Also,  The antediluvian Cainites who worshiped Cain or Qyn/Qynn, the smith god, were another deceased tribe that perished in the great flood. When Egypt controlled the copper mining operations in Edom from the 14th to the 12th Centuries BCE, they enslaved the Qynites/Kenites & Hebrews as miners and smiths according to Deut 4:20. The Hebrews adopted Ahura Mazda into the personality of YHWH, so YHWH became the aniconic, universal Creator. He built roads and restored order after the Gutian period. The animal sacred to YHWH was the serpent as evidenced by the nehushtan (copper snake coiling around a pole). Israel’s Serpent/Moon God Yahweh (YHWH), the Jewish Snake God, An Arabic Hebrew Comparative Study of Genesis 1-3, the Assyrian god, Ashur, was portrayed on cylindrical seals riding on the snake. A Rameses II (1304-1237) list has it 6 times. The Subjects Are Not Copyright Material. DNA haplotypes, CMH J1m267 and J1C3, have identified Yemen as the original homeland of the Hebrews. David: Dwd (l Samuel) (Hebrew meaning beloved):  A  monarch who, according to Biblical accounts, betrayed his king, Saul, murdered countless innocents (10’s of thousand according to I Sam 18:8), turned on those who sheltered him (the Philistines of Gath), murdered his chief lieutenant after he, David, committed adultery with his wife, and wantonly killed 2/3 of the population of Moab, the people of his great, great grandmother, Ruth. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” [John 8:31-32], Muhammad pbuh said : “Speak the truth even if its bitter.” [Saheh Hadith Al-Bukhari and At-Tirmizi], Allah Azza’Wa’Jalla The One and Only God Almighty said : “The truth has come and falsehood has vanished. (The ‘w’ and the ‘y’ are interchangeable in Semitic languages). Source : – According to Gen 9:1, Gen 9:7, Gen 16:10, Gen 17:2, Gen 17:20, Gen 22:17 etc., YHWH’s chief mission was to multiply the sons of Noah through his son Shem; especially through Shem’s descendant, Abraham. According to J.A. The Egyptians named this merged goddess, Qetesh; the Egyptian pronunciation of the Hebrew word ‘qodesh’ which means holy. Her name was later changed to Sarah (Gen 17:15). Such tent shrines can be seen engraved on ancient Egyptian ivory labels dating to the First Dynasty of Egypt (3200-3000 BCE). Her name means weary in Hebrew, which makes no sense considering that she is designated as the matriarch of the Hebrew tribes of kings (Judah) and priests (Levi). as a nation to be forever replaced by the New Testament Church. According to I Sam 9, this king of Edom was incorporated into the Israelite king list as Israel’s first monarch who hailed from the tribe of Benjamin. Sin means moon in Akkadian. The ancient Semitic peoples believed that the pole star was a deity or a central pole around which all of the constellations revolved. The word, levites, means ‘the coiling ones’. Ea’s constellation was Asiku, the field, which is currently the square of Pegasus. A version of the name Ltpn appears in the Bible as Lwtn (Gen 36:20) which means veiled. Awfr is the intensive form of wfr and means superabundance. It was this post Babylonian exile god that became the god of the Hebrews. From this, the term becomes conceptualized as a lunar deity, pictorially anthropomorphic but whose manifestations, from hieroglyphic evidence, can include the crescent of the new moon, the ibis and the falcon, which is comparable to the other moon deities, Of course, the complexity and controversy of Yah stem from the term's similarity to the early form of the name for the modern god of the Jews (Yahweh), Christians and Muslims, as well as the fact that their ancestors were so intermingled with those of the Egyptians. The resin of this tree was very expensive and highly prized for its psychoactive or trance inducing qualities, antibiotic properties and its sweet scent. This syncretized serpent resembled the Egyptian creator, crocodile god, Sobek. This “Yah” idol is not the God of creation. Asherah is the name of the Canaanite mother-goddess whose worship is expressly forbidden in such Biblical passages as Deuteronomy 16:21 (consistently rendered “grove” in the King James Version). – obscure god : “One of the false gods the Jews worshipped was “YAH”. A conflict ensued in which the Bedouin were favored over the miners (Gen 4:1-24). The Hebrews paired Adam with 2 goddesses associated with snakes; Eve or Hwh in the Bible and Lilith in the Babylonian Talmud. However, the altars resemble the horned Philistine altars and the horned. ‘Yh’ or ‘Yhh’ is thought to be the Sayhadic (Old South Arabic) word for an ancient Semitic word for life or ‘hy’. YHWH (YHWY in Arabic-the Hebrew ‘h’suffix often becomes a ‘y’ in Arabic), when translated in this manner in Arabic, means Ya embraces, Ya encompasses or Ya coils up. He is the brother-in-law of Isaac and the father-in-law of Jacob. This left the Bedouin bereft of the fodder they needed to feed their goats and camels. (Gen 3:20): Snake goddess married to Adam in the Garden of Eden. : Dwd (l Samuel) (Hebrew meaning beloved):  A  monarch who, according to Biblical accounts, betrayed his king, Saul, murdered countless innocents (10’s of thousand according to I Sam 18:8), turned on those who sheltered him (the Philistines of Gath), murdered his chief lieutenant after he, David, committed adultery with his wife, and wantonly killed 2/3 of the population of Moab, the people of his great, great grandmother, Ruth. The name of the Egyptian moon god, Iah, is pronounced similarly to the ancient Semitic word ‘yah’ which many scholars have translated as both snake and life. In Sayhadic ‘hy’ would be written as ‘yh’. 