, Read national security official Alexander S. Vindman's prepared remarks to Congress. The GOP elite had been snubbed and didn’t like him anyway so they were not likely to assist. I’m just surprised the Dems are pushing this forward. Change ). The New York Times is primary PR for the FBI; and CNN is primary PR for the State Dept. Prediction: report comes out, and it’s bad for everyone we want it to be bad about. However, none of them are serving in today’s military. It looks like Eric Ciaramella, Lt. Col Vindman and Peter and Peter Strzok are all CIA. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord. And as with your minions Schiff & “Dickie Do” Nadler, your grossly slanted conduct with your sham-wow hearings is only DAMAGING DEMS by many of your patty’s own admissions! The federal government grew for two reasons – the Depression and WWII. The prosecutor was fired and his son kept his job. I don’t see this as a ‘Seven Days in May’ scenario, more like a…a…a…wait a minute, anyone out there remember a movie about the CIA trying to take over the US government (Oliver Stone doesn’t count)? Thank you. The term “Governor” applies to a “Governor” only, not his … They try to make this a virtue, but you really do need people who know where the copy machines are. if the truth of all the evil the CIA has done were ever truly known….folks would scarcely believe it. President Trump sets the foreign policy. Beware of the republican senate voting to remove trump and install their insider Pence who will play by the old rules under their control. Vindman understands that he now can’t even pick his nose without the record being noted. Indictments. As you say, they expect presidential behavior when they perceive trouble ahead. Instead Ciaramella subverted the formal process and transmitted his hearsay complaint, derived from material provided by Vindman, directly to principal officials. Heads @ the Joint Chiefs @ their highest levels need to start rolling IMMEDIATELY & replaced with America-loving/Trump supporters at minimum!! This guy is just about as useless as they come. He will be using it for the IG report and Durham’s investigation. Is he not in violation of the UCMJ. Your explanation above Sundance contains several points that warrant questioning the Joint Chiefs, and why they are leaving Vindman in place. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was the majority (#1) source for the material CIA operative Eric Ciaramella used in a collaborative effort to remove President Trump from office. ( Log Out /  It is best to stay impartial. By “we win”, I mean the American people. It gives us an opportunity to stay in the “battle” as we put on the Armor of God daily. I think Paul Ryan had a lot to do with it. At least for me it is. The terms “Congress” and “legislature” do not refer to specific individuals, but rather the institutions as a whole. 17 “no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. The coup against President Donald Trump went from soft, to hard. It is also likely to expose CIA misdeeds. He was expecting Americans to behave like Americans shortly after the inauguration. Thank you Sundance for doing what the media should be doing. Didn't say he was. He said he was surprised how the negative feelings persisted to this day after his election. Must be some hugely damaging stuff, whatever it is. Everybody knows who he is. Schiff- It is so refreshing to see that you are currently under FEDERAL investigation!! Ciaramella- Clearly a spy who needs to be arrested, imprisoned, & charged with espionage. I dont even own a TV anymore. They therefore have their own massive funding to do exactly as they see fit to do. The Military- Their SHOCKING inaction over Vindman’s testimony + admitted conduct tells us that THEY ARE IN ON THE FIX/COUP. Beyond the concealment of criminal activities, the larger systemic motive for anti-Trump resistance within the beltway is the fear Trump will sweepingly act to modernize the agencies, DOS and CIA in particular, to gut the institutional bloat and cull the infiltrating sprawl of thousands of added positions rogue interests have created or caused to be created in other federal agencies as part of the official (and clandestine) agenda to permanently install governing “interagency” fiat usurpation of the federal government, protected from Executive Branch control by cohort political and syndicate interests that have infiltrated or otherwise formed within Congress. Ozero’s communist embeds in the DOD posing as real American military generals. The put in their 20 or so years, then take another job, preferably with a govt. It’s generally the DoD people working with and not for the people at Langley. Every person who served at the President’s discretion should have had to reapply, then undergo a strong vetting. Such a breach of this protocol can jeopardize the military’s standing as an unbiased, non-political entity. Obama hack judges (i.e. Your ship has hit the iceberg, your ship is taking on water, & you & your damned party of Socialists/Marxists are all going down with it!! An 0-5 in DC is breathing in the heady fumes of power that ooze through the Pentagon’s halls can become intoxicated, 0-5s in the Beltway swim in different waters than 0-5s in Camp Swampy. China didn’t take any jobs away from America,Rockefeller took them there, China hasn’t taken away any jobs from the US;Rockefeller took them there. Indeed, the time is NOW for action by President Trump & his team. You look at the SS and the KGB after their respective governments fell. The CIA a supremely dangerous rogue organization that is run on behalf of criminals for criminals. Charging someone with dereliction of duty, sedition or perjury is not retaliation, if in fact, it did occur. Well that depends on your definition of weapon but, as I said, there’s too much exposure for everyone to grassy-knoll him. Russia is not a real threat to the US. I bet he would fill it to capacity plus. If that jerk is still there it is for a reason. If so, we should look at Boarding Gates for Russia or Tehran, since he most certainly was involved with Obama giving them $ 150 billion, and he’s a “convert” to Islam. I just can’t help but wonder why the DOD would want to get rid of Trump. In 2020 a wholesale fumigation will be needed. Foreign ‘field grade’ officers are in command positions they can use to influence those under them but are not so high in rank that they may have interests in the current regime they won’t be willing to compromise. Our President is looking more and more alone, surrounded by knife wielding roman senators who mean to rule us. Reporters noted there was a disconnect between the call transcript and a separate summary of the call sent to reporters in April. Question is: who isn’t pushing it and why? Borrowing from Roscoe B Davis, here are some highlights: Representative John Ratcliffe begins deconstructing Lt. Col Vindman, while his arrogant attorneys begin trying to interfere with the questioning. To Vindman, a direct report was to Tim Morrison. LTC Vindman stands in violation of his oath of office as an officer in the Army of the United States. To this day, his messages to the people are prescient. There is no public knowledge about the date of these forms (could they be after the letter complaint) and there is no public urging to get them. She seems to enjoy threatening men and she hired lots of women for high ranking positions in the CIA, none of which support Trump. In big high-risk ops the Company tends to keep it in-house for security and CYA reasons, iof someone’s going to come in from the outside there’ll be walls built. Personally I LOVE IT!! Naw, Sundance is probably mistaken here. I have some deep suspicions about her role in all this. Morrison expected impeachment from this back in August? Trump was poorly advised in the early days of his transition and administration. Judith—–your timing is off. Obstruction keeps the President from taking action against these TREASONOUS COUP PLOTTERS. Maybe he kept the ones he thought could best be manipulated, the ones most prone to making mistakes in his favor, and bringing the RAID back to their nest. Sorry trnathens, please pardon many of us for being a little too jaded. The Dems/Deep State could give a flying damn about Burisma. the left—turns it to BIDEN and POTUS trying to hurt a 2020 opponent. Just find his presentation typical of a certain kind of politician-in-uniform that I could never find the lack of self-respect to tolerate. All of the clowns who have lied under oath during the sham-wow hearings- Swift & IMMEDIATE prosecution of each & every 1 of them for their perjury with the harshest of penalties looming following their anticipated convictions!! Dear Victoria, Terra, But, in absence of that, or until, we may get the trial in the senate, to lay Everything, and Everyone, out there for America to see.

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