly bag with a cardboard backing. The stretched thread indicates the center line of the barrel. The biggest problem was trying to stuff .360" balls inside a plastic shotcup/wad. Combined shipping for purchase of multiple items. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? are fifty dollar shotguns in good shootable shape. There's no way to get a good crimp on a shot column like that one.

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