9 He parted the heavens and came down;dark clouds were under his feet. I know not YHWH, neither will I let Israel go. In other words, they are two names for the same god; Yh/Wd. Astral worship was an ancient form of worship in the Middle East. Iah/Khonsu can be traced to the Old Kingdom where he became associated with Osiris, the Egyptian god of the underworld. Hebrew grammarians have attempted to give a grammatical explanation for the name by claiming that it is a ‘hiphil form of the root ‘hw’. The lawiat (Levites) are mentioned in the Minaean inscriptions as the priestly caste of Yah. According to Minaean inscriptions, prior to the collapse of the Minaean kingdom circa 690 BCE, they possessed a colony at Musran located in Midianite territory. Untitled Document Does Quran 10:94 says Muslim, to ask People of Book if they are in doubt ? Abram ratified the covenant with Yhwh by circumcising the males in his clan (Gen 17:9-27). The Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I am Pharaoh, but without your word no one will lift hand or foot in all Egypt.” Pharaoh gave Joseph the name Tsaphenath-Paneah and gave him Asenath daughter of Potiphera, priest of On, to be his wife. Professor Steiner transliterated and translated these hieroglyphics as im im xw (xw is the phonetic spelling of Hawa) or mother, mother snake. Here is a short However, the circumstances surrounding the phrase,’ Tsaphenath-Paneah’ or ‘tasafeenah ba’nah’, is proof that this interpretation is correct. Moon Mountain (Hebrew thru the Akkadian loan word, ‘sin’ )/Mountain of Issuance of the Law (Arabic)- the mountain where Moses received the Law or Torah from YHWH. In fact, the Israelites were still very much polytheistic here, and they still adored Asherah as the Mother of Heaven, or the consort of El, El Elyon, or Yahweh. He constructed buildings at Nippur, Larsa, Kish, Adab and Umma. In other words, Bull El would be confronting the Hebrews but hiding his face during the dark and the waxing stages. These heart shapes can also represent the flared hoods of spitting cobras. Shasu of Yhw: (meaning ‘The Bedouin who worship Yhw’) Egyptian designation for the Midianites/Kenites who mined copper ore in the Negev desert. Fertility goddesses as El’s wife, Asherah, are often portrayed bare-breasted and clutching a snake. According to. Hagar: (Gen 16:1) Abraham’s wife who was made a concubine by Biblical scribes despite the fact that, besides Moses, she was the only Biblical character to be personally addressed by God and to be granted the privilege of physically beholding his presence (Gen 16:13). Montgomery further states that Ya/Yh was the 2nd name of Wadd. According to the Wikipedia article, Iah:  “Iah ( Egyptian: J’h, transliterated as Yah, Jah, Jah(w), Joh or Aah ) is a god of the moon in the ancient Egyptian religion. There is not much known about Wadd, the Minaean god of love and lust, except for his moon and snake associations. The Midianites and other Bedouin worked the mines for the Egyptians during this time. In Arabia, Ashtart was known as Ilat. and overwhelming that Yah is an idol god. Any adoption of the Yagod must then come from prior centuries. Given the depiction of the snake on this altar, there is reason to conclude that the depiction of this viper’s hood on the altar’s 4 corners was the intent of the altar design. The name is associated with the priestly tribe of Levi of whom Leah was the matriarch; and with leviathan or ‘lwythn’, the serpentine sea monster and enemy of YHWH. Asclepius  and Eshmun were gods of healing associated with snakes and with the word ‘raphaim’ from ‘rapha’ which means to heal in Hebrew. The moon god is also associated with Wadd, a moon god whose name, according to Dr. J.A. Many topics in ancient Egyptian religion can be fraught with complexities. In its final form she is written out of the text. 15 The valleys of the sea were exposed and the foundations of the earth laid bare at your rebuke, Lord (Yhwh),at the blast of breath from your nostrils.”. The ancient Semitic peoples believed that the pole star was a deity or a central pole around which all of the constellations revolved. Tyre was connected with the northern kingdom of Israel through a marriage alliance between the Israelite king, Ahab, and the Tyrian princess, Jezebel (1 K 16:31). In ancient times, when YHWH was a snake cult, such a hair style would indicate that the person so coifed was a follower of the great serpent.

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