For the electric bikes or ebike kits or the electric wheelchair or the electric handcycle, shipping fees to return the items are at the customer's own expense. Here is a video which illustrates how a real torque sensor should work: So why aren’t torque sensors on every electric  bike? It really feels like I am riding a bicycle, except I am getting where I am gong faster and not having to walk up any hills. Phone: 877-278-6323/International: +1 571 781 2453, © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Falco eMotors. Once the product has been returned to us and has been ascertained as complete and undamaged (including the “original sealed” product box including its original packing materials) your purchase price, and original shipping will be refunded to you. A torque sensor makes you work for your power. You could request the return.

When done right, a torque sensor can make you feel bionic when you ride your ebike. Almost all pedal assists system have different levels that you can select with a dashboard that’s mounted on the handlebars.

The torque sensor is basically a sensor connected to the chain or bottom bracket (pedal) which measures the force you apply to the pedal. Add your own photos with this product (jpg, jpeg, png). Torque sensors allow the rider to work with the system to combine manual propulsion with electric propulsion assistance. The purchase price and original shipping will be refunded. That is why the vast majority of commercially available ebikes in the US have cadence senors rather than torque sensors.

It makes this adjustment in real time so it is technically amplifying your every input and makes the rider feel BIONIC!

Torque sensor is actually built into the bottom bracket of the bike.

Copyright © 2018 CQ Group, ELECYCLE, Inc. All rights reserved. If you have any questions regarding your purchase or its warranty, please chat with us one line or email to List of Commercially Available ebikes I know of (and have ridden) with torque sensors: Currie Izip Ultra  (read review) Uses a TMM torque sensor built into rear axle. If you pedal lighter, less power goes to the motor.
JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Refunds, including original shipping, will be refunded to the credit card account/ corresponding account used for purchase within 30 days after the return is received. A torque sensor is a type of throttle that determines how much juice to feed the motor based on how hard the rider is pedaling. This reduces the physical activity involved by the rider, which can be a negative for avid riders. Torque sensors apply power much smoother than a cadence sensor. A torque sensor forces you to help the ebike when it needs it the most, when it is accelerating and when climbing. A torque sensor is a throttle that bikes use to determine how much electric power to push to the bike compared to the rider’s manual biking power. If the wrong item is acceptable, you could ask for a special offer for this item, the difference would be refunded to your account.

The addition of an electric bike system can help you ride for longer distances and put less stress on your body during rides. If you pedal lighter, less power goes to the motor. You could also simply use your throttle. Handling time of E-bike or electric bike kits please check on their product page. If we have accidentally sent you the wrong item, you do as below. Please read the following terms before placing an order.

Here is the sensor mounted on the Stromer built into the rear drop out: As you can see the hardware is fairly simple for a torque arm, but in this case the frame’s drop outs need to be custom designed. A Cadence System simply measures how fast you are pedaling on your bike manually. To make a return, please follow these guidelines: If an item is defective when you receive it, it will need to be returned to us for a full inspection to ensure it is covered by the warranty. As you can see torque sensors are not cheap. A torque sensor bike detects how hard you are pedalling and the controller/motor will then provide a multiple of that pedalling force, from perhaps 50% (Eco) to 300% (Power).

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