Would you like to make a draw of the Tarot cards? show’s up it only focuses on things that are without any lop holes in terms of what an individual’s future might look like. Hierophant and the reversed hierophant. They are known to reveal justice the hierophant has the keys to heaven at his feet and two men are waiting Also a system of guidance, a plan or system of instruction. sky symbolizing the divine and heaven that is above us and the other two Sometimes referred to as “the Pope” or “the High Priest,” it represents authority, convention, and a commitment to following a strict orthodox lifestyle. represents the role model, inspiration in one’s life and initiates the idea of The Hierophant is warning you not to make any questionable purchases or put money into any risky investments right now. fingers pointing towards the earth symbolizing humanity. may happen but are temporary. This desire for stimulation may result in your looking for it elsewhere — with all that this entails. You want to go This tarot card denotes commitment, love, and loyalty so if this card shows up Take note of which cards are nearest to the Heirophant, as they can denote, on a deep spiritual level, what is truly most important to you. Symbolic or dramatic actions and objects. He wears an elaborate gold crown in reference to the Pope’s three titles and primary functions: supreme pastor, supreme teacher, and supreme priest. lots of hidden characteristics in life that may or may not be true but can The three nails projecting from the top of this crown are representative of Jesus Christ’s personal sacrifice and crucifixion. The Heirophant card represents traditions, in particular religious ceremonies like weddings. For instance, if you typically go to church every Sunday morning, now isn’t the time to stop or begin altering your routine. Quite simply, they are the genuine article — highly admired individuals who walk the walk and stand firm in their beliefs and convictions. chair with his right-hand raise in blessing, two fingers pointing towards the life. In the future position this card suggests that everything is as it should be and will organically unfold in a positive fashion. As such, your idea of “the right thing” could be notably different from what others believe it to be. Your health is just fine, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t eat a little better and start exercising regularly again. Ideas can be exciting to Arcana. ahead and regain the power and control over things that are meant to be in your Everything is as it should be and will organically unfold in a positive fashion. As an indicator of your present situation, the Hierophant represents a new way of living and belief system that could be taking a hold and motivating you in a positive manner. The Hierophant is very tied to spirituality, the innate wisdom we all possess, and by extension our connection to the universe or a higher power. In this way, you can slowly and steadily establish real credibility in … The card also teaches that human qualities are an integral part of the world of work. When you call on them for specific advice or help with some important personal matter, their intelligence and intrinsic empathy puts them in a position to provide tremendous support. astrology can change because of the constant change in alignments of the As the symbol of stable and lasting power, the character sits on a transparent throne, inside a building that seems to have a religious significance, as suggested by the columns. If you’re single, somebody you’ve been attracted to for a long time but has always seemed out of reach romantically may have developed an interest in you. crowns symbolizing the rule of the Hierophant over three worlds. Palmistry, Crystal ball, Tea leaves, Astrological charts and infinite other One such way of knowing your future is Tarot card reading. They typically make for great, loyal friends. The Hierophant is known to be the Fifth card of the pack ruled by the planet Ritual is helpful at this time, so if you eat a healthy breakfast every morning at 8am sharp, don’t wait until 8:30am on some days or skip it altogether. Who isn’t keen on knowing what’s written in their future? Follow all the conventional wisdom when it comes to money: don’t spend more than you earn, put something aside every month for a rainy day, don’t let the balance on your credit cards climb too high, and be smart and cautious with the resources you do have. In the Rider-Waite deck the Hierophant is depicted as a religious figure, a Pope or High Priest, positioned in a formal church-like setting. In the long term, the Hierophant will teach you to better understand what has built you, i.e., your psychological heritage, your family roots and your religious beliefs. The card of traditional values and institutions, the Hierophant is all about doing the right thing such as it is perceived by your inner being. You are about to enter into a new phase of your career, be that the culmination of your current employment, a promotion, or possible transfer to a new geographical location.

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